The sad state of Indian media

This is one such newspaper that revolutionised the printed media in Bangalore. It was Mirror all the way. People started moving away from traditional newspapers like The Times of India and Deccan Herald. Initially the sleek layout of Bangalore Mirror made it popular among travellers. It contained a lot of masala stories that attracted many youths. You would find this one paper always busy in my college library while the traditiional ones had no takers.

Too much of success is not good. Bangalore Mirror started publishing non-sense news offlate. The headline would be a theft or murder that happened in some remote village. For example, The headline of 27-Nov-2008 did not have the Mumbai attacks of 26/11.

Yesterday, I came across this new section “Vote Maadi” – an election special section that provides the lastest on the Lok Sabha elections due in 15 days time. I was shocked to read POLL DANCE by Aakar Patel in there. I do not know whether this was written for fun or anything else, but this surely hurt me. The column said Top 10 things BJP will do for you.

Mr. Aakar Patel, do you ever know the consequence of writing such non-sense. If you cannot write good about somebody shut your f#^king mouth and drop that damn pen down. BJP is no way involved in attacking/beating up women. How on planet earth did you conclude that BJP will set Kashmir on fire? Why would a party that believes in peace and harmony go and bomb Pakistan? I fail to understand why people associate BJP with such criminal activites and anti-society deeds. And finally, why would BJP ever copy Manmohanomics that does not have a single achievement to boast of.

Shame on you Mr. Patel and Bangalore Mirror for publishing such columns. This indeed is the sad state on Indian media that journalists like Patel and editors of such major newspapers behave in this manner. My sincere request to the people of INDIA to ignore such misleading newspapers and elect BJP for a progressive nation.

May the saffron rule.


11 thoughts on “The sad state of Indian media

  1. You write good. However, I cannot believe that someone as young as you would say something like “May the saffron rule”. I have nothin personal against BJP since, I despise all political parties. But JP is one party that spreads a deadly disease called hatred. The sad thing is that the young are more vulnerable to it. BJP is one party that installs hatred among people in the name of religion. Religion has got nothin to do with culture and religion is not the passage to God. But these people blur this vast difference for their political gains. Yes the BJP was not related to the pub attack, but it is the tree which is branching out in to weeds responsible for so many anti-social activities. Hope you have not forgotten the gujarat riots. Religious riots in a country like India which is secular and fast developing economically is a shame.

    Pakistan is an islamic state, I cannot even dream of a nightmare when India may be called a Hindu nation.
    India is secular and we all want it to remain that way.

    1. Politics in India is a big bowl of jealousy. When some party does good work, the others simply cannot sustain it. Indian politicians are masters of pulling a climber’s legs. Those who cannot achieve anything in life like the UPA and others, use these communal issues to spread hatred in the name of BJP.

      I hope you would never like Hinudism and Hindutva to vanish from India. Nobody wants, its just that when someone comes up in the open, you feel its spreading hatred. C’mon have one single thinking. To help someone who has bombed you is just not acceptable.

      India has been a secular country and will continue to be. Its the Hindus here that have made India secular. Before leaving, India has another name called Hindustan.

      1. Indian politicians are masters of pulling a climber’s legs. -Undoubtedly true.

        I hope you would never like Hinudism and Hindutva to vanish from India. – Honestly I dont understand the need for Hindutva.
        Religion used to play a significant role in all countries and has always caused more trouble than good. I think its time we changed our perception about religion. Religion is not the passage to god and I’m sure even god wouldn’t like the idea of confining him in the name of a religion.
        If you say we need to preserve our culture, that makes more sense. But culture has to be separated from religion. And our indian culture, needs to go through a lot of reforms.
        So what we should do is try to reform our culture instead of connecting it with the age old religion.

        I dont see any pride in calling myself , a hindu, a muslim or a christian. It’s just like the shirt you wear. You wear a shirt of a colour or design you choose, if you enforce your likings on others that’s wrong. Finally, Religion is just a personal choice, not a social one. And I personally prefer not to use Hindustan, because it binds us to a particular religion. Bharat or India is ok with me.

        1. Honestly I dont understand the need for Hindutva –> Let me explain. Hindutva is the fight against injustice to Hindus. Hindutva never believes in spreading Hatred and violence. Indian culture is purely based on the rituals and the rich history of our ancestors. Just for a moment think that Hindutva is no more, do the cultures like Bharatanatya, kathakali, chao and many more of these still exist? These are evolved based on our religion.

          You need to study the tradition, vedas and upanishads. Before comparing any religion for that matter to something like t-shirt, you need to make yourself knowledgeable. You cannot change your religion everyday.

          One question – If people of all religions were to live in harmony in India, then why was Pak separated?

        2. Seer lives in ignorance is what I feel. Secularism is not an objective, it is a possible tool to achieve peace and harmony that a country needs. One has to notice that religion based countries like Pakistan are nor peaceful nor happy. Countries like US are religious but they have separated religion and politics which they term as being “secular”. That is the reason they prosper. But the need to be secular arises from the fact that their religion believes in a philosophy that One Book One Prophet and all that is eternal truth. Any change to the existing philosophy is denied, in pakistan it may cost you your life.

          In India Hindusm was never monotheist, Hinduism has always been “sarva-samaveshak” assimilating every culture. It was Hinduism that kept India in its supreme glory. It kept it a one nation. There was absolutely no need to even introduce a concept of western secularism. Stressing on Hindu identity would have even avoided partition.

          We have been taught to say things like ” I dont see any pride in calling myself , a hindu, a muslim or a christian” and remember only hindus say these sentences. That is why even a simple slogan like “Garv se Kaho hum hindu hai” is termed as full of communal hatred.

          “I personally prefer not to use Hindustan” = > refers to the guilt in mind that I am a hindu.Seer will ahev no hesitation in calling Prayag by name Allahbaad but for his own nation which historically is a Hindu nation he is ashamed to call it hindustan.

          I am happy that young minds like Aditya can see through the evil design of self proclaimed secularists and device their own outlook. Having faith in organizations like BJP or RSS is a personal choice but I will also agree with Aditya and Say “May the Saffron Rule”

  2. In the end we know who has won it, keeping it aside.IF BJP would have come into power am sure those ten things listed would have happened, it is not that the party isnt peace loving, its just that Mr.L.K Advani isnt peace loving.If he had been elected to the chair then for sure there would have been numerous, read as infinite, cases like Babri Masjid.India would have been another place for riots, similar to the ones in Gujrat.The party was at its best when Mr Vaajpayee was there.We saw some real development in every corner of the country, to name a few 4 lane roads, mid-day meals.
    And ya whoever said that our economy wasnt stable under Manmohan needs to get a life.Name just one person in BJP who can match his abilities, forget abilities his qualifications.

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