HowTo: Connect to internet in Ubuntu for DataOne

This is a simple guide for connecting to internet for Ubuntu for BSNL DataOne users.

Make sure you have a lan(ethernet card). All my efforts to find a solution for usb modem have failed. Better buy a lan card, costs only 200 bucks.

Step 1: Make sure all connections are intact and power, link and lan lights are on in your modem.

Step 2: Hit Alt+F2. Type network-admin. Enter your password if you are prmopted for.

Step 3: Select Wired Connection. Then Disable roaming mode in the check box.

Step 4: Select Static IP in the drop down.

Step 5: Use the following addresses

IP adderess :

Subnet Mask :

Gateway :

Press OK.

Step 6: Select the DNS tab. Enter the following OPEN DNS.

Press OK.

Now you are done. Open Firefox and test your internet. Enjoy.


4 thoughts on “HowTo: Connect to internet in Ubuntu for DataOne

  1. Hi Aditya,
    m using Sify connection on Win XP, while using the same configuration m not able to connect to the Internet.
    i’ve followed exactly( offcourse the IPs are different for me) the same way u’ve specified in ur blog.

    m unable to ping any site.
    any idea?


  2. @Himanshu

    Make sure that you have a LAN(ethernet) card. Sify router needs a driver that is provided in the CD. I’l let you know if there is any solution for Sify. Currently I don’t know

  3. Hey i have problem with usb connection. What is the use of the linux drivers provided with the cd?? how to install them?

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