Chevrolet Spark – Review in a nutshell

Just took a test drive of the more hyped Chevy Spark. Here are my experiences.

Chevy Spark Dimensions
Chevy Spark Dimensions

Looks Exterior : Matiz Spoof. Not so great, but a sleek and decent look for a small car. Rear looks ugly.

Looks Interior : Not at all impressive. Not even comaprable to the old Maruti 800. Seat covers are not good either.

Comfort : Cramped. Too small a car for five medium sized people. Extremely difficult for people over six feet to sit at the rear. You do not feel the luxury of a car drive.

Engine : 1 Litre (1000cc) engine with 63bhp is just apt for the cars dimensions for city drive. Forget the pleasure of a highyway ride. You could just see a 2 wheeler just overtaking you with ease when your Spark is fully loaded with four people and luggage. πŸ˜›

Braking : Good, but could have been better. Only the higher end model which would cost you upto 4.5Lacs INR would provide ABS. Definitely not worth it.

Power steering : Huh! Crap. I felt as though I was driving our old Premier Padmini. The two spoked steering wheel does not respond well. The claim to have Hydraulic Power Steering but I could never feel it. Since, the car is compact you can negiotiate curves easily.

Air Condition : I would rate it as average. Engine performance considerably drops down the moment you start AC. 😦

Mileage : 13-14 kmpl in city with AC. 17-18 on Highways with AC.

Top speed : 120kmph. Don’t risk going beyond that. Spark does not have good aerodynamics and geometry.

Gear : Again, cheap quality gear box. Nothing very great to write about.

Dashboard : Central Dashboard makes it much more hard to drive. Because of this central positioning the rest of the dashboard gadgets like AC, AC controls and stereo are pushed downwards. Chevy, you lost here.

Central Dashboard
Central Dashboard

Front Windshield : Its steep angle is a disadvantage. I personally did not like it.

Suspension : No issues. Finally something that Spark can boast about.

Boot Space : Too less. Do not even think of a family trip with Spark’s boot space.

All in all, not such a good bet for the price you pay. I would buy an Alto/Santro rather than a Spark.


62 thoughts on “Chevrolet Spark – Review in a nutshell

  1. New Version of spark is Spark Muzic, its very good car for youth, I have read the buyer’s reviews they are very impressed with the Spark and Spark muzic as well.

  2. Hi Aditya!!
    I own chevy spark, and just for your information I am getting a mileage of 28-20 KM/lit in city conditions and 22-24 KM/lit on highway. and yes whatever you pay to get a new spark it worth the amount, I have one alto as well and I still prefer spark to Alto, one more thing if you like to buy santro rather than spark than obviously you are spending much more that the price you pay for spark. Moreover I personally feel all small cars are similar a lil bit of more or less space doesnt makle it good or bad, if u are looking for space with perormance than definitely your budget should be 6-7 lacks minimum.

    1. there simply is no comparision between the spark and the alto. i have personally driven it at 140 km/ is rock solid and height is 6ft.2inches,and i find the driving position excellent.the boot is beautifully designed and can hold enough luggage for a 4-5 day trip for a family of 4.engine and gearbox are is of international standards.unlike the alto in which the whole car is one big crumple zone,the spark has specific, visible,scientifically incorporated crumple zones.

  3. 20 kmpl is a very good city mileage. What about the car’s performance with four adults with AC level 2? Does the engine rev up?

    Acc to me spark is a car for ladies.

    And another thing – What does Chevy mean by saying 3 yrs no service costs?

    1. if anyone finds a more silent car than this one, in small hatchback category, let me know.
      awesome smooth drive, extremely effective AC, powerloss with AC on is lesser than santro.. i have driven santro for 4 years now… i have stretched to 140 and shake felt on steering is lesser than santro at the same speed

      onroad price for LS model 3.22 which includes remote central lock, stereo etc. full of goodies.. please compare all the cars in the same category and you will find this is one car which has not missed out on any feature at all.. be it anything..

      also, in your initial few weeks of your ownership, this car will surprise you..small little things but they matter.. rear seat can be folded into a small lil bed which is four five times the luggage space of any other hatchback..intelligent space usage i would call it..rear views mirrors on both sides can be operated internally, missing on wagon R..simple things but matter..

      alto xcite is 2.97, and this is without central locking (5000) stero(7000) etc etc … evaluate yourself.. i did not have spend anything on acessories, exept for seat covers..

      most important thing, why this car is the most stable car on high speeds (100 and above)…any pro would tell you, the top speed of the car depends more on suspensions than on engine.. because there is no straight line racing in city… it all about how well the car corners…spark has all four gas filled shockers, plus tubeless tyres which are wider(than wagon R) and grips more and rolls less..test drive yourself and check out… all at 3.22
      also check for “top speed,spark” videos on you tube and u ll see top speed of this car is more than counterparts…again, the engine is super smooth and i simply love it…

      we all dont have enough money and thats why buying a car between 3-4 lacs and every bit of money counts.
      i bargained hard and got matting mud flaps foot mats and additional cash discount steering covers etc free..

      fuel tank is 38 ltrs, i dont know how big it is for santro wagon R has more torgue than counterparts.. has a 63 BHP engine and the power to weight ratio ( which is the ultimate thing that matters ) is the best … i get 16 kmpl in delhi with half AC on approx.
      blah blah blah blah blah

      and let me not discuss cashless ownership details.. everyone by now knows about it…fantastic idea

      some one said, its a car for ladies… bhai, we are also for ladies, nahin ??

      my freind is in severe pain who bought i 10 kappa which gives 9-10 kmpl with AC on in city and thats after spending 5 lacs.. but anyhow each one to his own choice.. all cars are good…lets not demean any product.

      1. Right Said Rakesh You are a rightful Spark Owner who had utilized and explored all Features.
        I myself a use a Spark and dont find any issues as mentioned here on the Blog.

  4. Hi !!
    The car sure is performing beautifully with 4 adults (Me, Wife and my parents (Dad & Mom)) as far as pickup is concerned I found no trouble at all.

    The car even beautifully climbed the mountains(mostly AC on) we went fora trip to mcleodgunj and nainital with this car and it performed beautifully, handling is very fine and satisfactory in compare to alto and 800.

    Yes I agree Aditya that you might find the looks girlish, but some time even girls are tougher…What do you say??

    any how as far as 3 yrs no service cost is concerned you have to purchase the extended warranty on the car, as there is nothing free in this world, you do have to earn this premier warrnty contract as well.

    Presently, Chevrolet’s cashless offer is available (I am sure), but its not free, If you want to go for Cashless offer, means Not a single penny for next 3 yrs. or 45000 kms. whichever occur earliar, you have to pay Another 10k only.

    When I bought back in Novemver, this offer was not available, But yes Fixed maintenance plan is there, that means in any case your maintenance amount will be under 12999/- in next 3 yrs or 45000 kms. if you will spend over this amount, GM will refund the amount. So, you know the Upper Limit atleast.

    Now..about service, my car is almost 16000 now, the service detail is as under:

    1. 1000 kms. free checkup (No oil change), Cost of service: NIL

    2. 5000 kms. Service (Engine Oil & Oil filters replaced), Cost of service: 660/- odd

    3. 10000 kms. service (No oil change), Cost of service: NIL

    4. 15000 kms. service (First Paid Service): Engine Oil & Filters replace, service cost=500 + Oil & Oil filter .. Total service cost: Rs. 1187/- including Tax.

    Now you can calculate how much you are going to spend on service, you can check the service book in which you will find Parts to be replaced at certain intervals, at GM site you can check that parts price (If u wanna know every info), n you can calculate.

    As far as car is concern, I can assure you this is the best option available in Small car Segment.


    1. Ha Ha, there comes the hidden cost. Even I purchased an extended warranty of 2 years for my i10 and paid 4000 INR. Its worth it.

      But sadly there is huge list saying so-and-so do not come under warranty 😦

    2. i have spark ls model dec2008.but it gave me only milage 10km/lit . im very surprised your car is giving 22km/lit .how it happened tellme

    1. Hi Dev!!

      If you like you can get in touch with me at +91-98-788-77729. Mon & Tuesday 8:00AM-7:00PM rest all days only at 1:00PM-3:30PM.

  5. Hi Sid/ Aditya, Now this cashless maint offer fr 3 yrs come free! u dnt hav 2 pay nything. Aditya watever u wrote, seems ok, but only if in ur mind, u r expecting an BMW!! come on Man, its rear look is much better than the rear of i10!! & mind u, i10 got flopped in Korea, wen hyundai launched it there! Even i20 too was nt getting good response there. I was in S korea fr 3 mnths in mid 2008. Matiz ( spark is name in india & brazil) rules korea & in small car segment, its king!! See, my point is for the price, Spark is most competitive in this segment feature wise!!30 lakh sales wrldwide itself is d proof..

    1. Firstly do not compare i10 with Spark. i10 is totally a different class and is a big hit in India which matters to me and not the sales in S.Korea.

      I would ask you to once test the i10 and get back. Take care and drive safe. πŸ™‚

  6. Hi Aditya !!

    Again chk the price and then compare the features of spark. Hyundai i10 is more costly then spark. As you can see below I have compared only the Top End models of both cars. (pricesare Ex mumbai)
    Chevy spark LT – 405000.00
    Hyundai Magna i10-544000.00
    So if I compare 2 cars in terms of price it’s costlier then spark and moreover if the price is increasing definitely you will get more engine refinements and other stuff. So in all my friend the more you add sugar more your tea becomes sweeter.

  7. Hi Aditya..!!!

    It seems like somebody has gave you price for making all sorts of false comments about spark

      1. Hi Aditya.

        I dont agree with you,I too own a spark.

        May be your case is an exceptional one.. and as you know Exceptions are not examples…

  8. Hi Aditya !!
    I think when you are making some comment about anything (Not Just Spark)you must keep your personal experience aside, and concentrate rather on facts and figures.

    1. Hai sid a u sure u car giving u 20on city with ac..??
      I have spark lt nw city with ac am hardly getting 12.5kmpl..
      Can we tuneup spark or its auto tuneup..
      (Company maintained) even puncher also removed in service station..

  9. Aditya!!
    Check news before making such childish comments. They are not expected from you. Hre is the news excerpt:
    GM India has announced that it continues all its normal operations and is not included in the court reinvention process of GM’s US operations. GM India operations are not included in the US filing for Chapter 11. Consequently, all GM India dealers, warranty and customer support services will remain unaffected.

  10. GM’s regional businesses haven’t been able to get financial support from their U.S. parent company since the they filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on June 1.
    But That’s not a problem for GM’s profitable Indo-Chinese business, but it means the Thai and Indian divisions have to scramble to secure new funding, and as a result a newer more lucrative offer of LPG spark have been introduced for indian market.
    Globally, GM has sold 3.5 million Spark cars in 100 markets. The version unveiled Tuesday is GM’s first clean-burning liquefied natural gas car in India. GM has already launched an LPG version of the Spark in Italy.

    I have not taken the Test Drive yet and have no technical information about the LPG version,but with the GM assurance I am sure it will be a breeze.

  11. Hi Aditya !!
    The cute little Spark has always been a great value for money proposition in its segment – attractive design, sporty interiors and a peppy engine make for a brilliant small car. Then General Motors also had some ultra-awesome warranty and service schemes for all their vehicles adding even more value. As if that was not enough, GM has gone ahead and played the LPG move with their tiny tot. The concept of offering a factory-fitted LPG kit isn’t exactly new – even in the small car segment. Maruti has already done it with the Wagon R Duo and Hyundai with the Santro LPG. But what really sets the Spark apart is that the integration of the LPG is an extremely well executed affair.
    The kit itself is Europe-based and after extensive testing has been certified by both the DOE and ARAI. The system uses modern sequential injection technology instead of the venture-type injection that most other kits use. This should translate into better fuel economy as well as seamless power delivery. But, as General Motors claims, this also ensures no backfire or loss in power while switching from petrol to LPG operation.
    The Chevrolet Spark LPG has also successfully undergone European ECE R32 rear crash tests to ensure safety even during mishaps. The toroidal LPG tank fits snugly in the spare wheel well in the car’s boot while the spare wheel itself has to make do with hanging around in the boot – though it doesn’t eat up too much space there. Access for refilling the LPG tank is on the rear right just under the tail lamp.
    Along with the LPG kit, Chevrolet has also revamped the interiors of the Spark – which now comes with beige trim. The only disadvantage is small or no boot space, but this is meant for city so no worries you wont be carrying that extra luggage in city driving.

    GM India will be offering the Spark LPG in two variants – LS and PS, with a whopping 3 year/1,00,000km warranty – the same as on the petrol version. Priced at Rs 3,69,338 (ex-showroom, Thane), GM has just injected a huge dose of value for money into the already potent Spark. Mind sets and psychological blocks aside, the Chevrolet Spark LPG is on its way to making the small car an even bigger success for the General!

  12. Great News Anandh!!

    At the price, the Spark LPG is approximately Rs 20,000 more expensive than the petrol versions, but the running costs on LPG are about 50 percent cheaper. For someone looking for a stylish city runabout, who’s tired of the tall-boy breadbox looks, this car does make sense.

    The LPG kit is imported from Europe but is factory fitted to the Spark, and shares the same three-year, 100,000 km warranty as the rest of the car. The Spark also enjoys a 45,000km maintenance holiday, whereby the company covers all the maintenance costs, excepting tyres, battery and accident damage.

  13. Hi Anandth,

    I am also planning to buy LPG version. Could you please share your experience with new LPG version? Is there any issue in performance? mileage? Dose LP smell in the cabin?


  14. Aditya’s review will be the same for any car having variants between 3 to 4 lacs. as they all have limitations.
    Aditya, Writing reviews needs objectivity and balance. Even comparing apples and oranges is difficult.
    Now, better you put the info. in a tabular form and with the measurements of each feature. You may not be able to defend what you said in your review. Spark is a small car with limitations every car in the price range has.
    As far as Maruti 800 is concerned, compare it with Nano. SPark and Maruti 800 are no match. Some salesperson at SPARK seems to have insulted you and you seem to take a revenge on SPARK.

  15. hi people, im proud owner of spark… i bought my spark 6 months ago. as of now my spark did not gave me any headaches or problem. my mileage now is 7,700. i just finished my pms-change oil and change oil filter.. i always drive my spark with my wife and 2 children in the back of our spark with AC on..i never noticed it underpowered or AC is low. and its flawless and we are very satisfied in this small car…

  16. Aditya !!!

    That should change your views. People are really happy about this package.. I agree with Rakesh. One thing Aditya, life is always full of different packages. choice is all yours. choose them accordingly.

  17. Sorry for not replying. I was out of country for 20 days.

    Oh seems like there are many happy SPARK owners firing me. Thats good infact good that people are enjoying it. Afterall what we want is good cars for the Indian market.

    Belt up and drive safe. πŸ™‚

  18. i am plannin to buy a small car costing between Rs 3 to 3.5 lakhs preferably spark or alto. can you suggest me anything.

  19. As far as you are comparing ALTO to CHEVY, the leg room, Boot space, interior quality, comfort & every possible thing is better.

    And not to forget, SAME COST.

  20. I just bought CHEVY SPARK 2 weeks back for my wife . I own honda city . But I feel SPARK is really good car for weekends when you don’t have to drive in cogested city like delhi . Like Aditya , I know there are many who still feel negative about it due to GM bankupty issue. But I feel I did perfect choice for myself. Great meneavour, noice beige color , great power.
    Aren’t you people bored looking at the same ALTO for so many years ?

  21. My spark is now 1 year old and two months. I did not regret owning one. Except for a flat tire, I have not met any major issues on the Spark. It runs as new, A/C suffices in a hot place like the Philippines, fuel efficiency is about 13k/liters in city and 17k/liters in highway which is fair enough. I use it everyday on my work and never did it stall even once. I average about 100 k per hour in highway and can run at par with higher segment car, because of its lighter body but with powerful engine. The only criticism is that it looks small because of its smaller width, perhaps. But, my friends who ride it are surprised of the legroom and headroom space inside. In fact, it is more spacious than my old Toyota Corolla.

    1. Hi bro, I’m also from the Philippines i would just like to ask if the odometer is in Km or miles.. coz if its in Km, im only getting 9 or 10kms per liter but if its in miles, ill be getting about 15- 16kms…. the manual says km or miles…. it doesnt specify….

  22. hi,
    I have read all the comments and the review and comments on Spark from the above and found the review is not correct.

    Some one have reviewed the car considering it as a high end luxury car. NO car of 3-4 lak is going to give you the luxury those you mentioned above.

    people looking for a car for 3-4 lak would look for a good mileage, less maintenance alone and a better safety. Not for a luxury as interiors and exteriors and the power to race above 150kms speed.

    It is rubbish if people give such a bad review in a website which would guide the readers with wrong informations. Please give reviews considering what the products is and which to compare with which.

    Dont review as if you are missing the luxury of Mercedes in a spark, so spark is a bad poor car. It sounds brain less.

    Interiors of all low priced hatchbacks of our country are poor. Specially those from maruthi altos, wagons, 800s etc. all have the most poor quality of interiors. but they sell in most numbers in the country.

    This proves to you that people looking for low priced cars are not looking for interiors or luxury, but care for mileage and maintenance.

    Spark gives a good mileage than wagon r and has good goodies in interiors along with power window, and few extras and for a little price above wagon r. so spark is worth for money than wagon r or santro or any other cars of this segment.

    The looks of spark is also better than a santro or wagon r. dont bring in i 10 here. it costs 1.5 lak more than these cars and gives only 10-12 kms mileage where these cars are capable of 16 and above. so these are a different segment.

  23. As far as I heard, the Spark LPG is also better than other LPG cars. Adithya, your review seems to be biased, sorry to say that…

  24. >>
    Now you can calculate how much you are going to spend on service, you can check the service book in which you will find Parts to be replaced at certain intervals, at GM site you can check that parts price (If u wanna know every info), n you can calculate.


    Sid, where on or do you get information on cost of spares? Tx

  25. I m planning to have either spark lpg or santro xing lpg. Can anybody tell me the comparison betwn these 2 cars ….. which one is preferable according to mielage/performance/comfort etc….. it would be gr8 if any one can answer…. thanks in advance…

  26. I got delivery of my spark LS from Nikhil Automobiles, Navimumbai on 29/11/2010. I got it within the promised peried of 10 days and the dealing was good .I had driven about 300 KM in City with full A/C.I have not checked the mileage so far.But I can say the car is very good for the price bracket as far as driving comfort, overtaking in busy traffic etc which I looked for. With the package offered by GM(I) I will be satisfied if I get a mileage of 10KM/Lt.

  27. This is’nt a review at all. This is more like ticking off a multiple choice question that has 3 options…good…bad…ok… Let me elaborate: When you say something is bad then you need to spell out what are the benchmarks…what are the performance measures (brakes are bad…as compared to which competitive vehicle?….what are the parameters?…is it breaking pedal effort? is it brake noise? is it vehicle stopping distance?…and so on)…you need to be sure if the evaluation measures are correct (you mentioned that ‘Seat covers are not good either’…you haven’t specified if it is the seat fabric or the seat cover which is usually an accessory.

    Similarly, when you say, ‘Too small a car for five medium sized people’…of course it is…it is supposed to be a small car…you cant compare it to a mid car sedan for heavens sake!!!…so, what are your benchmarks?…do you have data to validate this observation…like rear seat pitch…vehicle width…seat depth…and so on…a good review does not toss a comment in thin air.

    So, to sum up…this page is a clutter of useless, biased rantings of a wannabe automobile expert.

  28. Till now i have changed 5 cars in last 10 years. Driving a spark now. Aditya, your review seems to be biased and 70% is incorrect. How can you compare it’s interior with 800? LOL.grow up man. i have this car and that’s why it is good philosophy is childish. I drove WagonR (last 2 models), I10, I20, Santro and now a spark. Among them in terms of performance and space I20 is better (remember it is from a different price range all together). if i compare them them in terms of maintenance, maneuverability, mileage, build quality and ride quality the Spark is the winner. due to its softer suspension you’ll find most of the sparks undergo damper changes in approx. 20000km. The ride quality is far more better in rear than santro I don’t think you have ever driven a spark before writing this review. I am 6ft2 and never felt any problem with this car. one thing is true that you’ll need to get used to the centre console and LHD type switches. BTW i have a Preier padmini too and and it’s steering is much lighter when she’s in motion. :-). Spark’s power steering is much better than that πŸ™‚

    Cheers!! Happy driving.

  29. Chevy Spark Ownership Review – 25000 km
    First Things First- Aditya, your review seems to be biased. By any chance did you test a Low-end variant ? Pls try Spark LT (AC, PS & Nice Interiors). And Does wagon R / Santro look more Aerodynamic to YOU ??? Box is not Aerodynamic. Curve & Fillets are Aerodynamic. Pls get the facts right.

    I owned and drove a Spark LT, (C White) for 4 yrs and clocked 25000 km. 90% city, 10 Highway.
    1. Spark to be compared with Wagon R or Santro. Not with Alto or 800
    2.Space – V Good, looks tiney from outside, spacious inside. Same as Wagon R /Sanrto. Probably due to Aerodynamic Design and nice fillets on all edges. [ Wagon / Santro have boxy edges hence the dimensions (L W H )are visible fully ]
    3.City driving very comfortable. Good pickup even with AC. AC is very quiet & effective
    4.Highway drive – Stable. The aerodynamics is much better than Boxes like WagonR / Santro. I hit 135 kmph with 2@front. Good to have rear seat passengers too when going above 130
    5.Maintenance issues – Trouble free operation. (I was always on Shell Super & Shell Engine oil)
    6.Suspensions better than competitors. Infact Only Spark comes with Tubeless tires & all 4 Gas filled suspensions (Aditya, are u reading, why didn’t u compliment Spark for this)?
    Cetre mounted instrument panel was no-trouble for me. In fact helps to get better view of road ahead.

    1.Roof makes hell of a noise when it rains. Needs thicker cushion
    2.Small Boot space, for prolonged travels
    3.Reverse gear engagement – bit notchy
    4.Mileage – I am getting 13kmpl / 16kmpl with 100% AC on. City/Highway
    5.Resale value may be poor, compared to Maruti / Hyundai. But that is not deal-breaker. IMHO.

    Overall, a V Good Hatchback in its segment. Still Rock solid after 30k km. Driving is fun.
    Nice to See So many here who Love Spark !!!

  30. Keep up the superb work, I read few content on this website and I conceive that your website is real interesting and contains circles of wonderful information.

    1. Experts……Please guide me to buy a new Car. I am really confused between Spark LT, Santro GL Plus not Alto K10…. Spark impressed me a lot but the mileage is a concern. I have gone through all users comments, that made me more confused .

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