HOW TO: NFS MW Lan Play on Hamachi

There is no count on the number of Need for Speed Most Wanted enthusiasts calling me for this. So, I decided to write a guide myself.I assume that you have bought an original copy of the game. (Pirates can stop reading here itself because this guide doesn’t work for them). You need 3 basic pre-requites before you move on.

1. NFS MW Patch 1.3 —> Get it here

2. Log Me In Hamachi —> Get it here

3. MW-Hamachi —> Get it here

Here we go :

Step 1. Install the game.

Step 2. Install the NFSMW patch 1.3. Simple.

Step 3. Install Hamachi. Choose a nickname. Wait till it logs in. Create a new network. Ask your friends to join it.

Step 4. Copy the MW Hamachi to the game’s installation directory.

Step 5. You need to edit the file server.cfg with notepad. Paste your hamachi IP there.


Step 6. Run MW – Hamachi. Type speed.exe as shown.


Step 7. Thats it. We are all set. Host / Join the server. Go Go Go.

Step 8. The Host should create the server. Others should select session match.

Note: This wont work for pirated versions as there is a conflict between Patch 1.3 and the crack.Buy the game. Pay those great people at EA who make these wonderful games.

And for those who think they are MW champs, see this video.

How was that ?


228 thoughts on “HOW TO: NFS MW Lan Play on Hamachi

    1. wat the hell is so fantastic bout dat video.. cudnt see a thing to b honest.. what ws dat .. a 2 fps camera… by the way… if u need a challenge.. in most wanted.. i cn play with ya.. on xfire- raulteo .. okkk…

    1. dude my friends need to do all this things?…or just me…they need to instal the MW-hamachi ? plz replay soon

    2. Can you give me a good quality of your race video which is shown here. I am not able to understand your playing which is shown in the video.

    3. wat the hell is so fantastic bout dat video.. cudnt see a thing to b honest.. what ws dat .. a 2 fps camera… by the way… if u need a challenge.. in most wanted.. i cn play with ya.. on xfire- raulteo .. okkk… m a delhiite….

  1. this actually should work with version of the game which is not bought… a new crack has been released.. for v 1.3 ….simple stuf actually, just apply the 1.3 crack and your good to go.

    appreciate the work those EA guys do.. but i cant buy them ALL for that reason.. i but some of my games original.. but it doesnt hurt to crack.. 😉

  2. um listes itreid this but it didnt work.. 😦 … could it be the fact trhat i am behind a router? or does that make no diference?

  3. i did exactly like you said and it worked once… but when i tried a second time it didn’t. i noticed that although i wrote my hamachi ip in the server.cfg file, it keeps changing to another hamachi ip that i don’t have on my network. my friends also have the same problem. the ip that is written in our server.cfg files is the same. is this normal? what should i do?

  4. why when i do all of this and i press joing server it duz noothing but when i press host server my internet shut’s down :[ what do i need to do plz help 😦

  5. why when i do all of this and i press joing server it duz noothing but when i press host server my internet shut’s down :[ what do i need to do plz help 😦

    I am having the same problems as that guy…

  6. @ FireStorm
    @ Abhinav

    The program mw-hamachi is coded that way.

    Your lan connection will get disconnected, create the server and then again connect to the internet. You need not worry in this regard.

  7. Ok so it works for me, but a friend of mine cant see the game. He went through all the steps and he cant see the game i or any other friend of mine hosts. Whats to be done?

    1. Hey Maga nanu pirated version use madtha edene but i want to play in hamchi 😦 i hope u ll help me caz im kannada man 😛 heheh plzzzzzzzzzzzzzZ

  8. Hey Aditya, if you’re in any most wanted network in hamachi, do you mind giving me the name of the network and password of that group?…I’d like to join.

    1. when i add u it says”this network appears to be full”

      what can i do with this????????

      plz tell any one……….

  9. some ppl have said about their server.cfg file changing back to the original ip address after changing it to their hamachi address…there may be a way of stopping this from happening. After replacing the address with the hamachi ip and u have saved/replaced the existing file in ur MW folder, right click the file and choose properties. In the box that appears click to check “Read Only” and click apply then OK. this should make the file read only and hopefully stops most wanted from changing the ip address back to the old one

  10. even by doing it to read only, the ip address changes.

    Secondly, i have a cracked version i got from a pirated DVD. and that is version 1.3.
    Do I need any special cracked speed.exe file to play with hamachi? If so, can any1 provide the link to it??


  11. @ mattnlx

    1. Are you using a pirated copy?
    2. Which version of hamachi are you using?
    3. This guide was written about 6 months back. I do not know what changes have taken place with hamachi or mwhamachi since then.

  12. I dont have a pirated copy 1 of my friends have and other 2 bought the game.
    i just downloaded hamachi i dont know what version ohw its i think
    maybe add me on msn its the same as my mail but then with
    will realy apprieciate if u help me out 😉

  13. so okey i knw this is pretty much old… but if ur still out there… help us out bro…

    we got the server running, connected at the “SPAN” moment, wer the internet lost…

    and now about the joining process? should i still write my Hamachi IP to server.cfg?(even thou wen i connect, it change to some random IP.) do i still click the JOIN button in MW hamachi?

    at step 8: u said others should join in “Session Match”.. that menu can only be seen when u get inside the “Create server”… ? am i right? so the problem is, im stuck at connecting part, since theres no SPAN moment like Hosting the server…

    hope u still care about it…

  14. Well, I can’t seem to find any Hamachi channels. I bought my copy of NFS MW, applied the 1.3 patch, and got the 1.3 crack + Hamachi and Mw-Hamachi V2.4. I haven’t had a chance to try this with anyone yet…

  15. HEY aditya man can u help me out i got this problems i have ver 1.3
    and i did every step correctly…but when i click host server from MW – Hamachi V2.4 it says line 0(file”c:\program files\ea games\need for speed most wanted\MW – Hamachi V2.4″):


    error:unable to execute the external program.

    the system cannot find the file specified.

    but it is in my nfs folder .and i dont know wat is the problem …..plz reply me asap.

  16. Hello,

    I followed all the steps correctly but when my friend tries to join my game, his screen is stuck at the connecting screen and after a while it says disconnected from server or something like that.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Btw, setting the server.cfg file to read-only makes my mw-hamachi unable to start MW.

  17. ya me to it says dissconected from lan server sumthing when i create server …btw how did you created the server plz tell me dennis asap

  18. You have to click host server using the MW-Hamachi program. Your internet will disconnect for a while and during that disconnection period, you create a lan server in MW. If you wait for it to reconnect(internet) and try to create a server, it wont work.

    Right now my problem is that my friend can see the server but he is unable to join.

  19. when i click host server y internet doesnt disconnects but this error pops out=line 0(file”c:\program files\ea games\need for speed most wanted\MW – Hamachi V2.4″):


    error:unable to execute the external program.

    the system cannot find the file specified.if u know anything plz reply me asap. thx

  20. yea thx u have to run as adim in vista to avoid errors thank god i created my problem is the same problem as dennis?

    aditya if u there plz help us.

  21. @gurdip
    Vista guys have to right click the mw-hamachi tool in the nfs installation folder, and check the ‘run as admin’ box in the compatibility tab…this’l work for sure as i had d same problem before…

  22. hey..but i have a separate problem of hamachi, all people appear with a blue star, and i cant ping most of them….i’d want to say that i have to use a proxy server to connect to the internet (institute’s gateway).. i could connect to only 1 guy from mumbai , dat too only when he was hosting the server…when i host d server, nobody seems to see it..pls resolve…thnx

  23. i have disabled the traffic filtering of nod32 and have allowed both hamachi and the games through the windows firewall. Even then the problem exists.

  24. i did all my firewall settings and allowed hamachi and games even i turned it off ,,,,,,then also my friend cant see the server ,,,but when my friend creates the server i can join and play..
    if i create no one can see it ..if u got any solution plz reply me asap
    thank you

  25. I may have found the solution to problem!

    you all shoud have same speed.exe and ports should be forwarded to your router.

    When in network, check with you friends the size of speed.exe

    Also, go here to check if the port required for MW is open or not:

    BTW here r the ports reqd for mw:

    Need for Speed Most Wanted uses the following TCP and UDP port(s) for
    Internet play:

    TCP ports: 80, 13505, 30900-30999
    UDP port addresses: 3658-3658

    straight from readme.txt [located in mw dir\support\en-us\readme.txt]

    good luck!

  26. @Kanad

    Exactly. The crack has a conflict with the 1.3 patch. So have the original speed.exe and 1.3 patch and everything should be fine.

    Once you apply patch 1.3, the cracked speed.exe is modified. So, buy the original game 🙂

    This restriction is only to host the server. To join, any version would do.

  27. not able to play with this methord.i hosted the server with mw hamachi and asked my friend to join it.but he was not able to find the server is shown .same happened with me when my friend hosted the server.please reply soon ,as we are dying to play using hamachi.

  28. I have an original speed.exe and my friend have a cracked one, both of us have hamachi and mw-hamachi 2.4 I host the server with mw-hamachi my friends can see the server, but when he joins it after a while it says lost connection to the server. can anyone tell me wat the problem might be?

  29. @GoingDown61
    u need to give your original speed.exe to your friend and tell him to use sd4hide and mount image file on daemon tools or alcohol 120%.then your friend can join ,,,,BTW can u do me a favor can u mail me your speed.exe on this e-mail id

  30. @gardip
    I was not able to send the original speed.exe file over e-mail, but you can download the 1.3 patch which will replace the cracked speed.exe with the original.
    here is the link to the patch
    BTWI already tried to make my friend install the original speed.exe and mount a mini image file, but we still get the same error idk why, but the server.cfg file changes before i even start the lan server.

  31. ohhh ya you need to winzip the speed.exe or by winrar and then u can send me by e-mail my id is…and i know wat is the problem …listen carefully this will work with you when u copy your hamachi ip on clipboard then you have to click host server in MW-Hamachi when the game starts press alt+tab and change the server.cfg file by replacing your hamachi ip u need to do it very fast and then again alt+tab and host the server asap on lan and tell your friend to join not by MW-Hamachi by speed.exe..this should slove the problem and if you want to play again and again u have to change your hamachi ip as i told u now ok..

  32. Look, it can also be that those guys that have issues have very high PING TIMES. Having Broadband speed does not imply that you have good ping times!

    If you want to play online games you MUST have as low pings to the server and/or the other person who is hosting!

    Anything between 0ms to 150ms is acceptable, but above 150ms it gets too laggy!

    Try a speedtest here:

  33. @gurdip
    I dont know why the link doesn’t waork for you I tried it it works perfect. You can try to search “need for speed most wanted 1.3 patch” andthen just download it of any site. I am going to try to copy the ip. And btw my ping is 46ms so it is good.

  34. Finaly got the game to work, thanks for all ur help. Changing the server file during the game solved the problem.

    1. Maybe You can help me too gurdip i cannot get the damm thing to host just get an error same as nicks below ne ideas?

  35. Hi Brother…

    Me and my friend pooled and bought an original copy of NFS MW..

    I wanaa know that we both will be able to play online/LAn as you said..

    Any way thanx in advance dude…!!!

  36. hey itz me again…

    i have an original NFS underground 2 game which is a CD version..

    Will i be able to play LAN with my friends online…

    Thanks again..

  37. Just a quick question: Are those solutions for Hamachi NFSMW multi player only? What about lan multi player via local network of eg. 3 computers connected with a router. Do I need all these tools and settings,as described above? Do i need hamachi anyway? By the way, thanks for your efforts Aditya!

  38. Thank you for your fast reply Aditya! Anyway, I think I should buy a legit version of MW, since my curent (copy) version won’t work via local network allso. Shame on me! Cheers!

  39. How safe is hamachi? If i allow anonymous users to join my network.. somebody can take fileshare ,send anonymous mail from my proxy server,or exploit the open ports in my system etc…How can i restrict port access to the anonymous users..???

  40. Hi aditya , i am also a fan of NFSMW & i have followed the steps you’ve mentioned but still this problem persists when i join or host a server thru MW-HAMACHI:-

    Line 0 (File”D:\games\Need for Speed Most Wanted\MW_-_Hamachi_V2.4.exe”):


    Error:Invalid file handle used.

  41. Nicks I am having the same problem when trying to host server mw hamachi just gets the saem error i have found no solution to this either ne ideas guys??

    1. Ok sorted this out now found the problem!! The system to get this to work has to be 32bit!!! I have not got thsi to work on vista 64 all ok on vista 32 but not 64 will hamchi bring out the 64 bit solution i doubt it 🙂 Also Yes this works with the latest crack for nfsmw!

  42. pls help me i want to chat so that i can get this mw working on hamachi pls can’t connect or don’t know too i am not a noob but very new to this nfs over hamachi
    i have a 20 mb speed.exe and mw-hamachi is 2.4 like the link but hamachi is latest can’t join any of the above networks pls help

    1. I followed all the steps mentioned here…but no success 😦 . I am trying to connect 2 laptops(1 with vista and the other with xp). tried hosting from xp and then from both cases, it says “Your connection to LAN server has been lost”. the server hosted on vista is not even visible in xp. If I host a server on XP it is visible in vista, but I am unable to join it. It gives the same error message.

      Renosonce: Dude can u help me by posting the exact steps you followed to get it working on Vista…..

  43. Ok You must 1st have the same exe for the game! also the hamachi proggy from this webby!! And the nfsmw 2.4 hamachi!

    Ok to work on vista 64 bit systems this is for not the 32bit version!!!

    disable your lan card that connects to the inet!! Then click host server using the hamachi programme after the game starts press alt-tab then goto the server config and type in your hamachi ip!! (YOU HAVE TO DO THIS FOR XP TOO BUT YOU DON’T NEED TO TURN OFF YOUR LAN CARD!!)

    After putting your hamachi ip in there just go back to the game!

    Then setup your lan server host it! It will go 1 step further than befor and you can start setting up a game well making one but befor ne 1 can join u, u must turn your lan back on!

    So alt-tab then enable lan! then reconnect to hamachi go back to game and tell you m8s to join then can join by just loading the game and going to lan!

    And thats it! the lan connection for xp will reconnect auto using the nfsmw 2.4 hamachi!

    Let me know how you got on!

  44. @Renosance

    Is this solution for original game only?…or maybe works on the none original (shame on me) game too?


  45. Hey, me and my friend are having troubles, we both have cracked nocd things and we’re in the same hamachi network, i have my server.cfg set to his hamachi ip and he has the same. He is the hamachi server hoster, in MW Hamachi he hosts it it DC’d his internet and then he reconnects and i click join, but i dont see any of the servers :S

  46. If your friend hosts lan server, you don’t have to change your server.cfg as long as you want to join only..You need default server.cfg so don’t change it! All those tools linked above are needed only for server host.

  47. He i get following error while hosting a a game..
    what should i do…??


    Error:Unable to execute external program.
    The system cannot find the file specified.

  48. Hey i get following error while hosting a a game..
    what should i do…??


    Error:Unable to execute external program.
    The system cannot find the file specified.

  49. hey all
    i got mostwanted to go on LAN good
    i try everything i do on my brother pc , when he click lan , it does NOT disconnect him for enternet, so it gives him connection list , and he wouldnt be able to see my server , suggestions plz

  50. If you are planning to play with your brother on LAN on the same router, you don’t need all those tools & tweaks. Those are requred for LAN playing over hamachi.
    You should leave all settings and files by default, but if you are using Vista, make sure, that you run your game(s) in admin mode.

  51. does anybody overhere still play nfsmw on hamachi plz help me!!!! i also want to play it…………………..

  52. i think the problem with lan play on NFSMW depends on the ethernet controller you use and the driver that runs it, i run a gaming shop and some of my pc’s can create a server and some cannot without any tweaks, i tried resolving the problem and i noticed that the pc’s that are able to create a game has the same ethernet controller and driver and the ones that cant create runs on a different ethernet device and driver.

  53. renosance can u giv me the correct exe file too??been trying to host dis game for 2 weeks and doesnt seems to get it working

  54. Hi i change the server file and press save it comes up with the file is set to read only. and then it says try again with a different name so i do. but then i have to burn it on the disc when i saved it. but its write protected. and ive gone into properties and unticked the box of read only. but then when i clicked ok it says an error ouccured.

    Please reply

  55. There is all explained in posts above. Take your time and read them all. If so many people have succeeded, there is no reason you will not. Go try it, i did too and succeeded.

  56. I found this by excrutiating trial and error: Vista can host, XP can connect to Vista but 2 Vista machines cannot connect 2 each other. Vista also can’t connect to XP, XP machines don’t allow me to create a game in the first place. Tried 2 Windows 7 machines but App crashes all the way. Gonna try the 1.3 patch…running original version of game.

  57. hi,,
    thank for this topic but i found only “server.dll” and i can’t found “server.cfg” and when i make a lan it say your lan conction has been lst plzz help me

  58. ok. we 4 are trying to play this game on lan. but it works with 2 players or 3 sometimes. whenever 4th player joins it crashes at the loading screen. (just b4 the game racing). Any solution?

  59. me and my friend are online with himachi in two servers but cannot find our lan in the game …… we created the new server in himachi itself ….. please help..

  60. All issues regarding your problem are described in posts above. Take your time and read. If so many people have succeeded, there is no reason you won’t.

  61. u can play nfs mw using these softwares all work fine

    loisetup Version

    also u can join me there my username is SXiPRATEEK

  62. hey im not able to download that 2 hamachi files…plz help me for that….is tht files deletd frm mediashare??

  63. is there any possibility to play NFS MW without internet on LAN
    B’coz i have no Net connection
    but i want to play the game on lan with y frinds

  64. Hey .. I have done all the things mentioned here (even in the comments) but it says “Connection to server lost” when I try to create a host inside the game ??

    Please help me guys 😦

  65. hey man…that server playnfsmw…when I tipe the pasword it says “This pasword has been rejected”…do you change it or what???

  66. Aditya Kavoor I have question for you….about step 6. where is this MOST WANTED HAMACHI????I can’t find something like that in that picture…what should I do???

  67. works! tried and tested using windows 7 x86 PC’s… sad to say my PC cant join coz its x64 edition.. anywys thnx for this! 🙂

  68. fuck shit n e one can do i as well i, i bet u cant beat me have a challenge on LAN n lets see who is better u or me. den i’ll show d original video of mine ok.

  69. hmm i got error from this. b4 i do this it fine and then when i installed everythings and follow him. after that i cant even enter the game speed.exe.its need to insert CD some shit like that. so can anyone helpe me?

  70. when ever i try to change my server.cfg file it doesn’t allow me to save it after thet
    please help


  72. hey,aditya i hav a question……
    i hav formated my pc and installed hamachi again….
    it’s ip changes as before formatting my ip was and after formatting it changes to whn i host the server/join the server my ip changes to old one…..
    how can i restrict mw-hamachi v2.4 from restoring my ip to previous one….or tell me the file where the ip is saved….
    as i hav wid my friend on hamachi before formatting but after formatting iam unable to connect wid my friend….
    plz reply as soon as possible……

  73. hey guyz
    i followed all the steps correctly but when i try to join a server created by a friend, rhere are no servers to connect with.

  74. dude i just got this thing and when i open mw – hamach v2.4 and press “host” it disables my network and i can’t do sh1t…i must restart my pc…

  75. hey..i want to have nfsmw on lan play for my college a a time 16 players are supposed to play same game.then do we need 16 original copies of nfsmw or one disc will do.can we get multi installation disc.??
    how to connect all.please guide me

  76. Wow what a video that was….
    I almost cried after watching this.
    He is the champ but could not even touch 250 KMPH. Was driving all the way at round 180 KMPH. For me anything under 250 is just another bullshit.

  77. Hello aditya
    1. Is there any online servers through which I can play
    2. I Buy MW black Edition, will ur patch work with it?
    3. U wrote here that someone needs to host among me n my frnds but I have no such frnds who can host n play with me.

    pls reply m crazy to play MW online

  78. join me on himachi.
    join: NFS Mostwanted 2011
    pass: 123
    join: NFS MW 2011
    pass: 123
    join: sak22hot
    pass: sikandar

    for the competition!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  79. how many people have the afford to buy original version??specially for east side??FU.Give me the something for us

  80. hey lol dont u ever even try to think u r the real champ in nfs mw there are tons of guys who can rock that game. anyone laike to challange me in hamachi then come on………
    network name: nfsmw_rockers
    password: 12345

  81. It’s actually a nice and useful piece of information. I am glad that you shared this helpful info with us. Please keep us up to date like this. Thank you for sharing.

  82. Next time I read a blog, Hopefully it does not disappoint me just as much as this one. After all, Yes, it was my choice to read through, nonetheless I truly believed you’d have something useful to say. All I hear is a bunch of crying about something you could fix if you weren’t too busy seeking attention.

  83. greetings, I’ve done all the steps mentioned in this page and I could not connect in lan with my friends … I think maybe it’s because this tutorial is for windows XP and I see that the date is March 2008 and we are now in May 2013 and I have windows 7 32 bit ….
    I need help in order to play this game again please and thank you!

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