– Micro$oft, You suck more!

If you thought Micro$oft just sucked, then you are wrong. It sucks more and to the core.

Recently, Micro$oft adopted one of the cheapest tactics to drive hotmail users away GNU/Linux.

Hotmail users can only read their mails from a Linux Browser. They cannot compose mails nor reply to emails recieved when working on a Linux System.

Do you believe this? The best part of the whole story is, how many GNU/Linux users even care to use Hotmail? πŸ˜›

OK, I just used firefox in Window$ to login to the hotmail account. I had two weird experiences.

Just as I logged in through my favorite browser Firefox, (Firefox 3.0.4, the lastest version till date) I was greeted by a message instructing me to upgrade my browser. I don’t understand how much more advanced a browser has to be, to display a simple hotmail inbox. God save Micro$oft.

Upgrade your browser?

Bingo! I had a new mail saying Bill Gates would come to Bangalore. The mail was sent by the M$ student partner to all my classmates, 50 of them. I thought of replying to all with a Thank you message and clicked on the Reply to all button.

Guess what happened! I got an error message:

Please remove some of your recipients. You can send your message to 10 people at a time.

How rude!
How rude!

A M$ student partner can send en email to 50 recepients at a time while I can reply to only 10 people at a time? What kind of a f#$king logic is this? Why are not all people treated equally?

I request sincerely from the bottom of my heart, Please do not use Hotmail.


7 thoughts on “ – Micro$oft, You suck more!

  1. People are still ignorant. They use HotMail because of the tag associated with Richest company and Richest Man’s company. Can’t help such people. Just better to ignore both M$ products and all such people who think their products are worth using πŸ˜›

  2. Now I understand the main reason behind your posting.

    You are jealous of the MS Student partner of your college!!!

    Grow up and think matured…

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