Double check your Infibeam shipment

Here’s one website that’s on its way to become India’s Amazon. Though e-commerce isn’t foreign to Indians with sites like e-bay, Flipkart, Rediff Shopping and Indiatimes Shopping already established, there was immense gap that needed to be bridged with respect to quality of service. The only motive in this market is to gain the trust of the customer and to make sure that when he opens the shipment, there is only one thing on his face, a smile 🙂

I was mighty impressed with its quality of service until Infibeam undid everything with this deal of mine.

I was in search of good earphones to listen music at my workplace. Being a Philips fan, I finalized on Philips SHE1360 on Infibeam. I was not looking for an expensive one because it was meant to be carelessly handled in some corner of my bag. Discounted price tag on Infibeam was INR316. Fair enough deal. Ordered it right away.

Infibeam Receipt

As always Infibeam shipped my order within a week. I was as excited as anybody until I opened the multi-layered packaging. To my surprise, the M.R.P (inclusive of all taxes) printed on the product was INR150. Now, that is a 110% increase. Which means Infibeam sells products 110% in excess of M.R.P.


I felt cheated. I called up Infibeam customer care seeking explanation. And the response shocked me –

It’s not profitable for us to sell products of this price range at M.R.P. Hence, we bloat up the price and then pretend to offer a discount. We apologize and offer you credit for the excess amount charged.

And within two days, I received a pre-paid credit from Infibeam for INR166 which I could use for future purchases.

Infibeam Credit
Pre-paid credit

 So, here are few questions.

  1. Are online re-sellers authorized to charge over and above the M.R.P? If it is a shipping charge should it not be mentioned so?
  2. What if I had not observed the M.R.P on the product?
  3.  Why can’t infibeam refund the amount to my credit card rather than giving me a pre-paid credit?
  4. What other action can I possibly take against Infibeam for cheating?
  5. Are we really heading towards corruption free India?
Let me know.

9 thoughts on “Double check your Infibeam shipment

  1. I had ordered a 140 rupee iPOD touch casing and a 105 rupee earphone(for which i had availed a 100 rupee discount coupon, effectively 5 rupees) on eBay and they dint charge me anything more than MRP. Will need to see ‘Terms and Conditions’, which usually runs for pages which we wouldn’t have read for one whole semester also.

  2. Actually MRP is the maximum price that a retailer can sell the product to you. If you are really serious, you can go for legal action.
    I believe is a newer and better shopping site. The response is also good from customers. Almost every product has a comment of customers liking their service and quality.

      1. I am not sure consumer court in India cover these online shops too.

        But there could be some means to have a check on such things.Such things will just pull down the company , strange a startup who is trying to establish itself is doing such things 😦

  3. I was to buy the same headphones today at Rs. 99 (they have changed the price now) and it was my first time on infibeam, on the product page it said “FREE SHIPPING TO INDIA” but when i was on the last step for making an order it added Rs. 30 as shipment charges! Now i don’t think i will use this site ever. Simply hated it!

  4. I am surprised, online sites sell at MRP and infact they offer a discount to the MRP. On I notice that a discount is given but shipping charges sometimes take it above MRP. My experience with Infibeam has been good. But I have not bought anything from them recently.

    My suggestions are never buy an item from any site unless you check the price with another site or best still at a local shop.

    Utilising that credit is going to be a problem. They should have credited it back to your credit card. Since the amount is small I suggest you leave it alone. The cost and effort of taking action against them is not at all worth it.

  5. The Problem with Infibeam is that they a limited inventory from which Customers have to search whatever they want and then order it. But this process has a lot of limitations like it doesn’t allow Customers to get whatever they want because the inventory is limited and can’t fulfill everybody’s needs. Also the Customer also doesn’t get the Best price as it is fixed and based on the availability of the product.

    I found is quite interesting website which has No inventory on the Website, and everything is based on the interests of the Consumer. System Notifies the Consumer requests to all the Sellers Whoever is selling that particular Product or service along with the Consumer Budget. Sellers make offers and the Consumer get everything real time and that to at cheapest price.

    I had a great experience with Mydeals247 I bought a Cell phone which I got a quite cheap price.
    I would recommend you to try it once.

  6. I ordered a Logitech 5.1 Surround sound speaker on 5th June 2014,
    Suborder id : 22319417 ;
    After waiting for nearly 1month,
    I cancelled the order for not getting the same on time,
    and asked for a refund.
    I regularly kept on following with their customer service team regarding this,
    They told me,once the product reaches back to their warehouse by the courier partner,
    they shall refund back my amount.

    It was day before yesterday,when finally the courier partner “Aarya Logistics” returned back the product to their warehouse,
    updating the same on their tracking website too.

    After this long hassle of frustration,
    Tonight I received a message from Infibeam :
    ” Hi,as per our delivery partner Aarya Logistics, your shipment with tracking no. 11991121 against INFIBEAM order 22319417 is DELIVERED.”
    giving me a link to this page:

    Which clearly is not true.
    Since the courier partner’s website too shows,
    The item has reached back to their warehouse!
    And they have received back the product from the courier company on 1st July itself!

    Link to Aarya Logistics :

    Tracking No. 11991121

    Their cheating gets caught,
    The ones wanting to file a Case against infibeam,
    do use the above details as an evidence to the Infibeam Fraud!

  7. Micro SD card was delivered through fraud in dec-2014, now(01-02-2015) it does not work, i called them, replied me that they only take 72 hrs from the time of product delivered and they distract me to call manufacture company, even i called the manufacture company none is answer me properly. My question is why should i call manufa. company instead of I was push to call them forcibly by infibeam. Please don’t buy product using This is abs fraud,fraud,fraud,fraud,fraud,fraud,fraud,fraud.

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