HOWTO: Make GTK applications look sleek on KDE4 – QtCurve

By default GTK application look ugly on KDE4. Now, this becomes a big issue because Firefox and Pidgin are two GTK applications that I cannot give up.

Ugly Default Look
Ugly Default Look

The solution to this problem is simple. Thanks to the package qtcurve if you are using Kubuntu.

Step 1: Start konsole

Step 2: sudo apt-get install qtcurve

Step 3: Go to System Settings -> Appearance -> GTK styles and fonts

Step4: In the GTK styles sub-menu select QtCurve

Step 5: Restart your GTK Apps. Enjoy the new sleek look ๐Ÿ™‚

New Sleek Look
New Sleek Look

7 thoughts on “HOWTO: Make GTK applications look sleek on KDE4 – QtCurve

  1. You can also install gtk2-engines and then you have several gtk styles to choose from. I also liked the clearlooks style myself (qtcurve was a significant improvement over this raleigh thing in any case).

    On a sidenote, anyone knows why the qt4 look does not work properly? Neither does the “use my kde style in gtk applications” option, at least on my installation. Especially with openoffice it is completely braking down if I try either of those two options.

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