A hundred thousand page views

In just over 18 months of its existence this blog has received a hundred thousand page views. It really amazes me that a lakh people have found something interesting and visit back on a regular basis.

1 lac hits

My sincere thanks to those who spend a lot of their valuable time on this blog commenting and discussing matters that would directly or indirectly influence other readers. While most people just take benefits and never return once their task is done or the information they need is found, submitting a thank you would not take much effort. On the other hand there have been readers who actively post comments which on a few ocassions have resulted in mild flame wars (which I enjoy). Keep them coming folks. There are also instances where I have not replied to some requests via comments/email as many a times the answer would be in the previous comments. Please spare some time to read them before asking. That said if a comment really needed a reply I would definitely not miss out on that. Special thanks to Akismet for blocking spam and making my life easier.

My journey with WordPress has been wonderful. Matt and his team are doing a wonderful job to provide new features that makes WordPress the world’s best blogging software. For example WordPress released a bunch of features under a week on which I recently twittered.


Finally, no matter who you are and why you are here I extend my sincere thanks to you for visiting this blog and inspiring me to write more. Do keep coming back as I have much more interesting stuff in store for you. Incase you feel I should write about a topic feel free to contact me. For the time being its time to celebrate the six figured stats. *Drumrolls*


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