Blog Stats Hit – The Great Firewall of China

With Google’s decision to review business operations in China has been sudden and surprising, and we know that it will have potentially far-reaching consequences which may mean having to shut down, and their offices in China. Not very long after such a decision, the consequences have already started affecting Statistics and Hits across the Web. Something like WordPress  has one million Chinese visitors to their various blogs disappear, accounting for about a quarter of all traffic, and incidentally my blog has not been let free as well. It too has taken a beating as Google was the main source of redirection via search to my Blog in Asia and elsewhere.

The Great Fall of the stats

Clearly, the graph speaks for its own and needs no explanation. In the past two days visitors to my blog have considerably decreased and China’s traffic is not something one can ignore. With both parties striving to emerge winners in this battle of profits to each of them, People and Internet are at loss.

Dear Google, please give my guests back. Thank you.


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