Hyundai i10 – 5000km – Detailed review

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It was about the same time a year ago, my table was flooded with brochures, quotations, price lists and pictures of various cars. Believe me, there is so much of choice available here, deciding on a car to buy is a real task. Maruti Swift, Hyundai Getz, Hyundai i10, Renault Logan, Fiat Palio Stile, Chevy Aveo Uva, Tata Indigo CS and the list continues. Finally, its Hyundai i10 which was the family choice as against my love Fiat Palio Multijet.

The stylish i10 magna cost 4.12 lacs ex showroom. Since we paid annual road tax of Rs. 800, we saved big bucks there. The car has been rather used less and has completed just 5000km in one full year. This included one long trip of 600km and other small trips to Mysore. Having said that, i10 has not been free of problems. There were about 4-5 ocassions where I have made all the way to the service centre to get things fixed up which is a high rate for a new vehicle. Some key points I would stress upon – firstly the negative ones.

Clutch – Clutch and clutch plates are the most vulnerable to wear and tear. i10 surprisingly has a point clutch system which is a bit difficult to adjust for somebody like me who had been driving the old sturdy Premier Padmini for some years. There is no range in which you can release the clutch and it has to be released at the exact point to get maximum pickup and rev. One way its better and its only until you get used to it. Lady drivers and newbies would stall the engine without doubt. Do not use the i10 to learn car driving.

Electronic Power Steering – i10 has one of the best power steerings of all vehicles I have Test driven. The motor driven power steering [MDPS] gives you the ultimate handling experience esp. in crowded city traffic. But then, all of a sudden MDPS ceased to work. It started to feel like I’m driving the old Premier. How on earth can the MDPS stop working within 8 months? The service manager shook his shoulders off by saying that its aΒ  small loose connection but then he actually had to replace the whole system. MDPS cost a whopping 25 thousand INR but was covered under warranty. My sincere advice to all – Do buy the 2 year extended warranty, so effectively you get 2+2=4 years of tension free driving. Hyundai has promised to give monetary benefit as compensation. I will let you know once i get it.

Braking – No car will come to a sudden standstill once you hit the brakes and so is i10. Braking in i10 is not a concern in city limits and slow speeds. But, once you zip into the highway and cruising at over a 100kmph, that is when your heart starts pumping more than normal. With the weight of 4 adults and 100kmph i10’s brakes are a drawback. Perhaps the ABS version would be more secure. Its high time that Indian car makers make think that ABS and airbags are no more a comfort/luxury feature, its a necessity. i10’s braking like most recent cars is Power brakes which would mean that the brakes are ineffective when the engine is off. So, when you are in a slope, do not let the car to move without starting the engine or else you might end up bashing someone on the road!

Engine – 1.1L with 63ps? Just not enough. Load it up with four adults and whatever little luggage that fits in the small boot of the i10, this car struggles to climb the slopes. Seriously underpowered is what I can say. Switch on the AC to level 2 and the car barely moves up the slope. Hyundai, give me 1.3 atleast. Wonder how a 600cc Tata Nano would react to such hardships πŸ˜› As far as average is concerned, I get 15 in city and 19 in highways with AC off most of the times.

Seating and Comfort – Hyundai wins here. The front seats are very comfortable with the side arm rests at the correct position. The small little gear just below the Dashboard is just at the right place. The rear is pretty spacious too and three medium sized people can easily sit back and enjoy. But, what was Hyundai thinking when they put the Pushback knob to the left of the Driver’s seat? Any child/infant sitting at the back has easy access to the knob and if by any chance the child plays a prank and pulls the knob, the driver is gonna sleep and sleep forever.

Handling and Speeds – Hit Plain roads and i10 is a gem. Smooth as butter is what I can say. The MDPS responds superbly even at high speeds negiotiating curves with atmost ease. MDPS is also handy in city condidtions where steep curves are needed to sneek in between buses πŸ˜› With its small but spacious design handling in i10 is not at all a concern. I have reached a maximum of 140kmph and i10 has stayed rock stable. i10 has a pretty good ground clearance. So don’t slow down and jump off small hitches on the road πŸ™‚

Finally, Wear the Seat belt. Happy and Safe driving πŸ˜€


20 thoughts on “Hyundai i10 – 5000km – Detailed review

  1. Hi Aditya,

    I am planning to buy a second hand i-10 driven for abt 15K kms. Its a 2007 model, I am planning it to buy it for 3.2 lakhs.

    I read your review, am still quite tentative about the power brakes thing. Can you please help me on the price issue as well as the money for which I am plannin to buy it. Is it rite?


    1. Please give more details like Magna or Era. Whether the seller has bought expended warranty or not?

      If you are going for a Magna Model then 3.2L is worth it. Go in for an inspection from the showroom and take their advice before buying.

      1. Hi Aditya,
        Its not a Magna, infact, its Era, the onroad price of the vehicle had come up to 4.75Laks, along with accessories, I am planning to buy it, btw, I am not sure about the extended warranty.

        Sorry for replying late, I lost my feed reader subscriptions and had a tough time, finding your blog as I had not bookmarked it else where.

          1. Since I am first time driving a car, would this car suit me, considering the brake related stuffs you have just described?

  2. “ts high time that Indian car makers make think that ABS and airbags are no more a comfort/luxury feature, its a necessity. ”

    I was under the impression that Hyundai is Korean? Am I mistaken?

  3. Hey Aditya,

    Liked your review. Am looking for a car. Doing the homework right now. Mostly inclined towards i10 Era considering all my criteria’s. By the way did you get the monetary compensation for MDPS failure as promised by Hyundai ?

  4. i want to know excatly wat type of power steering used in hyundai i10 (rack assisted, direct,column,pinion) and also explain it… do u please send me the pictures of steering system ….

    Thanks in advance

  5. Maruti A Star will be launched with automatic transmission. with a killer price, Maruti will attract more women and old guys for A star automatic.

  6. Hi Aditya, Nice review; though I suspect that you are referring to Era and not Magna. The engine capacity you cited – 1.1 – makes me think on that lines.
    I bought a 1.2 i10 (Kappa engine) in May 2009. So far it has been a pleasure driving it – we have clocked 10070 kms. in one and a half years.

    What you said about the power brakes is right; i advise anyone using it not to coast it along a descent, a clever way of saving fuel in today’s high-priced fuel environment. But the power steering so far has not (touch wood) given me any problems.
    The pickup varies as the car atruggles to takeoff swiftly in first gear with a/c at times; cant figure out why it happens. But i think applying clutch to the exact limit and get the right RPMs to switch the gears, which comes through experience, that too can be solved to some extent.

    As regards fuel efficiency, I get around 14 in city (about i mean) with a/c on almost throughout, and around 17 on long hauls.. The figures could either go up or down as a scientific testing (if at all one does exist) has not as yet been done by me.

    Keep in touch.
    Happy and safe driving.

    Anyway, please advise me more on the correct ways to handle the machine.

  7. You dont know what you are talking about…ABS does not improve stopping in normal conditions…it comes into play when your wheel gets locked because of slippery road conditions caused by snow, gravel etc…

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