/me CAN dance :)

Date: 14-Dec-2008

Venue: A.D.A Rangamandira

Time: 1930hrs

12 days of tiring practice is what it took for my first dance performance in 5 years at Ananda Balaga. It all began with Kasturi Aunty approaching all youths for this year’s cultural programme. I was reluctant because my VTU exams coincided with the performance dates, but then its just VTU! Who cares?

Being a non dancer, I thought I would find it difficult, but it was made so very easy by our choreographer. A professional dancer at Nritarutya, Rohan Raj is the man behind the wonderful sequences of our dance. A big thanks to Raghu Dixit for composing Mysore Se Aayi Woh, the track to which we tapped our feet to.

Now, enough of build up! Here is the dance.

The complete MYSORE team

Standing: (L -> R): Kasturi Aunty, Rohan Raj, Renuka, Vidya, Namrata, Ritika, Ajay, Bharath, ME, Govind Raj

Sitting: (L -> R): Lakshmi, Medini, Sharath, Pradyumna

And yeah, Comments please 🙂


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