After two years, I found the best font for (K)Ubuntu

Two things which always I (and Madhusudan) think that Windows scores over Ubuntu would be undoubtedly –

1. Games

2. Fonts

Its upto the Game developers to release games for Ubuntu and there is nothin much I can do about it. But, there is something I can surely do to make fonts in Ubuntu clean, sleek and smooth. I have always hated the default Dejavu Sans but lived with it since I had no choice.

Then recently, when I was hanging out at the UbuntuForums, ( my second home πŸ™‚ ), I came across this wonderful Lucida Grande font. This is the default font used in Mac OS X and is absolutely wonderful. I liked it the moment I saw it. After googling for about 5 minutes I found the ttf and right away installed it. Damn, Ubuntu does not be default smoothen or Hint the fonts. So I followed these steps to obtain the look I needed.

Step 1. Download the Lucida Grande font.

Step 2. Extract the archive and copy the ttf onto the .fonts directory which can be found in your $HOME.

Step 3. Now we need to reconfigure the fonts configuration to get a better font rendering. Open Konsole and enter –

sudo dpkg-reconfigure fontconfig-config

This will popup a dialog box and ask some questions. Make sure you select AutoHinter, Always, and Yes.

Step 4. Assuming you are in KDE4, go to system Settings -> Appearance -> Fonts and Adjust all fonts to Lucida Grande size 9.

Step 5. In the same window enable Anti-Aliasing and configure the hinting style to Full. Force Fonts DPI to 96.

Step 6. Go back and make GTK applications use the KDE fonts.

Step 7. Logout and Login to experience the best fonts for (K)Ubuntu.

Happy (K)Ubuntu-ing.


2 thoughts on “After two years, I found the best font for (K)Ubuntu

  1. It’s important to note when installing fonts, if there’s no .fonts dir in your home dir, just make one. I’ve seen a lot of people coming back installing fonts and saying “I cant find my .fonts dir, wat do i do??”. It seems obvious but it doesn’t occur to everyone. πŸ˜›

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