The Town Hall gig

Date: 6-Dec-2009

Venue: The Town Hall, Bangalore

Time: 1930 hrs

After a super hit Mysore Se Aayi from last year, the expectation for this year had nearly doubled. We lost Rithika, Sharath, Govind Raj and Namrata due to circumstances but got Keerthana who by-far, was the best dancer, more than compensated for it. It took around 15 *really* long days of practice and sweat to produce a dance which ended up being the main attraction of the evening. Needless to say it was Nritarutya’s Rohan Raj without whom this dance would not have been come out in the manner it has. An awesome choreographer and a gem of a person at heart, Rohan’s success story has been a long one which you can read it here. And so here is my second dance in Ananda Balaga in two years –

The RR team
The Rohan Raj Team

L->R Standing: Bharath, Archana, /me, Kasturi Aunty, Rohan Raj, Keerthana, Renuka

L->R Sitting: Vidya, Medini, Ajay, Pradyumna and ‘Lakshmi’ is missing somewhere.

Yeah, comments please!


3 thoughts on “The Town Hall gig

  1. Thanks for stating me as “by-far, was the best dancer” in the group 🙂 But i thot all of us did equally well 🙂 Lets rock every year with many more such performances. 3 Cheers to Rohan Raj sir!

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