Nagamandala – The snake festival

You *really* need a fortune to witness this one of a kind snake festival – Nagamandala. Naga -> snake and Mandala -> Area in which the God is placed and is a tradition of South Canara. Nagamandala was organised by Avani Shankar Mutt, a place 1 km away from my home and who would miss such a once in a lifetime opportunity. Let me tell you, its a treat to the eyes, mind and heart.

Nagamandala is arranged at a very large scale. To say the least the whole process might need about 5 gunny bags of Coconut flower (pingara in local language, kannada). Nagapatri is the main priest on whom the Snake God resides until the process is over. There would be a sutradhari (Director) who leads the Nagapatri around the Mandala. This happens amidst the sounds of percussion – Chande and Nadaswara and lasts about 4 hours.

Rain played spoilsport due to which the audience was a bit less, but what I saw today is a lifetime rememberance. Afterall Agni and Naga(Snake) are two Gods we can see.

Click here to see the complete Photo Set.


3 thoughts on “Nagamandala – The snake festival

  1. I am working on a script for Documenatry. Can u send more detailed information on the background.
    Why do they dance like that.
    Who are these people.
    What is the story behind the dance. etc etc.

    Ajay shetty

  2. its very interesting, but the whole information is not available anywhere in books or internet. If have more information on Nagamandala, please forward to me. thanks.!

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