Ubuntu vs. Kubuntu – The real difference

No No, this is not another post on one of the most debated topic in the foss community. It is still a big Question Mark in everyone’s mind as to why the default DE in Ubuntu is Gnome. Let us see the lighter side of it. Somewhere down the lane I feel that Kubuntu gets the stepmotherly treatment from Canonical, and today the belief strengthened more.

I was browsing through my favorite social news website Reddit, when I found this picture below. It said the Ubuntu Cola. A cool looking tin with Ubuntu neatly printed on it. Any Ubunteer would love to have his hands on it right away.

And today when I passed across the Kubuntu Website, I got to see a picture which made me think ” Why, Why this discrimination?” Ubuntu Cola comes in a nice tin, super looking package but why is the Kubuntu drink left out?

Now thats bad!
Now that's bad!

If anybody could explain this, I would be grateful. Everybody shout with me Kubuntu Rocks !


10 thoughts on “Ubuntu vs. Kubuntu – The real difference

  1. As its pretty clear that KDE sucks, I used it for few minutes and had a hard time to understand the menus, people say GNOME is heavy, then what is KDE heavier by a ton.The graphics is over-done, too much of a eye-candy.

  2. Personally I feel Kubuntu is much sleeker and more powerful. I tried installing ubuntu on my 5 year old desktop with 1gb RAM, I left it on for 3 hours and never even managed to load the installation thing. I tried installing Kubuntu and it was up and running in 5 minutes flat. I also believe KDE being designed for developers, suits the needs of everyone. Ubuntu on the other hand I find, is an overrated multimedia OS. Kubuntu can do just about anything Ubuntu can do (Except using Gnome) and do it better.


  3. Look, ubuntu and kubuntu are both bad. Anyone using these softwares are poor people who cannot afford to buy real OS. Therefore these are the best you can get without using money, so don’t complain and accept what is given to you by mercy.

    1. Linux was never made for the fools…. Its for those people who want their systems to work as they want;You can change any thing from the lowest level to the highest ……… Forget kde even gnome can be configured 100 times more than your fav. paid OS ………

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