FOSSmeet @ NIT, Calicut

FOSSmeet was held from April 4 – 6 in NITC. And guess what I was there in Calicut on 3rd Arpil itself, so effectively I was in Kerala for 4 full days, what an achievement ! Congratulations to me.

After attending, I was expecting too much to happen at fossmeet and it was a last minute decision to join Madhusudan and Santosh to and fro Calicut.

DAY 1:

Reached Calicut by train at 7:30 am. Made into Indian Coffee House for a day’s stay.

While Madhu and Vatta were worried about their SoC proposal status and went in search for a Cyber cafe, I was busy installing Ubuntu on an old Laptop. Tried my best and finally succesfully installed Edgy. You have to believe that it was a hell of a laptop powered by VIA C3 processor and 200 MiB of RAM.

As per Manish’s advice we went in search of Dakshin Veg, the only so called eatable hotel in Calicut. Walked about a kilemeter and found it. Santosh and me ordered meals as we were hungry and we were treated with a full meals of Boiled rice. Oh My God.. First blow to all our stomachs.

We waited for about an hour in the bus stand and took a bus to NITC and reached there by 2:30 pm.

We were greeted by Manish who took great care of us and provided the much needed internet access to us. We then roamed around the campus and spent time at the mini canteen where Arvind made good comedy.

Return back to Calicut, had a night walk and slept nicely.

DAY 2:

We had breakfast at Dakshin Veg and went fully loaded with all our luggage to NITC.

We were given accomodation at the PG hostel. Have to mention here that the hostel is maintained spotlessly neat.

We waited all day at NITC, roaming here and there in search of some eatable food which would atleast go down our throats.

Finally, at 6pm FOSSmeet kicked off. A boring introductory session, rather formal which followed by two amazing sessions Octave and Blogging.

Here I won’t write about the talks as the details are already mentioned in fossmeet website

We three set the trend by wearing shorts to the fossmeet. For those who don’t know, lungi is the trend in kerala πŸ˜‰

Then, mini canteen was the only go for us and we ate some aloo parota.

DAY 3:

Very much was expected of this day but NITC organisers made a mess out of it. Lots of communication gaps. Sessions rescheduled , canceled and it became somewhat unprofessional. With our stomachs getting food of kerala genre, we could not tolerate this.

Praveen gave good idea about Open ID.

Nevertheless, we attended all sessions and late in the evening Pradeepto’s session was simply inspirational.

Meanwhile Niyam was there all day with his impressive artwork. His session on GUI was rocking.

DAY 4:

Much of the rescheduled sessions were on the last day and we three were the only delegates who spent the most amount of time in NITC. Yes, we are great.

Blender by Santosh Tottingal, College projects by Pradeepto, Aanjhan and Kartik were simply out of the world.

Just when we thought that everything was over, Niyam came up with a unique session of its kind – Audio tools in Ubuntu Studio. Infinite music editing and creating tools are available muft and mukt. Very special thanks to Niyam for this session.

We bought a fossmeet T-Shirt and bid goodbye to NITC. Took the return train and as we were reaching Bangalore we felt heavens.

Snaps of our NITC meet can be found here.

Bangalore rocks πŸ˜‰


13 thoughts on “FOSSmeet @ NIT, Calicut

  1. Amazing blog article Kavoor. Thanks a lot for sharing your experiences. Few things I dont forget about FOSS Meet

    1. Kerala’s horrible food, esp you ordered for meals and got unlimited boiled rice. He He He

    2. The Blogging session which inspired all the 3 of us buying our domains.

    3. We setting trend by wearing Shorts

    4. The way I escaped from one of our friend’s session.

    5. Pradeepto’s KDE session and Blender session.

    6. The way Niyam’s Sound Audio session went on, the topics covered, the tools he demonstrated. Simply Amazing.

    7. Last but not the least, we renaming Vattam πŸ™‚

  2. Sorry , I missed point 4 and 7 in my post.

    Thanks for including that in the comment.

    Oh! So sad I left out vatta’s renaming ceremony πŸ˜‰

  3. hi! aditya and madhusudan,

    thanks for that little note on my two talks.
    you may discover details about the tools and techniques i mentioned at the talk, along with photos of the wonderful time we all had together, on my flickr set of foss calicut photos here:

    Agave Color Combinations

    hope to see you guys around.

  4. Listen guys u dont have to simply criticize some state for their food habbits n FYI all 28 states has different food habbits.

    u shud have written the good experience also.

    and dont think u are the trend setters for wearing shorts i pity u πŸ™‚

    There wud be many drawbacks when poeple wud diff places and diff lifestyle go to NITC campus and everyone wud crib also but ask of them after 4 yrs they wud take a 180 degree turn.

  5. @ NITC Wellwisher.

    Firstly I wished, you revealed your identity.

    I never criticized Kerala food habits. I just mentioned as it was, is and will continue to be πŸ™‚

    Its just that we people from Bangalore are accoustomed to food that gives happiness to both our mouth and tummy. Kerala food does not provide either. We have seen several states across India and FYI, Kerala is by far the worst.

    I have mentioned my very good experiences in the spotlessly clean bathrooms of NITC Hostel πŸ˜›

    Nobody on this earth forced anyone to join NITC. If anyone attains an 180 degree turn, it is just his fate. He would be better off joining a local institution.

    and, finally, I will be glad to invite you for a meal in Bangalore and experience its richness.

    Have a nice day πŸ™‚

    1. To get into NITs or IITs you need to get a decent all India rank in the respective entrance exams. Getting 1000000 of CET rank wouldn’t be enough. When you don’t get in then, those fruits would taste a little sour

  6. Dude me too worked in the so called “BLore” for an Year and experienced the happiness to both my mouth and my tummy.So u dont teach me that experience it urself.
    Thanks for ur invitation

  7. @ NITC wellwisher

    Then you better know how better the foods in Bangalore are than in Kerala. Better accept how they are in Kerala rather than fighting here. There is simply no point in sparking of a debate about Food diversities in India on a tech. blog post. Also I would like to add that, this is the author’s (Kavoor’s) Personal Blog and I hope he has at least that freedom to express his opinion about what he felt about the food. Com’on you are supporting freedom, you cannot complain about others freedom.

  8. NITC wellwisher

    Your comment has inappropriate language and is against the Code of Conduct of this Blog.
    You can repost the comment with suitable respect to all, irrespective of who they are.

  9. Hey Mr. Nitc Well wisher, don’t be a hypocrite dude! You hide behind that “Well Wisher” mask of yours and ask anybody who disagrees with you to shut up. Come on! Be a man (or are you not?)! Come out in the open! And everybody is entitled to have their own opinion, just like you do. So learn to accept things. GROW UP!!!

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