HOWTO: Install Compiz-fusion from git

Compiz Fusion is going places since its existance. Offlate it has become awesome.

Here is a tutorial to compile the latest compiz from git.

First, see here if it is safe to run compiz-git.

Getting Git

sudo apt-get install git git-core

Getting Compiz-git


tar xzf compiz-git.tar.gz

chmod -R 777 compiz-git

You should now have a directory called compiz-git in your home-directory

Install compiz from git

cd compiz-git

./compiz-git install

Update compiz from git

cd compiz-git

./compiz-git update

Running compiz-fusion

OR Run Compiz Fusion Icon (in your menu)

Uninstall compiz from git (which you would never do :))

cd compiz-git

./compiz-git uninstall

cd ..

rm -r compiz-git

New feature

Free Image Hosting at
Cube Deformation

What do you get after doing all these ??



and lots more. Will update soon.

Enjoy Compiz. Special thanks to Martijn Bastiaan.


24 thoughts on “HOWTO: Install Compiz-fusion from git

  1. I just done as you had written, but I don’t have ANY new plugins from standard ubuntu 8.04 😦
    there were no error whatsoever

  2. ok, my fault. it didn’t reset shell just turn on compiz / turn off (several times) but after reset it works 😀

  3. hi there,

    great How To, and i’d followed each step, but it seems that i’m missing cube reflection and deformation plugin. just wondering if anyone else have experienced the same problem?

  4. @ Aditya Kavoor

    I did restart after installation, and i did run ccsm after startup, and still i see no option for cube reflection and deformation. i’ve must of installed it incorrectly.. 😦

  5. @ Aditya Kavoor

    Nevermind, got it to working now, i’ve must of made a mistake somewhere when installing CF, but now i got it working…again thanks for a great How To 😀

  6. Unfortunaly I get: “bash: ./compiz-git: Permission denied” when I do ./compiz-git install…
    Any idea what that can be? Am running Ubuntu 8.04.1 64bit.

  7. hey i fallow the direction the way you but i did not see freely transformation window ccsm any idea why i am om ubuntu 8.10 interpid file:///home/dhanwant/Desktop/Screenshot.png
    help if u can
    thank you

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