Lock Up !

Just when we all thought it was just another day in the college, enjoying our last few days of engineering something happened to make it a very annoying day. The Education minister arrived at our college for some damn inauguration. All classes suspended with immediate effect without prior notice. All gates leading out of the campus locked. Gates of the vehicle parking area locked. Students had nothing to do and the lecturers/staff were having snacks and lunch. The smell of the fried rice reached our classrooms and we were feeling hungry. Gates leading to the canteen was closed. Now, it sucked at that moment and we had nothing to do.


A damn minister comes for some bloody inauguration and the whole college is taken hostage. This is not acceptable. The concerned authorities are no less than morons. We students take all the trouble in the world to get up early, travel about 20kms in Bangalore traffic and reach the college by 8 45 am, just to find that all classes suspended and taken hostage. Then somehow we bribed the watchman (Rs 5), got the rear gate of the campus opened which lead to a ditch that joined the main road. Somehow we escaped ** relieved ** still unaware of the students inside college. Only three words  can describe this situation.



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