Finally, end-user is the winner !

Google Chrome

There has been a whole lot of talk and debate as to why people should use and promote free software, but here comes a live example. Just a month back, Google released its native browser Google Chrome which arguably is the fastest browser out there. All this was because of the newly coded Java Script engine V8 which loads websites at a rapid pace. But wait, just a Java Script engine would not complete a browser. The remaining features were undoubtedly borrowed from the World’s Best Browser Mozilla Firefox‘s source code.

Now, according to GPL, if you borrow the source code from a product, the resulting product should also be released under the same terms and conditions. As a result, Chrome is also Open Source. That said, I am not taking away any credit from Google for making Chrome a FOSS product.

Here comes the beauty of the FOSS philosophy. Firefox borrowed Chrome’s Java Script engine, backended it to the most loved Firefox’s user interface and released the Minefield version. Now, under the hood, it has the fastest javascript engine out there and the firefox brand to attract users. This competition is possible only because of the open source philosophy.

The winner is the end user who gets an awesome product.


2 thoughts on “Finally, end-user is the winner !

  1. > The remaining features were undoubtedly borrowed
    > from the World’s Best Browser
    > Mozilla Firefox’s source code.

    AFAIK Chrome does not use Firefox code. It actually uses Webkit.

    Incidentally Apple’s Safari browser also uses Webkit, but Safari is not open source. Webkit is released under the LGPL license, which does not have the “virality” factor that GPL does. So, IMO Google did make a choice.

  2. @ Adarsh Bhat

    I agree. Firefox uses Gecko while Chrome uses webkit which was earlier a KDE product, now under GLPv3. I somehow do not appreciate the philisophy of KDE, LGPL and GPLv3.

    When I say features borrowed from Firefox, I meant those visible to naked eye of a common end user and not the rendering engine.

    > Fast bookmark applet [ A star in address bar ]
    > Awesome location bar [ If not same, similar ]
    > Download status bar [ Firefox Addon ]
    > Stealther extension [ Incognito Mode ]
    > Colored tabs [ Firefox Addon ]

    are a few to mention.

    ” Safari is not open source ” Damn it! 😀

    I just love this browser war!

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