You are not safe without terror either

A week after the Mumbai blasts, UPA’s main agenda has been nominating Maharashtra’s new Chief Minister. The anger and emotions of Indian public has not moved even a single nerve of the Gandhis, the Singhs or whomsoever it concerns. Infact security of VIPs has been puffed up. What ever be the case India stands United in the war against Terror and Paki$tan.

Proud Indian Flag
Proud Indian Flag

We pay our taxes, we demand the right of livelihood. We do not demand luxury, basic amenities, employment. We demand a safe place to live.

The road is not safe. The park is not safe. The school is not safe. The Hotel is not safe. Four and a half years of corrupt, useless governance by the UPA. Come on India, lets vote for a BJP rule in the center and live safely and peacefully.

Mr. Politician, Not Bullets or Bombs, but a train will hit me if you still do not wake up 😦

Not Bullet, but a train will hit you


12 thoughts on “You are not safe without terror either

  1. @Adarsh Bhat
    That picture came up first when I googled Indian flag πŸ™‚

    Let Narendra Modi be PM and Advani the Home Minister. See the difference when tough people are in power. We do not want coward singhs in the chair.

  2. 1. Stop Trade
    2. Stop busses and trains to Pak
    3. No activities in PoK
    4. Propagate Hindutva
    5. Hopefully declare a war since defensive approach is not going to stop terror.

  3. I do not think declaring war is going to solve the problem in any way! War is not a ‘solution’; it is just a ‘reaction’ to the problem.
    Even though I feel BJP can do a better job than the Congress, in no way does it guarantee that the situation is going to be any better! Politics, especially coalition politics, have been setting new records each time for steeping low!

  4. Oh.. And, by the way, if BJP comes to power, there is no doubt that Advani will be the PM. That is another disgusting thing with politics in India – seniority and other reservation is valued more than the ‘ability’ for the role. I am not saying Advani doesnt deserve it but seniority should not be the criteria to select him as the PM!

  5. Sending across a message can be done in lot better ways than ‘war’!
    By going to ‘war’ or ‘fear’ing terrorists, you are reacting exactly the way terrorist expect you to react! And that is to their advantage!

  6. @Roshan Its high time we react in a strong manner, probably attack the terrorist bases, thers no point in simply sending bus or train to PAK, or a cricket series. We need yo be a lil more harsh on our neighbours…

  7. Firstly, a ‘real war’ is not a joke; it is not a simple decision to make whether to go to war or not(US at the height of its power didnt go to war unless it was affected!!)
    Secondly, its a ‘war’ against terrorists, not Pakistan! Pakistan civil government does not have any control over it’s country but that doesn’t mean that all of Pakistan is involved in this ‘war’. It doesn’t make sense to wage war against the entire nation! It is going to hurt innocent people of both the countries the most!
    Bombing terrorist bases? If the terrorists give us their location, we can do that πŸ˜› the problem is going to be rooting out the terrorists!
    Better ways? First STOP FEARING and accepting things as they are.
    I am not a ‘knowledgeable’ person.
    However, I can think of lot of other ways!
    One of them – Hunting terrorists down and giving them a taste of their own medicine! HUNTING doesnt mean war! You can have covert operations! Search every bloody soul who is responsible, hunt them down and inflict pain on them that they can never have suffered(not necessarily death)! Even if it takes a long time, such an action will SHOW that we will not accept terrorism anymore! “Terrorists should FEAR before they THINK of terrorism again!”
    What I say maybe practical or not, but war surely isnt practical!

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