1 year into blogging and 50,000 page views

It feels great. Seriously. I’m really flattered that fifty thousand people would find anything here interesting enough and would like to visit on a fairly regular basis. You might think most of the contribution to the counter might go to the spammers, but I have faith in WordPress Stats that increment only on a human visitor 🙂

Stats are interesting to only some, while others might seem it as baseless, but to all those around I would like to share something. Over the past one year I have made over 75 posts in about 12 categories which have over 320 comments and not to forget over a 1200 spam blocked by Akismet. There have been a wide range of topics on which I have written over these days with a bulk of them being Test Drive reports and Ubuntu related stuff. The most popular post by an immense margin is the NFSMW Hamachi Lan Play Guide which makes up for a major part of the hits.

Finally, no matter who you are and why you are here I extend my sincere thanks to you for visiting this blog and inspiring me to write more. I enjoy your comments and e-mails, and I hope you find something useful or helpful in these posts. A huge thanks to WordPress which is hosting this blog and making it a search friendly site to provide easy access to readers across the world. Let me know if there is any particular topic you would like to find in this blog and I would try to include them. Cheers and best wishes. See you at 100,000 😀


8 thoughts on “1 year into blogging and 50,000 page views

  1. You have always written about what you have done, I would like to see some of thoughts put down as words. Most of the posts are something that you have done practically. Well to know the author’s mind I wud wanna see ur thots one some issues.

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