ICC, you’ve slept enough. Wake up

The International Cricket Council has gone into a deep sleep these days. Totally ignorant of what is happening out there on the field or is it just pretending to be blind knowing everything? Some of the recent incidents have really raised several doubts on the Council’s credibility and repute. Here I list out a few which clearly picturises this.

1. Sachin Tendulkar is ranked 27 in ICC all time great batsmen.

What? Yeah, you read it right. The world’s best batsman, the highest run getter in both forms of the game, the little master is ranked at the 27 position. Would you believe it? Shoaib Malik and Salman Butt rated above the genius, Sachin. Now ICC you need to answer this. You just can’t rank a great great player like Sachin this low. You all there are a whole bunch of chair warmers and nothing else. Head over to http://www.iccreliancerankings.com

2. Controversial Dismissal of Neil Broom.

Firstly see this video.

These Australians are sledgers. A disgrace to the game of Cricket. Brad Haddin guilty of such a crime I would say, should be banned from International cricket. ICC is acting as though nothing has happened. Will it react the same way if this had happened by a sub-continental player? And the match referee, dude, go and find some other job for yourself. Damn it.

3. Play abandoned after sandpit farce

Ten balls. That was the sum of the first day’s play between West Indies and England in Antigua. Whole lot of sand shows up in the Stadium even after the match starts and ICC is still unmoved.

Read the full report at cricinfo.

Its time. Do something to save solidarity in the game else you might well be known as International Crap Council.


2 thoughts on “ICC, you’ve slept enough. Wake up

  1. It does seem like they r heading toward International Crap Council. Sachin’s ranking is disastrous. I am surprised that the ICC had nothing to comment on the dismissal of Neil Broom. They hv reached heights. I hope they are back on track soon. Wake up ICC, I wanna say good morning to you when you’re back from hibernation.

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