Hyundai i10 – Review in a nutshell

We purchased an Alpine Blue Hyundai i10 Magna in April 2008. A brief story of my experiences till now.

Looks Exterior : Amazing! Great job by Hyundai. Looks a bit Honda Civic-ish from the front. Rear is a bit ugly.

Looks Interior : Extremely good. The beige interior is the best in class. You will fall in love at first sight.

Comfort : Easily accommodates 5 Adults. Adjustable steering is a big plus for tall people.

Engine : 1.1L with 67 bhp. More than enough for city ride. Little underpowered in highways. Pick up is less with 5 people with AC on, ie the car won’t start off after a speed breaker at 3rd gear.

Breaking : Pretty good, but could have been better. My model does not have ABS.

Power steering : This is one of the smoothest steering I have ever seen. Hair pin curve can be negotiated with a single hand. A big big advantage.

Air Condition :
Too Good. You feel the chill instantly.

Mileage : 15kmpl in city-20% AC. 20kmpl in Highway-100% AC.

Top speed : 145kmph.

Gear : Awesome positioning of gear. Shifting is smooth. No issues.

Clutch : Major drawback. Point clutch makes it difficult in heavy traffic. Clutch has to be released at the exact point, failing to which engine goes off.

Dashboard : Instrument is at the right position with several indicators.

Head Lamps : Bad. Extremely bad. 12V lamps without fog lamps are just not enough for night ride. I struggle even in city ride. Highway night ride in i10 ? No. I won’t risk that.

Front Windshield : Major Disadvantage – The beige interiors reflect on the windshield during day time. Sometimes it becomes nearly impossible to drive under trees where sunshine falls in a random manner on the windshield. Hope Hyundai fixes this.

Suspension :
No issues. Humps are easily negotiated.

Boot Space :
Little cramped. Just not enough for a long drive with 4 Adults.

All in all a good release from Hyundai.

Price : 4,13,000 INR – Annual Road tax payment( 800 INR per year )

Dealer : Advaith, Residency Road.

City : Bangalore.


19 thoughts on “Hyundai i10 – Review in a nutshell

  1. I agree with all that you wrote except the clutch point. I have never had any stalling problems.

    The ECU automatically raises engine revs to prevent stall to some extent.

    Any suggestions on upgrading the headlamps? They are very insufficient.

    I have the same model as yours in Deep Ocean Blue.

    Price was (Mumbai) 4,75,000 or road

  2. @Abhilash

    Yes, Its just a matter of time one gets used to the clutch. Then onwards its a pleasure to drive the i10.

    You can go for fog lamps for Rs.3000, or switch over to White Halogen bulbs which cost Rs.1000 per bulb.

    1. Hi, i own a i10 (2010) and i am not satisfied with the output of the existing fog lamps/bulbs. Can you suggest me a better option or some compatible quality bulbs for the same? Btw, recently i have installed HID headlight kit for my i10

  3. thanks for the info…i am located here in the philippines and am planning to buy hyundai i10… may I ask if there’s no problem with long driving and what was the farthest distance you’ve gone thru in one ride? thanks, i appreciate your blog…

    1. Great Naldie! Its a pleasure to drive long in the i10. It stays extremely stable even at 140kmph. I have made a trip of 1200km and enjoyed every bit of it with 40% AC and got an average of 19-20 kmpl

  4. ok,thanks about the capacity…5 persons i believe is quite crumpy? can the engine still rev up? thanks for the info,it s a big help…my regards

    1. 5 medium sized people can comfortably sit in the rear as compared to a Santro/Swift. Since mine is a 1.1L engine, the car does not rev up with 5 people with AC in the slopes. The 1.2 might be better.

      1. ok…thanks very much again. the i10 is selling like hotcake here in the phil..the 1.1mt is out of stock..only the 1.2 variant and 1.1at is available… any problem so far u have encountered?

    1. noooo don’t do buy one. I bought one on 18-September. by early November the car had terminal engine failure. A bolt had fallen out of the engine. I consider this dangerous and major. Hyundai said they will replace the engine. Sorry, but I don’t trust the car – what else could fall off when I’m driving around. At the moment I’m trying to get a replacement car or my money back. Hyundai aren’t interested. I’m so sorry i didn’t buy the Toyota Aygo.

  5. I love my i10, performance is great, features are great….

    but after I got my rear windshield smashed by a vandal… it has been 1 MONTH SINCE I LAST USED IT!… Why?

    Hyundai DOES NOT KEEP i10 SPARE PARTS! Now i have to wait for the next delivery from Korea… This is such a sad excuse! Throughout the whole Philippines, NOT EVEN ONE REAR WINDSHIELD?! Poor poor after sales service!

    Good Car! Sucky after sales service!

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