That day, I had to lose 50 Rupees :-(

It was the last of my exams of the final semester of my Bachelor’s Degree, The Constitution of India and Professional Ethics. As usual the exam was at 1400 hrs and I left home by 1230hrs. My bike which would start off with a single kick even at 15 degree C, ceased to start even after several attempts/kicks, that too on a Hot summer afternoon.

Was this the indication of something bad at stake? I then pushed my bike for a fair amount of distance and tried my luck, but failed. Finally, I took the bike to a slope and as it gained momentum, I put it into gear and vrrrrom, it started. I was happy at that time, but wait. Did I ignore God’s warning about something bad which  was going to happen in few minutes time. I should have realised at this time, but I chose to ignore.

More than half the distance covered, and I smelt something fishy. I instantly stopped the bike to check my pocket only to know that I had forgotten the Hall Ticket. Now, I had two options. Firstly, proceed to the college and bribe the attender for a duplicate Hall Ticket. Secondly, head back home and get the Hall Ticket.

Since, it was the last exam, bribing for a Duplicate one would be of no use. The hall ticket was just another piece of paper after that afternoon. I still had 1 hour left for the exam to begin and I chose to head back home to collect the Hall ticket. I sped away, and reached home within 10 minutes, collected my Hall Ticket and again started towards college. At this point, I thought I had saved 50 Rupees for myself to drink fruit juice after exam 🙂

On my way back, I witnessed an accident in the opposite direction at the double road. Since, hall ticket was my main concern, I ignored had the accident. But on my way back, a number of traffic policemen had already gathered at the accident spot, clearing away the crowd and making way for the Ambulance.

To my bad luck, one of the Policeman happened to come in my way and I had to slowdown without any other alternative. He, taking advantage of my speed, stopped me and asked me for the Vehicle Documents. Just at this moment I realised that I had my Driving License and Insurance, but the emission certificate had expired a week ago and it had escaped my mind since I had my exams for the past week.

The policeman demanded 300 Rupees as penalty. I pretended to have no money with me. Then he asked me to give away whatever I had. I had a 50 Rupee note in my right pocket and a 20 Rupee note in my left pocket. At that moment, I took out the 50 Rupee note instead of the 20 one, again my bad luck. He snatched it right away and let me go 😦

So, that day, just as I thought I had saved 50 Rupees, I lost it in a few minutes time. If I had not ignored the warning of God, when my bike failed to start at the first kick, I would had my fruit juice that evening. But as they say, if its in the fate, it has to happen.


3 thoughts on “That day, I had to lose 50 Rupees :-(

    1. Yeah, Adarsh. I read it today and would be useful in the future.

      So the baseline is – No matter you have your vehicle documents or not, do keep a print out of this article with you. LOL 🙂

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