Travelogue: Pelling

Suggested reading – Travelogue: Darjeeling (which made up for the first 2 days of our trip)

We started our journey towards Pelling after some wonderful time at the Tiger Hills earlier in the day. We could not find any other passengers who could share the Jeep as it was offseason. We had to book the whole Jeep for ourselves which cost us Rs. 2000. It was a tiring 4 hr journey via Jorethang and Legship. We had a 15 min break in Legship and we decided to visit the Temple crossing across the river Rangit. There is a suspension bridge constucted over the river. You can find 108 Shiva Lingas and a huge statue of Lord hanuman. The Rangit Power Station can also be viewed from the top. Finally we reached Pelling by 1 30pm and damn ou fate – its totally cloudy.

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Pelling is Nature’s Paradise. The greenary you find here is breathtaking and the landscapes are just unbelievable. Pelling is nearest to Kanchendzonga and the famous Sunrise can be seen from any hotel you stay in here. There are about 8 sight seeing places in Pelling but we could cover only 4 due to time constraints. It was heartening to see Sikkim Govt. taking the initiative to construct terrain roads and attract tourists.

Singshore Suspension Bridge

This is the second highest suspension bridge in Asia and surely an Engineering marvel. This bridge connects two hills of the Himalayan Range and also leads to the no-mans-land of the Indo-Nepal border. There is a huge valley that runs right under the bridge at a depth of 600 ft. The scenic beauty cannot be explained in words.  Since it was the offseason,  it was only we three on the whole bridge This is one such place everyone should visit and experience the 500 m long suspension. At some random time in the year bungee jumping is organised.

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Dantam Valley

Pelling has some of the amazing landscapes you would ever see in your lifetime. One such place is Dantam Valley. The hill uncarves itself as the Indian map from the ariel view. You can also find a suspension bridge constructed here over the Rangit River. Dantam valley is rich with cardamom cultivations. The aroma can be felt as you travel.

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Changey Falls

All waterfalls in the North East are caused by glacairs. Therefore the falls wouldbe in full flow during summer when the ice melts. Changey falls from a height of about 300m and is a treat to watch when there is bright sunshine. The water is ice cold and extremely pure. You can feel the water flowing down your foodpipe as you drink it. Awesomeness.

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Pemayangtse Monastery

Pemayangtse Gompa of India boasts of a splendid collection of ancient Buddhist antique idols, scriptures as well as sculptures. Magnificent sculptures and gracefully decorated paintings adorn the first floor of the monastery. One of the major attractions of the Pemayangtse Monastery is a seven-tiered painted wooden structure. It is the oldest monastery of Sikkim. At an altitude of more than 6000 ft, life becomes more interesting, and for the mind, it becomes more spiritual than on the sea levels.

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All in all Pelling is pure natural beauty, but do not go there in offseason. Bye Bye Pelling. Off to Gangtok. End of Day 4.


4 thoughts on “Travelogue: Pelling

  1. hey there

    good posts on your trip. i sorely miss these places. i had been to sikkim in 1988 and to andaman in 1990. were quite pristine places then! 🙂

    meanwhile, i am also sucked into ubuntuism now with my laptop. i m having problems installing atheros wireless drivers for 5007EG ath-pci card. i did manage to run it once though and got myself connected to wireless network, but thats just about it, after that it wont work!


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