HOWTO: Restore Bootloader from GRUB

Insert the Ubuntu Live CD and reboot. Fire up your terminal. You can find it at Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal

$sudo grub

You will get the grub-shell prompt


Now, you will have to find out in which partition Grub had been installed before.

grub> find /boot/grub/stage1


In my case it is 9. Please take a note of the digit that comes in your terminal.

Next setup that partition.

grub> root (hd0,9)

Note : Enter the number returned for you, here in my case it is 9.

grub> setup(hd0)

grub> quit

$sudo reboot

Bingo! Your Bootloader is restored.

Alternate CD Method.

This is by far the easiest way to the restore the bootloader which was lost during a Windows re-install or due to whatever reason.

Step 1 : Download the Ubuntu Alternate install CD from here.

Step 2 : Burn the iso image and boot the CD.

Step 3 : Scroll down a little and select the Restore Bootloader from GRUB option.

Step 4 : Thats It. Done. Eject the CD and reboot. Your Bootloader is back.


3 thoughts on “HOWTO: Restore Bootloader from GRUB

  1. thx, but watch the spaces after root and setup.
    I got an error without the spaces:
    Error 27: Unrecognized command

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