Aditya is now an i-flexian

Its been about 3 months since i-flex Solutions hired me. I would be joining the team by June 2009.

Company Website | Wikipedia

My future work place – i-flex Park, Bangalore


3 thoughts on “Aditya is now an i-flexian

  1. Hai Friend,

    I went through your blog posts, highly interesting they are. I like both your language and style of presentation.

    Your narration on the FOSS meet held at NIT Calicut is outstanding.

    I am person, doing my PG in Mass Communication and Journalism under the University of Calicut. As part of the completion of my study, i have to present a dissertation, and that i plan to do on BLOGGING, “Presence and Effects of BLOGS among the Student Community of Calicut”.

    What do you think of the topic? If you feel it free, Give me some guidelines and sources that can be used for a study on the topic.


  2. hi i have booked a hyundai i10 in chennai for my parents can you please tell me abt the FE and other features so that it will be helpful for me and what are extra fitting we need to ask from dealers because i am not in chennai now i am in dubai so kindly please help me with this
    you can also reply me in mail ,

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