Heavenly evening in Bangalore

It was just another day and just another evening when it rained here in Bangalore. But then nobody knew the surprise that awaited just after the rain halted. Clouds cleared within no time and the Sun came out while the atmosphere still contained a few drops of water. Exactly at this time was the Sunset and Oh My God, what an amazing sight it was! šŸ™‚ The orange and the red spread across the horizon. Two eyes were too less to witness and enjoy those moments. The whole drama unfolded and happened within 10 minutes of time and Harsha managed to take some snaps of this once in a lifetime moment.

You gotta love nature and God’s creations. 4th of June, 2009 is going to stay in my memory for a long long time.

Find the Complete Photo Set here.


3 thoughts on “Heavenly evening in Bangalore

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