Chaos as announcement inside Namma Metro was in Tamil

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Bangalore. Chaos on the opening day of the much awaited Bangalore’s Namma Metro as passenger announcement inside the coaches was made in Tamil. Most Bangaloreans who were eager to check out the Metro Rail on the first day were surprised to hear Tamil announcements. Ramesh, a Kannadiga by birth said “I was so confused that for a moment I thought I had boarded a Chennai Local Train”.

Recent survey has confirmed that only 33% of the total Bangalore population are Kannadigas. According to 2011 census, Bangalore’s population has ballooned in the past decade mainly due to the IT flourish. Majority of the migrants in the city are from Tamil Nadu. A clear indication as to why Chennai’s population is less than half of Bangalore’s.

“There is a huge raise in the number of Tamilians who have settled in the city and Kannadigas are almost an extinct species. If we have to win the next state elections, we have to support and encourage Tamil in Bangalore. Announcements in Tamil was a strategic move and was not a mistake. The 6.2 km stretch from Byappanahalli to MG Road is Tamil dominated. If Tamil helps a major chunk of the Metro travelers in this route, then why not?” asked Transport Minister R. Ashok to Faking News.

Chief Minister Sadananda Gowda also reacted by stating that talks were on to make Tamil as the official language of Karnataka and soon a bill will be passed in the next session.

Critics told Faking News that Jayalalitha’s visit to Bangalore on the day of the launch of Namma Metro was a wrongly publicized in the media. She was not supposed to answer questions at the court. Infact she had come down to Bangalore to record the next set of announcements for Phase 2 of the metro. “I am very happy that my fellow Tamilians in Bangalore will hear to my voice daily”, said Jayalalitha.

Primary and Secondary Education Minister Visveswara Hegde Kageri told Faking News that steps will soon be initiated to introduce and mandate Tamil as the first language in all Government schools across Karnataka. “If today’s kids learn and understand Tamil, their future will be bright in Bangalore”, said the minister.

TCS, which has 10 offices in Bangalore has recently included Tamil in the language skill set for freshers in addition to C, C++ and Java. “4 out of 5 TCS employees are Tamilians. We are planning to rename our company to Tamil Consultancy Services”, said a senior HR Manager.

Vatal Nagaraj staged a protest on MG Road today demanding announcements to be made in Kannada. He also threatened to ride donkeys on the metro rails if the move is not withdrawn.



343 thoughts on “Chaos as announcement inside Namma Metro was in Tamil

  1. ha ha ha…. gud sense of humour.It shall even becum a reality going by the number of kannadigas declining with each passing day in B’lore. BTW, i now found in census 2011 that hindi speakers outnumber others in migrants?! aren’t they now the single largest group in B’lore, followed then by tamil,telugu and malayalis?!

  2. bull shit news kannadigas are in majority oly in bangalore and in karnataka

    i say tamil is minority language in tamil nadu…telugu people ll dominate in tamil nadu…soon telugu ll be d official language of tamil nadu 🙂

    1. soon telengana will be born and rayalaseema will have huge tamil minority population and trivially tamil will be made an official language of southern rayalaseema.

      1. During the 77th All India Kannada Sahitya Sammelana,it was claimed that Kannadigas made up only 30 per cent of Bengalurus population.However,one survey seems to suggest otherwise.As per the Indian Readership Survey (2010 Q1) done among the top five daily newspapers sold in Bengaluru,four of them are Kannada newspapers and these four newspapers account for nearly 30 lakh readers.If one includes the other Kannada dailies it would mean that close to 40 lakh Kannada dailies are sold every day in the city.With Bengalurus population around 65 lakh,these newspaper figures suggests that at least 65 per cent of Bengalurus population are Kannadigas,making them a majority.Its true there are people from other states also in the city.But that number is overestimated by emotional outbursts rather than proper analysis.Its time to put to rest the notion that Kannadigas are a minority in Bengaluru.

      2. Dream on Thiyagarajan, but the fact is that in coming years you will face the same music in India, what your coolie & toilet cleaner brothers in Srilanka faced…Jai Rajapakshe, the lion who showed the tamil pigs their place.

        1. Plz non sense…wtf u r talking abt tamilians ah u dnt have sense first try to make ur movie hit in ur city…..u r in Hindi dominated Bangalore….k u dnt have right to talk abt tamillian

          1. We have made our movies hit in Bollywood. Check out how many of Bollywood stars are Kannadigas and how many of directors and producers. Ha ha ha Be it Kannada or be it Hindi, it is our language because we win either ways. 😉 Understand Tamil ke bacche?

    2. Sorry, but Telugus residing TN *(except for Chennai) are adopting Tamil. And, Tamils unofficially form about 31% of Bangalore’s Population.

      1. You and 31% of Bangalore ha ha ha ha ha can’t stop laughing. But…….Yes, the slums! that can fall apart any minute and be forced to get back to your african-tamil home land anytime 😛

      2. Hey nin amman Konga soole magane…Tamils form a majority in slums like Okulipura & Ghettos like Cantonement dats it. Btw it was Britishers who brought these assholes form TN 200 years to work as coolies & toilet cleaners, as they couldn’t recruit local Kannadigas. Btw apart from these due to IT boom many tamilians came here recently with begging bowls. At the max tamilians make 10-12% of Bengaluru dats it. Btw i don’t why u tamilians come to our state ?? Bastards you people make life hell of those who come to your TN & oppose them , but you shamelessly migrate to other states. A time will come soon when you will be retaught the lesson of Kaveri 1992…

        1. 😛 iiiyooo ppppaaaa….chee pe. v dn’t wnt anee hlp frm anee oder states..v can manage our stats itself..v havng brain, v havng knwldg..jst shhut up bullll zzittt!! 😛

            1. Hahaha Tamil bastard is forgetting his culture and name too…… He is now wishing have Kannadiga names like “Veera”. What a shame for tamils! Pathetic, you will even have to forget ur tamil names to impress us

    1. Man…. we kannadigas hav already lost b’lore to hindi…..Our climate and openness of kannadigas to adapt to migrants has now made B’lore the unofficial capital of North India….. all properties are occupied by jains from Rajasthan… they r doing business here chasing traditional smaller businesses run by kannadigas. We r now reduced to “kiranaa” stores.LOOK at how they hav polluted our culture…our cinema..even FM stations play hindi songs boycotting our “kasturi” kannada….. We r reduced to 2nd class citizens in B’;lore.Only politics for for north indians,,,, Proudly say we r cosmopolitan and liberal!

      1. Mr. Gowda, please understand, North Indians are not our enemies. They are not snatching anything from us. The only enemies can be the stupid Tamils, Dirty slum dwellers. They are neither good for country nor for Karnataka, but come sit here grabbing all the money, food, water and jobs. And worst thing is they fake their Ids when asked who you are, they say they are Kannadigas, but just enter their homes, you can always their dirty Sun TV playing and these buggers barking in slum language.

        North Indians at least lay their lives in the border fights for the country. We Kannadigas also do that. The truth is Northerners are our true brothers and sisters.

        Please read the comments made at the end of this page to know the truth.

        1. dear friend dont be so angry angry against tamils,first we are all dravidians by race being a tamilian,i love kannada and kannada people,i have many kannada friends we love each other,i understand there a large tamils in bangalore hence becomes a big competition for kannada people,but the fact even tamil nadu has kannada speaking people,we respect all people malayale,kannadiga,telegu,or the hindi people,you say hindi people fight for us in the border,we are doing nothing,my friend IF IT IS THE SECOND ECONOMY OF OUR COUNTRY THEN IT IS ONLY BECAUSE OF TAMILS ALL AROUND THE WORLD,we rock from USA to UK and MALAYASIA TO MYSORE,CANADA TO FRANCE,MAURITIUS TO SAINGAPORE,SOUTH AFRICA TO BURMA,SRI LANKA TO INDONESIA,THAILAND TO DENMARK,NORWAY TO cant say a no to this if you have world knowledge,this statement is not to make a big of us,the singapore,srilanka,mauritius and malaysia has tamil as national and official language and you dravidian hating it,surprises me,my friend for your information there a town in TN where every man works in military,come man we are indian tamils and we proud of it,we like to live a simple and humble life,if i have hurted you i am sorry,my motive is to make you feel that we are one and belong to the dravidian race.

          1. Shut up arshole! Who wants to be one with so called dravida or whatever which is fake thing for us, the real Indians. First of all the word “Dravida” was given to oldest Indians which you buggers started snatching and calling yourselves as Dravidians. So, when u become tat, we are no more that. It is as simple as tat. Don’t call us weird names u crap eaters. You are not simple and humble, it is just that, there is no beauty to dress up ha ha ha!
            By the way, Mauritius, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Thailand are all countries that must have just picked ur dirty Tamil, but the race has no tamils there except as slaves. Your language spread not for economy, industrial purpose, but jst because demons like Ravan had flown to those areas in search of wealth and women. That makes you next to nil of any contribution to the world economy lol. By the way, don’t utter the name “Mysore” from your mouth. It is belongs to Royal Kannadigas since times unknown and tamil slaves were brought just 200 yrs back. Only tiny ethic groups such as Iyer or Iyengar types had come in a little early like 10 centuries back to sell home-made, baked stuff to us to make their lives. Those buggers are bigger fakus, changing identies and trying to live like Kannadigas.

            Wake up to your truth Tamils!

            1. YOU FIRST SHUT UR MOUTH. DONT USE ABUSIVE WORDS OK. DONT TALK LIKE A THIRD RATED PERSON. FIRST ACCPET THE TRUTH THAT TAMIL IS THE OLDEST LANGUAGE IN THE WORLD EVEN UNESCO ALSO KNOWS THAT.Do u know how was Bangalore about 40-50 years back & how it is now? It is just becoz of our hards work and dedication. We are the hardworking people in other parts of india and the world also. And one more thaing What do Ravanan has to do with Tamilians man. First of all dont post irrelevant things like this. Just show me had any of ur kannadigas shined in IT & other SECOTRS AND HAD THEY ACHIEVED ANYTHING EVEN IN UR OWN STATE KARNATAKA.?NOTHING! YOU PEOPLE ARE FOND RAGGI BALLS, FIT FOR EATING THAT AND SLEEPING.just simply screming against tamil people and other language people thats all. THATS THE DIFFERENCE BTWN YOU AND US. SO NEXT TIME DONT COMPARE YOU PPL WiTH US. OK…!

              1. BLOODY SON OF A TAMIL BITCH, Listen UP you fool! UNESCO has just recorded what this bloody missionary Racald has told. He had promised you slaves that he will make Tamil the oldest and richest in his words as you tamils gave max number for conversion, otherwise there is no proof that tamil is oldest. In fact it is not even an Indian language, it is more of the African root like yourselves. You buggers were poor, ugly and cheap for Brits in India that could replace Afro slaves. They didn’t love you or anything. First you should know that. 😀

                Next, what Ravanan got to do with Tamils? Well, he was your true master and a Tamilian himself. Haven’t you known that he was a Tamil like you? Oh sorry if you are the black one, Ravan was a tamil like your Iyer or Iyengaris who kept his other demon slaves (black tamils) under him for assistance. What more you wan to know. Oh yes, you all have reduced in size in Kaliyug. SAD!

                COMING TO BANGALORE, you bastards were only slaves here brought in by Brits to work in lorries and trains for building work. Apart from that your people rarely might have raised to at the most become managers in some tiny firms and not in Big ones. You will never find a tamil bastard who is a CEO in IT man. Go check how many are Kannadigas and only Kannadigas. IT is meant for Kannadigas. Who the Infosys Chief? you tamil dumb head? who is the partner in Mphasis? Apart from IT, who is the Biocon tycoon? Who is Keni? All are Royal Kannadigas ha ha. Where is you Kongu show it to me….meaw meaw

                By the way are you bloody hallucinating that IDLY-DOSA, came from Tamilnadu? bloody fool IDLY-DOSA are Kannadiga specialities, so are all the “Baths” common to MH and Raagi, yes most nutritious known only to Kannadigas and Americans. What does a tamil make? A Pongal good for pigs, a waterly sambar good for Sapad Ramans HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA…………. Can’t stop laughing

                1. Lol a black Gowda calling Tamils black. Have you been around your state? Every kannadiga other than the Brahmins are black Kannadigas callign Tamils blacks in like Nigerians calling SOuth Africans blacck

                  1. you r mistaken 90% of kannadiga people are whitish and you must know that western parts of india are whitish people and eastern parts of india are blackish it is because nature not anything else why we should fight each other like fools stop this nonsenses who ever it may be

                    1. Cool! It is actually maybe 60% of what you are saying, rest range from fair to fairest. Look at whole of South & North Canara and parts of Shivmogga, Coorg, North Karnataka, Bangalore and Mysore (carefully considering only pure Kannadigas). Yes there are darker complexioned too, but have beautiful face features of Indians unlike the underdeveloped skulls of the Tamilians and many Andhra-Telanganas.

                  1. Le Gouda hucch sule magane. Nin tunni colour nodu. See colour of your ass. Than continue to talk. Randi magane.

                2. I hope u r suffering from mental retardation..anywys….for your kind information..v too don’t want to b identified or categorised under the same ethnic/linguistic/geographical group u kannadigas belong to…bcz u r those inhumans who killed our ppl in 1991…Nd also v r superior to u idiots and spoilt brats in every aspect…tamilnadu is d place of 3 noble laurettes and Tamils gave 2 Oscars to India…v gave ramanujam,sundar Pichai,indira nooye, to the world..shiv Nadar,tvs motors,ashok Leyland, and the Bible to clear the UPSC that is The Hindu…is from the land of Tamils….and our achievements are endless…but u kannadigas are jealous of our growth in Bangalore…and everywhere…dats y spreading hatred about us in cyberspace..anywys u continue doing this useless work..bcz u fit for only dat…and v ll produce more eminent personalities lyk the missile man of India..I hope u must b searching the names I mentioned bcz ur knowledge level must b low..Nd I feel it is a shame for Tamils to b identified as Dravidian s/south Indian untill u too exist under the same group…bcz u r d killers of ur own Indian ppl by disrespecting the judgement of supreme court of India….u r a shame on india..even I can use a foul language lyk u…but ll nvr do dat…bcz dat s wat my land taught to me..Nd ur words shows ur upbringing Nd u r shame on humanity

              2. you leathagic people dont have guts to come up in life and create history…
                You people often get jealous on us. you may call us Slaves, but watever we did we did.., but you people not even tried, not even think of comparing us…

            2. jst shutt up!!!…i cn’t undrstnd y thes lik dicks r all stays in dat much foolish!!..
              dis is so f***. 1st uu pepl shud study histry nd all othr thngs cler’ly..pppppaaaaa!!

          2. I live in Canada, and Tamils srilankan refugess are hated, Maylsia there is buhmiputra act and they are sending tamil cooloie slaves taken by British back,
            LTTTE use to take boats and leave tamil refugees everywhere so that they can collect hafta,,, and fight in Srilanks,, but raja pakshae,, the hero orf lankans ,, taough a lesson of life..
            Tamils can be 99% in bangaluru,, but 1 % kannadigas are enough to drive you guys

        2. Well said sir….Kongas who come to Karnataka deserve to be gas chambered like hitler did to jews. Btw Jews were a great race & not cockroaches like tamilians.

  3. According to the census report 2011 India, approximately 8425972 people reside in Bangalore which makes the city third most populous city in India and the 28th most populous city in the world. The people of Bangaluru are known as Bangalorean. Normally, they use Kannada dialect as their prime spoken and official language. However, most of Bangaloreans are also frequent to speak English and Hindi.

    1. Yes, what we can call our’s apart from Kannada is, English and Hindi as the international and national language. And yes of course the minor languages of Karnataka

        1. Don’t worry, but at least, it is not a rogue language like Tamil. Hindi is most beautiful and widely spoken by all Indians. Proud that most Kannadigas can speak or at least understand this lang as the truth is, it is related by blood.

          Tamils are Afros faking to be Indians

            1. Why are you gaandus worried about Kannada when we Kannadigas are not. For your kind info, we always wish to move towards our nation not down towards our commod tamilnadu :P. Shit tamil style (slight influence) on Kannada in B’lore could be the reason why Kannadigas aren’t speaking it much. It should get cleaned you see 😀

              Look at the other larger part f Karnataka, people are too proud of Kannada and just lives it. By the way, they too know Hindi and English very well, but gives a damn shit to tamils ha ha ha


            1. Hey u mothafokka…its a joke that tamil is mother of all south indian languages, do some research & use your shithead Konga. Kannada & Tamil originated from a common pre-sangam era language. So both are common in some aspects, but are entirely different phonetically…

              1. Hey Kinga, you have mistaken. Indeed there was no common pre-sangam or bangam from which these two originated. Kannada is entirely Sanskrit language of Sanskrit people while Tamil is African language. Not a joke! And these two langs not only differ in phonetics, but in every aspect you can point out to. Kannada is as complete as Sanskrit but not older than it, it is rather born out of Sanskrit and became very independent. That also goes to prove, even by blood, we are much Indian while Tamils are more Afro-Nigerian types. Check out

          2. ohoo hindi s bst lang..who s speakng hindi, thy r also bst rit??…see in 2013 survey d states is develpd who does n’t speakng s d 3rd develpd state in india by rahuram jst u hv 2 cls ur asshollee nd go..:-P ..Don’t talkk ovrrlyy.:-P

            1. Learn English first to comment about other languages like Hindi. You seem like a bastard from Africa-Tamila

  4. Actually, Chennai’s population is larger than that of Bangalore (not less than half of Bangalore’s). This is because the agglomeration of Chennai is split between different municipalities- Chennai, Ambattur, Tambaram, Ennore, Pallavaram and so on. Bangalore, on the other hand, is united under a single corporation. Comparing agglomerations, Chennai is larger than Bangalore in terms of population.

  5. Bangalore cannot afford to lose the kannadigas, can’t become another city like mumbai.I think it’s time for a revolution against tamils and telugu people. They are mostly a bad number! Most of the tamils and telugus in bangalore are present in slums, who are unfit for any good. It is important to get rid of the slums where they are concentrated more.

      1. recent survey states majority IT & industrial people are from tamilnadu & andhra , with out TN u(KA) will not get electricity and without AP u wont get Rice , we may be in slum but we leed………………..

    1. correct man just empty the poor and humble people and make a way for the rich guys,you want bangalore to be rich and not its people,wow!!what a thought please guys stop such comment think twice before you comment,and regarding your statement,go and watch for rich men and women in bangalore ,they are the tamils,we rock brother we are dravidians(kannadiga,malayale,telegu,tulu,kodava,baduga,toda and tamils) we rock each corner of the world proud to be south indian

      1. Shut up Ambed, u stupid skin head, dead head! No Konga tamils buggers are the richest here, if at all they are, they have stolen, robbed rich Kannadigas and murdered people to become rich. Whenever there are robberies or theft or any crime for money, check out the news, it is either from Tamilnadu or Andhra Pradesh. You buggers are making life out of eating our crap. You guys don’t rock, you suck! Don’t compare yourselves with Kannadigas(tulu, kodava). We are different race from you tamil africans!

        1. jst cls ur asshole!!!…dn’t talk anythng simply nd madly..wat dt u said, tamil africans??..wat dt u knw abt tamil pepl..i can gladly say tamilans r bst in d wrld(v hvng sharp IQ powr and mst of workng pepls in NASA is tamilan 1.).. dnt tlk anythng witout knwng anythng. u knws 1ly 1, dats abt u 1ly..

          1. What Tamils are bastards? supplied in NASA also? :O. What a news pa. I knew our tamil girls were supplied everywhar in Malasia, singapur and maurisius, but our tamil peoples supplied in NASA also, I am hearing only 1st time pa. Ayyo I can’t take it onlye paavi


    2. Bharath, why do you drag Telugus into this controversy. Many Telugus ARE native to Karnataka and Bangalore. Go to the villages just outside Bangalore, most of the native villagers are Telugu speakers. They respect Kannada more than Kannadigas (at least in Bangalore). Even migrant Telugus from Andhra learn the language quickly. From my personal experience, while Telugus converse with anyone (except among themselves) in Kannada, some Kannadigas (mostly those in IT industry) prefer to speak English (in fake accent) among themselves and not Kannada. If you need to start a revolution, start it only against Tamilians, who despite being in Bangalore for 200-300 years, refused to learn Kannada, even basic working, conversational Kannada. You can also revolt against Kannadigas who don’t speak Kannada, but please leave Telugus out of this.

      Note- I’m a Telugu Brahmin, native to Dodballapur near Bangalore and I’m proud of Karnataka and Kannada culture. I hate those Tamilians too.

      1. Seetharam, you are maybe actually Kannadiga where Telugu must have been just adopted long back due to border influence. But Tamils are not alike that. That is a different afro cult itself which doesn’t belong anywhere and mostly liers. They lie that they are Kannadigas with a big obvious Tamil faces 😛

        1. I have seen more of kannada people looking very dark and black compared to people in Tamilnadu.
          Kannadiga and veerakannadiga guys…remember your kannada people also belong to Dravidian race…just like tamilians, telugu and mallus.

          Like every other Dravidian, you also have mixture of fair skinned, brownish or dark complexion people. Dont think that all of you are light skinned! ha ha ha

          I am a Tamil Brahmin and hence I am very fair skinned! ha ha ha…you bloody loser!!

          1. Hey Konga Mahesh, in Karnataka or elsewhere in North India people with dark skin still have a well developed face features with proper jaw lines even if sometimes not so pretty (from here is where the lovely phrase “Tall, dark and handsome” comes into being. The rest are light, lighter, lightest. But look at your tamil people, sadly you are still under evolution………. see the tamil jaws, lips, eyes, hair, nothing is formed properly yet or rather so primitive……………. Stonage homo sapien sapiens ha ha ha

            By the way, we don’t care for mere creatures like you if Konga bramin or konga konga. If you have gained lighter skin in a community like yours, it maybe just a defect or a deficiency of some sort. There are many Black Americans also who had turned white sometime in life “it was indeed a disease commonly found in African genes”. So you still are a loser, a super loser, and will be loser for life ha ha ha he he he ho ho ho ho ho…….. 😀

  6. “I am not an Athenian or a Greek, but a citizen of the world.”
    Socrates quotes (Ancient Greek Philosopher, 470 BC-399 BC).

    1500 Years have passed since,Yet the world is still immature we can’t say “I am not a bangalorean or a Geek, but a citizen of the world. I am not limited by my parents faith or what i speak, but am a human on this earth”. Shame on us. Shame on vasudhaiva kutumbakam, shame to global village, shame to modern India, Shame to United Nations. Shame to humanity. Why China is so much ahead of us. why mughals or British could rule over us, still we do not realise the power of unity in diversity. United we stand divided we fall. Vande Mataram,

    1. Your words are beautiful and can be applied to all the Indians regardless of their caste, creed, religion, race, but not for Pakis and Tamils. If you let them in, they will make vasudhaiva gulumgulum

  7. No way….half of the tamil and telugu population are karnataka people …they r very fluent in kannada and they even use kannada in home (i.e iyangars,mudaliars) and they also resembles them as Kannadiga only (those who r born in KA)but the problem is of recent migrants…they dont have common sense to give a respect for a life giving karnataka state

    1. I don’t think you are a veera Kannadiga speaking. You must be a stupid mudaliars shit. No Tamil shit can ever be of Karnataka. The Kannadigas are the majority anyways in B’lore and everywhere in Karnataka. Only sometimes they are in disguise because of our own Kannadiga languages such as Tulu, Konkani and Coorgi.

      1. you seem to xnophobic hatred for tamils, if you have the sense go read about the history of kannada devanga history, how those people found refuge in TN when they were persecuted in old mysore kingdom.
        The very kannadiga – english deccan herald paper carried a report indicating that largest concentration of kannadigas outside karnataka is in Tamil nadu.

        Xenophobism – is amnetal disorder- hope you take some medication and get well soon

        1. Don’t worry about our medication Mr. Just ’cause somebody takes refuge for a while somewhere, they don’t become the natives. So, if at all there are Kannadigas in ur Konguland, they will be looking forward to fly back here anyday, but u kongus never get lost even if kicked. Just because someone stays in a place, they don’t own it or become one wit it. It applies to both the communities. i.e. Our ppl don’t want ur land even if u want to giv it free of cost and your shit ppl are staying here shamelessly for two centuries. They don’t get lost after the job is over……..Horrible creatures!

        2. Highest concentration of Kannadigas outside Karnataka is first in Maharashtra and outside India in the U.S. Check properly before you communicate

  8. Actually … KANNADA-41% tamil -31 telugu -13 malayalam-5 others -10…this is the current population of namma bengaluru(KARNATAKA) …

  9. HI I`m a tamil from South tamilnadu, and I love kannada people very much. They are very much like us in every-way of life. Kannada and tamil are brothers forever.

    1. No you are wrong, Tamils and Kannadigas never resemble in any sense. The truth is Kannadigas have come into being because of the originals in the state mixed with the North Indians who are our true brothers. Tamils came from Africa

      1. Seriously. this is the most ignorant comment that I’ve read in a while. Tamils and Kannadigas DO resemble each other in every aspect of their culture and language, and in fact, Kannada is the third closest language to Tamil (next to Malayalam). in terms of linguistics and genetics. There were no Kannada ‘originals’ except for Proto-Dravidians who were also the ancestors of Tamils, Malayalees, Tuluivas and Telugus. And, you call North Indians true brothers ? Kannada does have more Sanskrit influence than Tamil, but that’s because North Indians took your women and imposed their culture on you from the top.

        1. Where to where are you connecting. First of all you should know one thing that there is nothing called Aryan to talk of Dravidians. If at all there are Dravidians, you yourself has explained that there were no Kannada originals, but Tamils existed down south. That proves only Tamils and and the other two state people are called Dravidians. The aborigines of Karnataka are none other than the most advanced Tuluvas and also people from part of Mysore and Coorg who were already dwelling in Karnad. But then again, the original Kannadigas always somewhere has the blood line from the Banaras, Kashi, and Kashmir. Don’t compare us the Kannadigas to Kongas. And talking about the languages,

          1. Kannada is not the third closest to Tamil, it is the third oldest language which is majorly from Sanskrit. You said, Kannada has more Sanskrit than Tamil, For your kind information, Tamil has no connections to Sanskrit at all. Do you know that Tamil is the only independant language in India and rest all belong to Sanskrit equally well, be it northern or southern. In the beginning I agree, Kannada borrowed a very few words from Tamil and quite a few sounds, but soon it made it’s own and kept adding to it’s Mother Sanskrit.

          2. Second most important point is, you should know properly the Purans, history and the geographical history of the place before connecting. You are talking of linguistics and genetics of Tamils and Kannadigas matching? Well, over some 10000 years back, there was this continental drift that was happening when lands would cut off from mainland & would drift towards the other parts. In one such situation, a huge chunk of land cut off from Africa and started drifting and came and joined the southern part. This part is none other than whole of Tamilnadu, 3/4 of Andhra Pradesh and half of Kerala. So along with it, came some people also drifting whose children you are. While so called Kannadigas, Maharashtrians and Goans were already the fairer belt and of the original mainland India who already were living here, but maybe they had a different language then. And so were the existing people like that of Northerners of today. You may also argue that North Indians came from the Central Asia, but the truth is Central Asia in those days was nothing but, Akhanda Bharata

              1. Ha ha get you facts right stupid Kolumbu! Telugu is 1000 years younger than Kannada while Kannada is independent of Tamil except few exchanged words and style because of geographical distance alone. Kongus also robbed numerous Kannada words to add to tamil and Telugu copy pasted even the Kannada Script.

              2. You bastard Mahesh….you are a pathetic scumbag…& for wtf u laughing, kongas screwed ur mom or what??…Acquire knowledge & then comment….
                Telugu is lot younger than Kannada….

      2. Ha Ha HA ,,, tamils came from africa??? what a joke !!!!!!!
        check the history dude !!!! tamil & tamilians exist in india before 2000 years of BC(before christ) but kanada is only 700 to 800 year old language,,, we are here long back ,,, kanada is newly formed by mixing of other languages like hindi, sanskrit and tamil etc….

        1. Hey Konga raju, u tink ur tamil is only 2000 yrs old? That shows how much you know about our country. You demons came to India thousands of years back along with your land drifting from Africa. Let alone ur B.C, it was even before that Mahabharata i.e during Ramayan. If not this, then who was Ravana? He was ur own man that spoke Tamil just like ur LTTEs and begged for lands everywhere. On the other hand Kannada is equally older language that was created with the help of Sanskrit, further a mix of Magadhi & other langs and belongs to Bharatha since times immemorial. 700 to 800 years tat u r talking could be tat of lil bit of dirty tamil influence to Kannada when it just began, but even today after 100s of yrs, dirty tamil couldn’t enter Kannada strongly like our Indian languages did and nor could the tamils get mixed with us ha ha. Great thing is, Kannada today is being influenced more & more by its related languages and tamil influence dying out 😉

          1. ALL Kannada Kandis…what you mean by namma in sanskrit ?? its actually orginated from nam in tamil….
            baeda orginated from vendam in tamil….
            eno is from enna…
            manai ?? do you think it is sanskrit ???ha ha ha LOL
            nodu from nokku in tamil..
            odi adi from tamil…
            neeru from neer….
            sikkathu from sinnathu…

            we have few sanskrit words in use in our place but there is no word in tamil orignated from sanskrit…Understand the difference….

            I Agree Still sanskrit words also there in Kannada But kannada is null sanskrit and tamil…that is true..Sanskrit may be the mother of Kannada but Tamil is the father….The one who doesnt know who is his father is kannadiga…

            No point in getting frustrated kandis…there are illiterated tamil people in bangalore slums…but it doesnt mean that all tamils are slums…go and see that fact of literacy rate in tamil nadu vs karnataka…you people still need to grow your literacy rate to reach tamils…Got it ??? slummy

            Yes we are black people since we did not mingle with aryans and English much as your forefathers(and mothers) did :-p…

            Still there are many afro dark kannadigas in karnataka who is way too dark as tamils…how you willl explain their origin ?? from africa ?? You people feeling proud on orginated from aryans and sanskrit…But they see you as a one more chuthiya madarasi…Atleast we came to know the fact that aryans are against us and we started opposing them but you people even dont know that and going behind them….ha ha ha poor…

            1. Why can’t every Indian individually analyze their own history without referring to Maxmuler and Caldwell. Before entering into Aryan and Dravidian controversy you people first go through jatland Nobody in India wants to identify themselves with Aryanism. If you go through all individual community web sites(including Nadar Kongu Vellala Devendrakula Vellala) you will come to the conclusion that everybody wants to identify with Five clans Solar Lunar/Agni/Naga/Brahma but are not prepared to accept Brahmins who are alone brandished as Aryans. Thus Mains Buddhists are not Aryans but Brahmins alone came as Maruaders destroyed their language and converted as them Prakritic/Artha Magadhi/Pali/Suraseni. Well. This is the conclusion I have arrived at after researching for forty eight years from my Fifth standard onwards when I was branded as Aryan. Thus 3% of the total population coming with chariots supplied by Egyptions/Babylonians/Sumerians/Accadians /medians/not to speak of Semitic tribes I.e., the whole middle east supplied since how can the Bar various Aryans without culture know the art of chariot making and iron swords! Ha Ha Ha Ha! It is like saying Talibans were the masters of F16, Various missiles. Probably the stupid Indians will believe anything when told by White skinned and Bearded people like Maxmuler Caldwell and lastly EVR! For our Kannadiga friend when you talk about Ramayana you should be proficient. Ravana was a Brahmin and he never spoke Tamil. Please study Sundara Kandam. Lord Anjaneya thought for a while to talk to Sits since if he talks in Devabasha the Rakshas will understand and hence he began to narrate in Manushyam Samskritam. Mind that the entire anti Brahminism/Hinduism is spearheaded by Non Tamils Boppili/Panakal Raja/Dr.Nair. Forty percent of Tamilians are of Kannada/Telugu origin. The Kannada Devanga/Telugu Reddiar as long as he resides in Tamilnadu he dons the robe of anti Brahminism/Hinduism. But when he crosses Gummidipoondi/Mullur/Nagari/Gudalur he becomes nationalist. You please study the inscriptions where Valangai/Idangai communities of Karnataka/Telugu origin revolted against the atrocious kootani of Brahmin/Vellala/Vanniar. Now you yourself can understand who are the original Tamil/duplicate Tamil. Last but not the least the Tuluva Vellalas in North Tamilnadu were brought by Karikala/Tondaiman from Thulu country. Just like people in Tamilnadu (irrespective of caste and religion)are intoxicated by doctrine of Dravidism non Tamils are intoxicated by anti Tamilism. Shed the bias. Truth will be very harsh if you analyze the history in totality without Individually. You please go through the contents of Tamil and Kannada inscriptions and you will amazingly find that the same person will be dual role Baba Muttaras of Karnataka will be Mavali vanavaraiyan in Tamil Gang a permanadi will be Gang a perariyan of Tamil. There are Uchangi Pandiyas of Karnataka Chola maharaja and Nolamba Pallava as Kannada feudotories the Iyavole Mahajanas are none other than Nanadesi thisai ayirattu Ainooruvar the pathinen bhoomiyar of both Karnataka and Tamilnadu the Irungovel of Sang am and Irungolas of Karnataka Gandaraditya proceding to Gokali which has been praised by Saint Manickavasagar as Gokazhi. Now how can you reject everything and falsely clinging to pseudo Tamil Kannadiga and Aryan Dravidian question. Let there be a real a wakening and tolerate one’s love for language and community but not resulting in hatred and fanatism.

              1. You bastard tamils! with what other brand of slippers should you be hit to get rid of you assholes. Stop your self-created demonic puranas and read the right ones and get enlightened. Ravana was a Tamil brahmin by all means like the (Iyers & Iyengaris) and of course spoke bastardic Tamil like you craps. Get of out of Bharata you buggers! Why do you dream to eat the shit of Kannadigas always. F*** from here you tamil demons!

                1. The problem again with Indians is that unnecessarily everyone gets identified with anything that impresses him most in childhood. History is for correction and not for unnecessary emotional identification. Our freedom movement leaders failed to educate people the distinction between knowing history and identifying with it. What is the use of identifying with Chalukya Rashtrakuta versus Chola Pallava. None of the kings are true Tamils or true Kannadiga. We rely on the inscriptions chiselled eight hundred years ago. Speaking in a language itself does not confer ethnicity. A person speaks a particular language only because mother has imported language or he learns any other language which the brain is able to comprehend. That is why we find that there has been lot of contribution by linguistic minorities to the language of land. Our country should not become another Srilanka due to false history people have unnecessarily been suffering from megalomania and fear psychosis. It is not in one’s desire that a person should born in particular area. Let us respect everybody and all languages and shed anterior historical prejudices. Even in Chalukya Chola wars it was limited to kings and there was brisk interaction through merchant guilds operating throughout India. Let conflict be among political ideologies and common men like us need not take sides.

  10. Where to where are you connecting. First of all you should know one thing that there is nothing called Aryan to talk of Dravidians. If at all there are Dravidians, you yourself has explained that there were no Kannada originals, but Tamils existed down south. That proves only Tamils and and the other two state people are called Dravidians. The aborigines of Karnataka are none other than the most advanced Tuluvas and also people from part of Mysore and Coorg who were already dwelling in Karnad. But then again, the original Kannadigas always somewhere has the blood line from the Banaras, Kashi, and Kashmir. Don’t compare us the Kannadigas to Kongas. And talking about the languages,

    1. Kannada is not the third closest to Tamil, it is the third oldest language which is majorly from Sanskrit. You said, Kannada has more Sanskrit than Tamil, For your kind information, Tamil has no connections to Sanskrit at all. Do you know that Tamil is the only independant language in India and rest all belong to Sanskrit equally well, be it northern or southern. In the beginning I agree, Kannada borrowed a very few words from Tamil and quite a few sounds, but soon it made it’s own and kept adding to it’s Mother Sanskrit.

    2. Second most important point is, you should know properly the Purans, history and the geographical history of the place before connecting. You are talking of linguistics and genetics of Tamils and Kannadigas matching? Well, over some 10000 years back, there was this continental drift that was happening when lands would cut off from mainland & would drift towards the other parts. In one such situation, a huge chunk of land cut off from Africa and started drifting and came and joined the southern part. This part is none other than whole of Tamilnadu, 3/4 of Andhra Pradesh and half of Kerala. So along with it, came some people also drifting whose children you are. While so called Kannadigas, Maharashtrians and Goans were already the fairer belt and of the original mainland India who already were living here, but maybe they had a different language then. And so were the existing people like that of Northerners of today. You may also argue that North Indians came from the Central Asia, but the truth is Central Asia in those days was nothing but, Akhanda Bharata

    So tell me, how are Tamils related to Kannadigas???

    Reply ↓

    1. I do not know if I can post links on this forum, but, go through these yourself and make a decision.

      Coming to your point 1, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Tulu, Gondi, Kui and several smaller languages are Dravidian. The Dravidian Language family is native to India and is not a part of the Indo-European language family of North India and Europe.

      Go through this link carefully.

      Your claim that Tamil is separate and that languages like Kannada are descendants of Sanskrit is a figment of your imagination. No truth there.Just because a language has foreign words and lexical borrowings, it cannot become a descendant of a foreign language.

      If your theory of language descent is true, then, English should be a descendant of Latin. But NO, English is a GERMANIC LANGUAGE that is related to Dutch, German, Swedish, Danish and Norwegian !!!!! It has Latin words, but that doesn’t make it a descendant of Latin ! Similarly, Tamil also has a lot of borrowings from Sanskrit, but, there are native Dravidian words that have the same meaning too. The same thing goes for Kannada as well !

      Coming to your point 2, the part that drifted away from Africa is not just TN and Andhra pradesh, but all of peninsular India till Madhya Pradesh ! And, this part includes Karnataka, Maharashtra and Goa as well. And yes, I will argue that North Indians came from Central Asia – that is the truth, and that cannot be hidden.

      But, you should realize that the Hindu culture that is prevalent today is primarily a mix of Dravidian and Indo-European cultures. There is an enormous amount of evidence to show that the Gods Shiva and Durga are Dravidian deities, and that other Gods like Indra, Varuna and Brahma are Indo-European deities. In fact, the practice of keeping ‘pottu’ on the forehead is a Dravidian practice !

      In essence, everything that you are saying is propaganda. NONE, and I mean NONE of what you are saying is scientifically validated.

        You and your stupid link should be kept with you. First of all a man, who came up with this theory is not and Indian and what does he know about India. It clearly shows it has been further developed by demonic Tamils. I don’t care about your Kongru, Telagu or Malyalam, but you better stop separating the tulu language from Kannadigas which belongs us and only our place. In Kannada, there maybe few words which sound like your Tamil that is because, there might have been few words borrowed here and there as you are residing just near and also keep walking into our state often shamelessly.
        Read below, are the extracts of from your own link that is pasted. Read and try and understand that yourself.

        Para 2. Of the Dravidian languages, Tamil has the greatest geographical extension and the richest and most ancient literature, which is paralleled in India only by that of Sanskrit. Its phonological and grammatical systems correspond in many points to the ancestral parent language, called Proto-Dravidian.

        Para 3. Nothing definite is known about the origin of the Dravidian family. There are vague indigenous traditions about an ancient migration from the south,

        Para 4. As an independent family, the Dravidian languages were first recognized in 1816 by Francis W. Ellis, a British civil servant. The actual term Dravidian was first employed by Robert A. Caldwell, who introduced the Sanskrit word dravida (which, in a 7th-century text, obviously meant Tamil) into his epoch-making A Comparative Grammar of the Dravidian or South Indian Family of Languages (1856).

        Para 6. Malayalam, which is closely related to Tamil, is spoken in the Indian state of Kerala by some 21,700,000 people. Possessing an independent written script, it also has a rich modern literature.

        1. READ THIS FIRST
          You and your stupid link should be kept with you. First of all a man, who came up with this theory is not and Indian and what does he know about India. It clearly shows it has been further developed by demonic Tamils. I don’t care about your Kongru, Telagu or Malyalam, but you better stop separating the tulu language from Kannadigas which belongs us and only our place. In Kannada, there maybe few words which sound like your Tamil that is because, there might have been few words borrowed here and there as you are residing just near and also keep walking into our state often shamelessly.

          Read below, are the extracts of from your own link that is pasted. Read and try and understand that yourself.

          Para 2. Of the Dravidian languages, Tamil has the greatest geographical extension and the richest and most ancient literature, which is paralleled in India only by that of Sanskrit. Its phonological and grammatical systems correspond in many points to the ancestral parent language, called Proto-Dravidian.

          Para 3. Nothing definite is known about the origin of the Dravidian family. There are vague indigenous traditions about an ancient migration from the south,

          Para 4. As an independent family, the Dravidian languages were first recognized in 1816 by Francis W. Ellis, a British civil servant. The actual term Dravidian was first employed by Robert A. Caldwell, who introduced the Sanskrit word dravida (which, in a 7th-century text, obviously meant Tamil) into his epoch-making A Comparative Grammar of the Dravidian or South Indian Family of Languages (1856).

          Para 6. Malayalam, which is closely related to Tamil, is spoken in the Indian state of Kerala by some 21,700,000 people. Possessing an independent written script, it also has a rich modern literature.

          1. I understand these things perfectly because I study them at college. What I do not understand is why you want me to read them again. Here’s are some excerpts from the Government of India’s Classical Kannada Website –

            1. Kannada is one of the major languages derived from the proto Dravidian. It is classified under the South Dravidian languages.

            2. Shankara Bhat D.N. has traced the evolution of the proto Kannada from the Proto Dravidian in his ‘Kannada Bhasheya kalpita Charitre’. (1995) He delineates the proto Dravidian elements that have stayed on in Kannada as also the elements that have undergone changes.

            3.Tamil and Kannada must have resembled one another to a great extent in early stages. However, the all pervasive influence of Sanskrit in later centuries masked these similarities for a long time.

            Here’s the link, for your reference –

            And, TULU IS VERY MUCH DIFFERENT FROM KANNADA.It is a separate branch of the South Dravidian Family that is very different from all of the other surrounding languages. Therefore, Tuluvas as not Kannadigas.

            .When facts go against your unproven theories, you should let go and start accepting what is true instead of calling people names.

            1. You Tamils shamelessly by hook or crook wanna mix up with us, but this will not lead you anywhere as there is no truth anywhere in what you are claiming. The second point, Para 3. from your own link clearly mentions that nothing definite is known about the origin of the so called “Dravidian family” and para 4. by Francis clearly mentions that “Dravida” was a word picked to call the Tamils and Tamils alone. Just ’cause you think you want to establish your own Kongaru dynasty again somewhere, doesn’t mean, you can fool all South Indians into supporting you. There is no way we resemble each other in the first place. Stop calling everybody a dravida just because you are cursed. TULU & KANNADA ARE BOTH THE LANGUAGES SPOKEN BY THE PEOPLE OF KARNAD i.e. WE AND WE KNOW BETTER ABOUT IT THAN ANYONE ELSE and so is it about our great KODAVA LANGUAGE. We don’t want menial Kongas to comment about our languages.

              1. You are talking of the Dravidian language family being native to India, but it is rather the native to India are langs like Kannada(including tulu), Marathi etc and maybe has lil influence of langs like yours. And you people are not native to India, it is rather Africa.

              2. Coming to your point of calling North Indians as Indo-European and their language from the family of Indo-Europe, first of all you need to understand that the stupid theories like Indo-European or Aryan began quite recently just close to World War II with Mr. Hitler Shit as he had found that all countries had turned against him and he had no way to get supporters from anywhere. That is when he began this theory of his own as he knew Indians were stupid enough to believe anything that is told by others except their own and he had some knowledge of the caste probs going on here at that time. He knew the Indians were of different color and so thought of drawing the lighter ones to him for support naming them as “Aryans” and claiming they are from Europe. First of all he clearly didn’t know any shit about our God’s own language Sanskrit. “Arya” in Sanskrit means “Nobleman” not Indo or European and obviously there can’t be a nobleman community or a country. It is as stupid and funny as saying Engineer country or doctors country. By the way North Indians don’t even have as much Europeanism in them as much a lot of Kannadigas have because of many interracial proper marriages here. Northies aren’t from Central Asia either, in fact Central Asia was our own. Even today Iranians are fighting for the rights to let them go back to praying the fire God like any other Hindu.

              3. I don’t understand why you are going to English for help while you need to talk just of Sanskrit and country. Anyways, go research again, English is not a Germanic language as you have called it, it is French. The early English comprised of 10000 words from French alone, not Latin or Germany. As you say English has Latin words, but that doesn’t make it a descendant of Latin ! Similarly, Kannada has few tamilish words doesn’t mean it is related closely to Tamil. Kannada rather stands on the base called mother Sanskrit and widely has connections with the languages like Magadhi.

              4. Hindu culture maybe a mix of all or rather say, all other cultures evolved from Hinduism. That is apart, but you are so ignorant to call Lord Shiva & Ma Durga as Dravidian deities. Have you once given it a thought, Lord Shiva’s abode is the Kailash Parvath in Himalayas and that is in the North of India and not in Konganadu (Tamilnadu) :P. Your God should be Ravana, you have mistaken it for universal Lord Shiva. Also the word “Pottu” or shittu is not heard of here. If you are talking about the one that we keep on fourhead, we have been traditionally and normally calling it as “Kumkum”, “Gandha”, “Ardha Bindu”, “Chandra Bindu” or “Tilak” according to its shapes and material. The modern Kannadigas also easily and commonly say Bindi like any other North Indian.

              In essence, now I must say everything that you are saying is propaganda. NONE, and I mean NONE of what you are saying is scientifically validated. All your arguments are baseless and a junk. We are not interested in buying your theories. Thanks.
              Leave Us the Royal Kannadigas Alone!


              1. Your post is indeed very funny. You’re writing things just to show your hatred for Tamils, and not for the sake of facts. EVERYTHING you have stated above is factually wrong..

                1. Indo-Aryan Languages are a distinct group of languages that does not have anything to do with the Indo-Aryan Race theory.

                2. Tulu and Kannada are SOUTH DRAVIDIAN Languages

                3. Sanskrit is not the base of Kannada – rather, Kannada is a core Dravidian Language that has evolved by itself even though it has used Sanskrit loanwords

                4. Hahahaha ! Kannadigas don’t say Bindi ! Now, don’t try to be sly- I have Kannadiga relatives and I know stuff about that language. In any case, The Pottu culture originated in the Indus Valley Civilization which was definitely NOT Sanskritic.

                5. Shiva and Durga are also Indus Valley deities and are not Central Asian like Indra or Brahma.

                6. Tamils are one of the most dominant ethnic groups in India and will continue to dictate therms to the Central Government, whether YOU like it or not. We’ve got 40 Lok Sabha seats, and we’ll do what benefits US. Our dynasty is already here, and it is only your dream to see that crumble. On the other hand, Kannadiga culture is scattered today – Banglaore has been lost to Tamils and Telugus while North Karnataka is under the sway of Marathi Influence. Malnad is fast turning into an area of economic deprivation and poverty. So, where is your Suvarna Karnataka ? Answer: Doesn’t exist.

                1. Oh shut you hole up bloody Ravana, bloody Africanvida! Lol! what are barking? How can Indo Aryan lang not connect your Indo Aryan theory now? All this while it was different. Good way of Escape. There is nothing left with you to prove I am wrong in any sense, so you are screaming and shouting ha ha ha

                  You are barking the same things over and over just ’cause you have nothing left. Why? your stupid links are exhausted? Go research for some more. Some Ravana must have written something Lol

                  Kannada is Shuddha Samskrutha, Tamil is something of Africa he he. You still couldn’t prove that Lord Shiva and Parvathi are Dravidian deities and like a nut you are talking about Indus valley now Lol Lol Lol. Keep going higher and higher from your dirty land until the Northerns boot you. Even Lord Shiv Ji must be laughing at you. Bindi is a word I have clearly mentioned is a modern one in usage while previously there were other words such as kumkum etc which people used here in Karnataka. No pottu or a shittu. Go read it again.

                  First of all, it is just your huge imagination that Kannadigas have lost or losing their place to any Kongas or Telugus because the mojority is still WE 😀
                  1. The only secret is, Kannadigas are highly decent, won’t talk loud in any public places. They look for privacy and don’t make noise. Thatz about it why people might feel or dream like Kannadigas are less. Also since times immemorial Kannadigas exist speaking our own group of languages which might make you think, it isn’t Kannada, but indeed it is. We wanna be that way.

                  2. We haven’t lost anything to Maratha’s as we are one and the same race and are a happy lot together. Look at how many Kannada-Maratha marriages happen every year whole-heartedly and in fact we rule Mumbai today in every possible way. Under whose SWAY are you talking about :P. But you Kongas have been living in Karnataka for 2 centuries now (you were brought here as slaves to build our Contonment Railway Station), still no Native is ready to marry Tamils Lol. God alone knows what sort of Kannadiga relatives you have. Maybe they are handicapped, or orphans, impotent or border area cheap mixed breeds or fools for sure. No good Kannadiga in proper consciousness can marry a Tamil.

                  3. We have had no problems with Telugus or Mallus and nor do they have guts or shamelessness to dream to overtake Kannadigas. So, though they are like you, but they are not you. Somewhere we accept them as Indians, not you Ha ha.

                  * Last but not the least, for whatever terms you will have to go to North itself to lick the feet of Central Government which is again lead by us, the rest of the Indians especially North.
                  * Even with your 40 Lok Sabha seats, Tamilnadu is still destined to drink the urinated part of Great Cauvery flow out from Karnataka afte using it LOOOOOOOL LOL LOL
                  * And fools like you do what benefits US and they will have you eat their excreta like they did with you once when supporting against Lanka 😉 hahaha

                  What dynasty can you build with this kind of situation? REMEMBER WHAT THE SRI LANKANS DID WITH YOU TAMILS FOR DREAMING YOUR KONGA DYNASITY THERE HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

                  What is your contribution after all? THE TAMIL SLUMS? Sorry Slum mean Tamils, Tamils means slum LOL LOL LOL

                  Better stop all this argument and live happily in your African state and stop dreaming about Karnataka.


                  1. I am a kannada brahmin and let me assure you that Kannada is a language related to Tamil and it is an original language. It is not “shuddha smaskruta”, but has borrowed words from Sanskrit. You are delusional.

                    By the way, I have good knowledge of Sanskrit and can speak it quite well.

                    1. Thanks for backing me up, and good reply btw ! I really did not want to be dragged down to the level of that person’s intelligence.

                    2. Mr. Baddtamizh, your name itself suggests who you are. No Kannadiga names himself a tamizhan or whatever shit that is. You Bloody Ravanas, stop hiding your real identity just bcoz, u gain a lil color on ur skin here. You can also speak Sanskrit? Lol lol lol better watch out! it is against your Konga culture.

                      Just because you lived in a place or had an opportunity to be born in someone else’s land doesn’t make you the native of that land. First learn to respect your own language and motherland than trying to live with somebody else’s identity or pulling others to mix with yours. This is very reason why people across the world hate you tamil devils.

                    3. I really like how these kannada chauvinists get angry and agitated when they’re challenged with reality.

              2. Ha Ha brother we dont want you to accept as dravidian but atleast pls be a kannadiga…dont become a european..I think you are living in Bangalore and you think whole kanrnataka is bangalore…get the facts right….Anyhow cool bro we wont compare you with tamils as you think you were higher race form us and you are living north to us thats fine…but remember one thing after 10 years there will be no kannada no telugu no tulu…But there will be Hindi and tamil.That time you people will tell sanskrit is our mother…and still more after 100 years…there will be English and Tamil…and you will tell we people are sons of europeans…We stay with our culture and you can go behind any culture who cares….

                And @ tamil brothers no need to worry for kannada people there will be no kannadigas in 10 years as what happened now in bengaluru…They are feeling ashame of speaking in Kannada…

                1. Maybe for you North Indians look like Europeans, but not for Kannadigas. We have more fairer people of our own and northies mean just brother n sisters not competitors.

  11. yes being a kannadiga i agree that tamil and kannnada are sister language 50% of the words are same in kannada and tamil the difference between the kannadigas and tamils is of only skin colour .some people masked as kannnadigas are trying to divide the tamils and kannadigas.kannadigs/tamils should be very careful about these people and donot trust their words .the same people doing mischieves in chennnai in the name tamil.

    1. Mr. Nagaraj, you are also one of those Kongas who probably want to become Kannadiga. Try your best LOL! That is never going to happen. You Tamil Africans just want one good identity of the land of the Native Indians thatz it. Shows how desperate you are.

        1. TAMIL AFRICAN calling others his own name? How sad, how you are trying to remind yourself how you tamils look 😦

          By the Telugus are not enemies of this country like Tamils. So, tamils is tamil and telugu is telugu 😀

      1. Why would a Tamil want to be a Kannadiga? You guys are at the bottom of the heap in South India socially, culturally and economically. I don’t want to be racist, but from what I see there Gowdas, Lingayats and other non brahmin Kannadigas look just like other South Indians with short height, curly hair, thick lips and dark skin. the only exceptions are the bunts who are not Kannadigas

        There is no shame in being a dravidian as we are ultimately descended from Africans

        1. No matter what, you Tamil dogs have no shame at all. The so called Gowdas, Lingayats or non brahmins also never resemble Tamil shits in any sense. For your kind info, Bunts are nothing but Gowdas of the coastal line and are the most original of the Kannadigas. And also Gowdas are nothing but the Thakurs of the North who descended amix. And Lingayats? Lol lol lol, the Lingayat itself means Brahmins of Shaivakula…. Go see the people in Shimoga that is filled with so called Lingayats who usually fair beauties and go check out Coorg that is filled with Gowdas who are the Estate owners and the most good looking ha ha ha. First learn the purana of the Hind and about Karnad’s real bloodline. Don’t bark shit from your African asshole mind.

          If you are talking specifically of curly hair, thick lips or anything like that, for your kind info, that may also exist in the most advanced places and European countries as well among the whites, but with a difference. Those curls are usually soft, sensual and beautiful unlike the Afros or the Kongas(Tamils) who have very primitive thick curls with and primitive jawline. Your resemblance to Africans is so obvious that you can’t hide it.

          It is so very well comparable – the way Africans look and the tamils look, the African rituals of Murukan and the tamils Murugan, Afros are good road dancers and so are Tamils, they can work through the day in the heat and so can you, they way they style, tie their bandana, and ditto is the way Tamils do. We have seen that throughout as Tamils were brought in Lorries to build the buildings in Karnataka year after year. Afros steal, and loot anyone they get on their way mercilessly and so do Tamils………… Most of all Afro names and Tamils names are so similar, such as Ponnambalam, Yukombo, Ezil…………Uff the list will never end. And these shit names don’t even make any sense in Kannada. All we have used or are using is Sanskrit names….

          Maybe you can pull in Andhra or Kerala if you want but talking of Karnataka like that is so ridiculous while it is so obvious we have no resemblance to you of any sort.

          Neither do we want to be racists, but I think, things will be alright only if the Kongas stop claiming the whole world as theirs which will never happen. Let along Karnataka, even your close relatives like AP never want to belong to you he he 😛

            1. For us, maybe Puneet alone looks bad for you, but in real he is also well behaved and decent looking man, But but…………… look at all your Konga tamil buggers, all look like “YOUR Tamil Shit VIJAY”. For you only Konga Soorya n Vikram are great, but for us there are numerous who look better than them in real life.

              Your real face Vijay pig, Dhunush monkey, and Pradudeva monkey who pretends to be Kannadiga LOL

  12. Whatever it is… I believe that Tamil is the most endangered language… that bcoz.. they can never adapt to any language nor they can learn, speak anything other than tamil properly. They can’t speak hindi, english, kannada, anything except tamil… We Kannadigas are most adaptable and can survive with others. They might be dominating now, but its not same always.Hope evryone knows why bollywood always tease tamil movies 🙂

    1. They are dominating only in dreams dear. They can never do anything in real except use their cheap slave ways to get the work done 😉

      “Sapadu venuma”? ws the only thing Kannadigas knew to ask Tamils and they wud run n come greedily with their bowls LOL LOL

  13. Y u guys are just fighting shamelessly in the name of being as Kannadigas or Tamilians. Not only that one of you here pointed out that North Indians as the dirty ones and Tamilians and Kannadigas to be united as South indians. Whether kannadigas, North Indians or South Indians be an INDIAN first. Every language is beautiful. Whether Tamilians, Kannadigas or Northies are making the city Dirty, is actually dependant upon an individual and how one is educated intrue sense. No one has the right to claim others for any chaos. Bangalore is a cosmopolitan city and I don’t see any harm in that. Kannada is not an extinct or endangered language. In fact its becoming more beautiful and Bangaloreans are developing a multilingual personality and its good for them. I don’t see any harm in that. Please give up your silly thought that using Hindi in Bangalore will lose one’s identity as being a kannadiga. In real sense a Bangalorean or a kannadiga is the one who is very decent and civilised and accept everyone from anywhere in India as well as from world with their open heart.

    1. Hello Mr. Bangalore Lover, though you seem right in some sense, you seem funny as you don’t even seem to know what people in this are talking about and the feelings of a Kannadiga/Kanareans. You are talking bindaas of how Bangaloreans must accept everybody as ours, why don’t you preach the same to your own people and city? This is the real frustration of the Bangaloreans and origins of Karnataka. By the way, who told you that Northies are dirty. I don’t think any real Kannadiga can say that as we and they are one and gel pretty well. The only problem in Bangalore is Garbage and Tamils.

      Just beware that all comments against north Indians is made by the Kongru dynasty. These Tamils want more and more people to join them to build their dynasty. They hate every other coming from different parts of the country to Bangalore while they themselves are outsiders. Natives have no prob with anyone. In the first place all Kannadigas, be they Bangaloreans, Mysoreans, Coorgis, South/North Canara or the North Karnataka people, we are all of the same bloodline of the North Indians and Kannada as a language itself is an origin of Sanskrit, Prakrit & Ardhamagadhi. Why should we mix with these Afros called Tamils, and their other partners.

      I still proclaim loudly that all Indians are our brothers and sisters except Tamil Afros maily

  14. Tamilians – Sir C V Raman, Srinivasa Ramanujan, Vishwanath Anand, A. R. Rehman, APJ Abdul Kalam, Kamal Hassan, Mani Rathnam and many more talents who have gained national identity…

    Can you kannadigas or telugu mention few names atleast?

    In India there are two portions — North and South

    If it is South .. Tamilians stands tall. erstwhile Madras current Chennai comes to anyone’s mind first.

    They may be a chunk of Telugu guys in IT, look at the top management ….i can bet Tamils will outnumber..

    Before fighting for our language and culture, we should respect each others and stay peacefully… we should be united and fight the corruption and terrorism


    1. At last Mr. Raj, you are talking is neat and is not a headless argument like from your fellow tamils. I like it. However your claims are baseless that you stand the tallest in South with your achievements. If I must list the Kannadigas who have gained national identity, it goes too long….. World renowned Arya Bhata to begin with (in 476 CE) whose birth place is included in Kerala today, but his name pronunciation style remains same as us, Magadhis who are Kannadigas……… to recent times Sir M. Visheshraya, Dr. Rajkumar (Winner of many awards like no one did in the South), Biddu who was the first to bring disco/ Pop music in India (first English band ever) based on which whole of the country started producing dance-worthy musics you are listening today, Aishwarya Rai who changed the face of India putting country on the world map for beauty shocking the Europeans and the rest of the world who realized Indians are colored not black (pls check, Indians were simply called black until then), as for sport stars list is too long to mention (Check out for yourself, five to six out of 11 in Cricket teams have always been Kannadigas continually for years), and list of Great Kannadigas like B.D Jatti (National Leader), a global standard politician like S.M. Krishna, IT giants like Narayan Murthy and Nilekani, Billionaires and Trillionaires like Mallya and Keni……….. the list goes on……….. 😀 😉
      Of all the above, Kannada receives the highest number of jnanapeet awards for its literature and literary work.

      No one can ever compare with us in anything, but we don’t make noise like you whatever the achievements are……

      However, the people you have listed are also great. We respect them, especially the Mathies and Mr. Super President, we can’t stop loving Mr. Kalam 🙂

      JAI HIND 🙂

        1. Bangalore is on top your Chennai you fool. You Chennai is under the butts of Bangalore. Bangalore is a Western city, Mumbai is like a Dubai, Delhi is developed India, Kolkata is like Hong Kong.

          What is Chennai like? Like a Backward African Somalian country huh ha ha ha
          Now sit and get fucked by your kaadu kapi ranis LOL

      1. Arya Bhata was a Tamil iyer. Aish is a Tulu. Krishna, Narayana Murthy etc. are the country’s top most corrupt bastards who should be flogged on their asses for the money they have stolen(from kannada people XD). Lick balls, you can never steal or claim our culture. Tamils dont give a hit bout Kannada pathetic literature or bullcrap. None other community gives a fcuk. In Bangalore tell me how many people speak Kannada? even the Kannadigas try to stand out with Hindi. In belgaum people talk only marathi, in Mangalore and Udupi its Tulu and Malayalam. The North is Urdu, and the eastern border is Telugu. Kannada accounts to only 55-60% of your own’s state native tongue[Wikipedia].

        We will give onus to Tuluvas for their great traditions, that hunter gatherer tribe Kannadas have stolen. Telugu people and Tamils otherwise win hands down with four greatest civilizations in human history.

        Go wipe the Tamil fart from your dad’s foul gob, son of a tramp pig.

        1. Hey TAMIL Sulemaga, listen u fool. I don’t have to answer an insignificant life like you, but still……………… Arya Bhatta is a Kannada name & pronounciation clearly, when the hell did tamils start to pronounce like us the veera Kannadigas. Tulu is halegannada/ old kannada along with other types in Konkani and other languages of Karnataka. That is the specialty of Kannadigas, we manifest ourselves in different languages of our own and yet be kannadigas. But for a kongas like u, only tamil ravan language should help, else u lose ur identity ha ha ha ha ha. And mind you talk of tuluvas, no kannadigas hate you black bastards like we tuluvas and kodavas do ;). Marathas are for Kannadigas, other face of the same coin… Urdu is any day better than ur downtrodden dirty demonic tamil language :D. Telugu, balagu, malyalam just passes off as foreign languages along with yours in here with no special space.

    1. You mother-fuckr originated from Tamils bloody afros. Kannada has always been a child of Sanskrit and originated from it.

      1. you bastard! you yourself agree that Kannada is a child of another language
        ( sanskrit) whereas Tamil originated by itself , some several thousand years ago

        1. Listen son of a bitch, you say you originated by yourself and call others bastard? LOL. That shows, you don’t know who your father is ha ha ha

          But for us (all indians), Sanskrit is the father & mother language (father-mother are same as shiva-shakti which is one when merged, as per our vedas). So mind that just coz someone says that is my parent, it doesn’t always have to be a “mother”, you idiot….phsycho…

          How else your bastard mind work? Calm down b********d

      2. kannada mother fuckers and afros dont make the comment without any knowlege ….if u want it come to drink tamil and telugu peoples urine and get knowlege

        1. आप तमिलों और अपने सहयोगियों जीवन बनाने के लिए कन्नड़ ‘द्वारा दिए गए दान को भरने के लिए अपने कटोरा के साथ लालच से आते हैं और आप आप जीवन दे वही लोग हैं जो चुनौती देने की कोशिश कर रहे हैं? तमिल अफ्रीकी कमीनों! जय कर्णाटक!

    2. Better stop being greedy, senseless and possessive of others and others’ land. Be happy with what you have and love from others will naturally flow

    1. Grow up Mr. Tamil and Telugu breeds are quite similar while Kannadigas are obviously different. Kannada is third oldest they say, but as per proper research, it is found that Kannada was already growing at the same time your Tamil was and is a different lang. And Telugu? it is a baby language as compared to Kannada and it came much later which took the scripts from Kannada though the speaking language has no resemblance. By the way Kannadigas race is of same as Magadhi’s, Kashmiris, Banarasis (Many of our sir names even today are like Bhandary, Acharya, Dev, Verma, Sharma, Singh, Rai, Dixit, Raikar, Dabolkar etc) which you might mistake for North Indian names (because the roots are same 😉 ) while Telugu, Tamil are obviously different from us………..

      1. Oye…
        Some Dravidian Originated caste.
        Goundar- GOWDA,
        Nayakar – Nayaka, Naik, Nair, Naiudu.
        Rayar – Rai(Mangalore) , RaI
        Udayar – Wodayar
        Vermar(kings family) – Verma
        Chetty -shetty, shettru, seth.

        Whatever casts you said
        Dixit, Dabolkar, Singh sharma are aryans who invaded south.

        You are part of Tamilians hating Tamilians

  15. Hi Kannadiga and Telugu friends, Please accept my Ugadi Greetings. Let’s be good friends. We are all South Indians and Dravidas!
    God bless you all.

    1. Belated Wishes. Am tamil telugu mix and have roaming all south india places and north india places. But it is true ra that these Kannada peoples are not at all like us. karnataka peoples are something mix by Magarastra and north indians only. they also learn there languazes quick and speak nice. they cannot learn our tamil or telugu. It is very less people only who can pick up our style or languazes in karnataka. why we should fight to be unity with kannada? but they are good peoples only but they hate force. See even Goa not taking taxes only from Karnataka and Magarastra peoples entering there state. they say it is because they get help each other but real is they are one type of people only that is why

  16. hi i am half sinhalese tamils are also destroying our culture.but thank god our language is an indo aryan languge and our ancestors are from north india bengal bihar and orissa.i totally with the kannadiga people that kannada is an aryan language.i urge kannadigas to please listen to sinhalese news or sinhalese songs and i am sure that you all would understand 60 percent of our language coz it has many kannada tulu and malayalam words along with sanskrit and pali.our blood gets warmed when a north indian guy ask is sinhalese closely related to tamil? or is ravana a sinhalese king? ravana is a pure tamil rakshasa king who destroyed our sinhalese culture .sinhalese is totally different from tamil but some tamil cocksuckers from 15 century has sinhalised themselves. for eg the sri lankan cricketers most of them are of tamil origin but they use our language and culture.but if you see real sinhalese people they are fair skinned like kannadigas. lets we both kannadigas and sinhalese kick the black butts of these tamils and erase the fucking tamil culture

      1. you tamil assholes always can’t see any other group growing in the southern indian subcontinent region. you people always want to know the outsiders that people of south india and sri lanka and now even Maldives that they are tamils. a big FUCK OFF to the tamil people like you from the sinhala,kannada,malayali,telugu and Maldivian peoples.

    1. Hi Manas, good to know, you have sanskrit in your language and you understand us. So far, haven’t heard your language, will definitely like to listen. One thing most Indians are sure of is, Sinhala people are cultured and good 🙂

      We understand how you feel, when someone comes just for job and to stay and then asking for their own land and identity where they don’t even belong. Tamil shits are doing this everywhere, to every other Indian state, especially Karnataka because they got greedy of itz beauty and wealth. Moreover, Karnataka, MH & Goa was the end of Big Bharath (India) about 10000 yrs ago before these Tamils (Africans) came and joined India :(.

      See, color of the skin doesn’t matter as long as a human has a good heart, respect for others and self, but these tamils have neither. This definitely makes them appear ugly. They don’t even respect their own country or people, but rather go around asking place for their identity and their dirty language eeeks!

      1. hi,once I was listening to your kannada language and I felt a sense of a north indian element that can also be found in Sinhala in large amount. Sinhala is an Aryan language that has has its roots in north india and for sure kannada is also same. you should request the linguistic department of ur country or state to make it an Aryan language. According to a survey Sinhala is one of the most easiest language in south asia and guess what kannada is just two rank below and is just 15 percent tougher than Sinhala, tamil is not in the survey list at all. but kannada is one of the most oldest language of south asia much much older than our Sinhala also. It is more classical also. First writings in Sinhala were in 9th century AD but first kannada writing were from 6th century BC. It is one of the oldest language of the world and one of the first language of southern indian subcontinent and second next and a branch of sanskrit. MAN! A GREAT SALUTE TO YOUR LANGUAGE. and please ignore these African negro tamils because their first writings are in 3rd century AD what they called the sangam period which is far later than your kannada language.

        1. hi pee drinking swine-halese. still afraid of tigers whopping your balls apart that you have to lick tribal kannada dicks for support? Tamils Kannadigas are all Australoids, Sinhalese are the nigger assholes who landed from Africa and jutting out fake theories that you came from India, aryan language etc.

          Go, cower behind your rajafcukse clown. Tamils will wipe your slogging race for eterzity.

          1. Fuck yourself tamil bastard. Bloody NIGGER! Kannads are Indians like the rest of Indians to its north. Tamils are the only Afroloids!

            1. You are a bastard son of a bastard father, kannada pee-lickers. We are not Indians, okay whatever you say pee-drinking pot, you are still scavenging our shit and Jain shit. Your pimp birth has given Punjabi kids for your mothers, and Mallu kids for your children when they get rpaed in their asses in Kasargod.

          2. just fuck off you THE OFFICIAL COCKSUCKER OF KARUNANIDI we Sinhalese don’t have black dick like you tamils You tamils are descendant of west indies people.FACT Tamil language is closer to Jamaican language JUST CHECK IT OUT

      2. This is heights, as two Indian states its understandable that both are fighting in the name of language. Fact is most of the Indians will never know who they really are if we go back more than 10 generations. Also in India everyone is a Mix breed there is no one who can claim to be purely of a certain racial group. And also forgetting the fact that language is just a mode of communication to express ourselves. Learning/embracing a language/culture is a personal choice not a state or national choice. Even if you don’t understand all these, everything is fine except that you let some other national to talk bad about your neighboring state people. Lets be an Indian, an Kannadiga anything you feel proud of but first of all be a Human. There is nothing bigger than humanism and where there is hope there is humanity. These post doesn’t have any hope & are inhuman.

        From a Humanist & Naturalist

  17. Namma came from Tamil; In Tamil, Namma means ours; hence “namma metro means Our metro”!
    Long live Tamil
    Tamil is the oldest language on Earth. Most Indian languages originaated from Tamil except Sanskrit

    1. Ha ha “Namma” is a typical Kannada word and the same thing in your dirty afro tamil is “yaangle” eeks! Calm down Konga, with all these you can prove nothing. You maybe the oldest creature as you are African, but our Indian languages have nothing to do with you Afros. In fact, you have stealing many of Kannada words and have done over 100s of years 😛

  18. Kannada is a mixture of Telugu, Sanskrit, maharashtrian tribal languages and Tamil

    ha ha ha

    Dont argue with our oldest language on Earth,Tamil

    summaa athiruthilla?

    1. Well well bastard Mahesh, if you Tamil craps are the oldest, why do you still look so unevolved and your language is so much a copy paste from our languages. By the by, Telugu or Marathi came at least 1000 yrs after Kannada and Marathi is the only language that bears resemblance in speech to Kannada while Telugu has copied just the script. But you Gaandus have nothing in common to us in anyways. You are all Ravans

        1. vadivelu poola pudichi oooomuuuuu thevidiya movane ………..unga amma kuthu virichi parude thevidiya paiyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

      1. Hey toilet cleaner, coolie, tamil bastard….first fuck off from Karnataka, you beggar & then open your rotten pussy to talk….Shame on you & your race. You people shit in the same plate in which you eat…

    1. Go check out the no. of Kannada heads in top companies in your dirty Konga nadu before you speak of ur dirt here. IT is meant for Karnataka and Kannadigas and it will be…………… All owners are Kannadigas, go check out personally you gaandu

      Saala bonktha hain!

  19. look at copied Tamil words in kannada

    kannadiga Tamil
    haalu =Paalu ( milk )
    hattu = patthu (10 )
    ondu =ondru (1)
    eradu =erandu (2 )
    muru = mundru (3)
    nalku =naalu (4)

    ha ha ha….the list goes on!!

      1. kannada and kannadigas were born from shit tamils pooped out during the Sangam age. Sanskrit and Tamil are the country’s languages. Kannada wsa spoken by snake and rat-hunting tribes in the western ghats.

        1. Hey Bastard, your own Cholas in the start of the generation were all Kannadigas from Karikaala Chola. You tamil bastards were shit eating scums who were ruled over by they. Look at you even today, everyone feels like peuking, tamils are fit to be toilet cleaners

          1. we are realy pallavas from north tamilnadu ………dai bastard ………………………….veerrappan is died so that ur guyz doing things against tamil da…………………….kannada bastards fuck ur mom

          2. For braindead impotent Konnatikas, Chola is a Kanndiga. Manmohan is a Kannadiga. Gandhi is a Kannadiga. And even Obama is also a Kannadiga. It is illiterate Konnatika ragdolls scavenging Tamil, Telugu, Jain and even Malayalee’s toilets. Malayalees insult Konnatika girls of Kasaragod, by making them clean their bodies with their tongues. It is a sad thing to witness all that , but These Konnatika ‘men’ have no shame, but rather pimp their children and sisters to Mallus and Jains and pose here as Chola descendants.

  20. Are raandu, gaandu, mundu, tamils lafange, I am a north indian staying here for more than 5 years. I feel ki, it is not tamil crap in Kannada, but you tamils stole words from Kannada. We North Indians are so happy being with Karnatak people, they are so much like us and speak Hindi very very well. I am sure ki, Kannadis only are heads and leaders in IT so far that I have seen :D. Tamils kutthe keep barking


        1. Hi Maru mofucker, how your doing? Pimping your mom’s Pandey puzzy for Muslim sperms? You are just another fart-eating son of a north indian whore, your ancestors all peddling their cheap asses to Afghans and British of whose sperm you and your far-worthy mom was born out of. If you were truly born to a single father’s balls, come to our state and face me, loser pee-face.

    1. Correct man. We call these tamils as Kongas as these gaandus came from African tribe called Kongas LOL

          1. sunni kannadigas mother fuckers doing comedy always like karanatka superstars …………. thevidiya pasanagla kannadanayeeee if u have guts to try us out from bangalore

            1. Every developed country and advanced places require some percentage of slaves, else who will do our sweeping and toilet washing? Wait, we will keep you until some others can replace. 😀

            2. Hey Vanniyar, son of veeerappan… guess u forgot the lesson of 1992 Kaveri riots when u were butchered in streets of Bangalore & ur slums burnt….It will happen soon, coz u guys haven’t learnt ur lessons…

            3. Hello mothaseller & pimp of sister VANNIYAR AND DEVAR CASTE PEOPLES…..First screw your shove up your dirty castes & language in ur ass, when u are outta ur shithole state, ninamman thul naayi mari keya soole magane….Nan kaige sikre satthe hogtiya neenu, haadargitthi magane…btw u mothaseller…u tamilians are such cheap insects, always bragging about the false greatness of ur culture. If its so great…fuck off to ur TN…why do u come to our land??? & what a joke…almost all words in world originated from tamil ?? fuck urself u morons….btw one asshole Raju & another Konga bastard were comparing Kannada & tamil words & trying to pose as a linguist… btw do u also mean the word sunni of muslims, is derived from tamil world sunni??? don’t say that infront of a muslim he will kill you…

              1. kannada bastards and afro ..kannada thevidiya movanalla vanthu ooouma da kuthu movana….and kannad Dingri nan tunne nekku

  21. first of all my middle finger salute to kongas u came here for food and shelter as slaves for us u kongas are dirnking water of karnataka food of karnataka and air of karnataka so shut ur asses and bend ur heads and walk in karnataka and talk kannada or else ur ass will be kicked off

  22. stop imposing hindi in karnataka.. also throw the tamils out.. respect kanndada if ur staying in karnataka,, kannadigas are equally silent and also violent(whenever necessary)..

    1. Bro, yes our Kannada is superior and will rule, but for that we don’t require to throw Hindi out. Remember we are nationalists and not Ravanalists like Tamils. Why this hatred for Hindi? Please read the history on who instilled this hatred in Kannadigas minds (of old generations), then you will know that it is not for us to hate Hindi. If we do, what will be the difference btwn us and the stupid dravidian states (our neighbors)? Only throwing the Tamils and certain Reddys out will clean up our state.

        1. U shall see it soon, all sons of Ltte Prabhakaran & Shit eater Veerappan who came to beg here, will be taught the lessons of fear & tragedy soon…


  23. Hello Tamil toilet cleaners, beggars who live in Bengaluru… guess u forgot the lesson of 1992 Kaveri riots when u were butchered in streets of Bangalore & ur slums burnt….It will happen soon, coz u guys haven’t learnt ur lessons…

    1. Yes man, it is gonna happen soon. Look now, on the 25th, all Kannadigas are out for a meet on reserving govt. positions for the natives. Fun thing is, you should see, none of the bloody kongas will be out here on roads when we the kings will be marching!

      1. the kings have pimped your capital to marwadis and jains who have made you slaves of the century. Tamils and Telugus own their business and occupations in Bangalore, pooooor konnnata ambatte-bajji has no money for feeding his sick father, his state is being farted by marwadi adaghu kaddais. konnata bhaajis have just beedi kadaikals, and half of state politicians are tulus and marathis.

  24. Hahaha..
    Very funny n good joke..
    But mind it Bangalore belongs to kannadigas .not for tamilians..
    Dont spoil our city good name by creating slum …

  25. HI Kanadigas,

    Good luck.

    Kanadigas derived from north india…..good joke.

    Does bangalore belongs to kanadigas? …….

    1. Hi guys, why do you hate each other? Please try to be tolerant to other communities wherever you live! be it in Bangalore, Chennai or Hyderabad…..Be proud to be a south indian.

      1. @ Mahesh – Don’t you compare Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai to CHEAP CHEN-NAAYI. You be seated proud of your arshole n dream of south India which is not yours at any cost and Kannads will be proud of their country like normal heavenly beings. Devas could never tolerate the daithyas. So, even today Kannads or Northies will never be able to tolerate you horrible tamils. Go watch “Devon ka dev Mahadev” of lord Shiva urgently and get some piece of mind. Knowing the truth is very important.

    2. Hi Slum tamil pride. Wot ar yo doin on an Indian site? Go check out something in AFRICA :D……………… You want Bengal also??? come come we’ll feed yo our Peeeeeeeeee

    3. LOL Kannadigas have given created many North Indian communities, it is not the other way round you fool!

  26. Kannadiga swinefcukers number just 60% of Karnataka’s population. The name itself is derived from Karu Nadu, nation of the blacks[Wikipedia:Karnataka]. There is a movement for separate Coorg, Tulu Nadu and another Konkani state in the West. Marathis are dominating Belgaum and Karwar. Bijapur, Bidar, Gulbarga is fast becoming Urdu-based districts. Most of eastern border of Korunataka has been colonized by Telugu landlords. Ambatte-Bhajji Mamoo. So get ready for your state to be split and feasted like China, Tamils will take Bangalore, Chamrajnagar and Kolar. you can shove coconuts in your butt.

    1. DREAM ON TAMIL BASTARDS, DREAM ON SONS OF TAMIL AFRICAN BITCHES…………. Come come, eat our shit, don’t give ideas of coconut for the butt. When you are there to clear our shit into your mouths, what fear? You will soon see your dreams shattering and you being shooed away to your hell destination

      1. Ritesh motehr-hooker, how is your mom doing? got rpaed by some Jain Muslim gock is it? Go pull some of their sperms out out of her a** and smear over your brain. You Kannadiga clowns have for years survived on Gometeswara Jain’s naked scrotum.

        1. Jains are Hindus, not muslims. You tamil people don’t even seem to know about Hinduism and has no respect for Indian God forms, so what do know about India or Kannadigas? Being a Telugite, I feel tamil behaviour is horrible and Somewhere now I think that many people who called you non-indians in this forum is correct. So tamils please don’t add us the Telugus with these tamils. They are such a shame

    2. You take Bangalore Kolar while we will take your mothers and daughter’s black cunnnnts to satisfy our dogs. They need very badly a screw…

  27. Indeed a very nice blog, I like the blog teacher related because most of the students can not concentrate in class so it is good to have a look before or after the class. Thanks for such a nice share

  28. some pakis are posting here in disguise of kannadigas… using names like veera kannadiga, kanarese, kannadian and a few more.

    1. Don’t worry Tamil shit, I know you are not a “Karnataka” as you have mentioned. There are no Pakis here and even if they try to come in, they neither have so much brains nor knowledge to make such comments as in here. So, read all this truth and enjoy! Truth is truth 😉

    1. We don’t need to know and nor do any other Indians, but still everybody know that tamil is a crap and Ravan’s language which has no connection to Indian 😉

  29. Good sense of humor. It is better left as humor! I was just wondering why the tamilians in bangalore do not want to learn and live humbly like the Kannada people of Bangalore?

    Why other communities like Telugu and Malayalees are not making this fuss?
    Why are tamilians so arrogant?
    Why can’t you guys respect the language of the place you guys are in?
    Don’t you think, you are riding the good nature of Kannadigas?

    Loving a language blindly is not important. Kannada is as old as Tamil too.
    Both languages originated from a Tamil-Kannada prototype.
    Old Kannada and Old Tamil almost sounds similar.

    Guys, stop this non-sense and take it as a humor.
    In fact, Dharmapuri district itself is a Joke in TN. All Kannada and Telugu people only stay there!

    1. HA HA HA nothing is a joke above Mr. Pune Kiran. THERE IS NO HUMOR HERE AND EVERYTHING IS THE TRUTH WHAT KANNADIGAS ARE SAYING. I am Maratha and a native of Karnataka. Tell me, are you really from Pune? tu sach bol. tu kute malkeeche nahit? “Me changla Marathi boltat”. Don’t try to fool us. I know you are another Tamil man, but maybe an educated one who understands things. But at the same time you are trying to put off this good fire here, so you can save your Tamils from humiliation.

      By the way, Kannadigas are not so humble as you think, they are just well-mannered and decent, that’s why your people are spared. And please note, Kannada is a much older language and is way too different from Tamil, it is has no common roots. Tamil stole many words from old Kannada and forcefully mixed theirs’ here a few words and style to make it similar. And be it Dharmapuri or whatever, Kannadigas there never become Tamils though your Telugus might.

  30. Oh my God. So much hatred between all of us for such silly things!! We are all Indians. Look at our Army. They have people from all parts of India dying and loosing their arms/legs everyday so that we could sleep in peace. Please learn from other countries which have been destroyed because, of such differences. Iraq and Syria are the latest.

    1. Very true manish singh… I am Aroon Kumar born and brought up at Chennai. . I read all the comments spending the whole night. To be frank tamil people who settle there at bangalore must adapt the other state’s language that is (Kannada). Thats the proper tribute we give the karnataka people. Nothing wrong in learning other languages. Not every Tamils or Kannadigas are bad. Because of some bad assholes, the whole ppl of the respective states get bad name. Please don’t be the cause for the quarrel (4 both tamils & kannadigas). BE UNITED as we are INDIANS. & Every Indian-State brothers/sisters have the equal rights to visit or settle down anywhere in the country. and Pls come to Tamil Nadu and we will treat well. 🙂

      1. @Aroon Kumar, you have a pretty decent language when writing out and probably a good heart too. But, how many of your tamils are like that? They are neither decent not respectful towards other communities and love for the fellow Indians? Don’t ask. When was the last time a tamil had a good intention towards us in the history? Even recently, your chief minister approached our PM Mr. Modi, only to ask for a support for her tamil community of Lanka which is 400 yrs old there and no way connected with India now. And she wants to capture that island from Lanka where her stupid fishermen sail to over and again. If that is the case, then India must poke its nose into Pak also keeping a tap on its people ’cause they have gone from India only 65yrs ago. Uff! Your people should understand, we have so many other serious problems in the country to solve at this moment. Your CM also went to Modi to spew poison on Karnataka’s Kaveri issue in spite of getting a lion share every year. You tell me, K’taka by itself had agreed to give that water 165 yrs ago when the population was small here and till the agreement lapses, but what does it mean to force us to give it to you now when our own family is grown out of proportion. Look at the floating population here. Worst is, your tamil population that eats, drinks, shits here and wants water there also. Isn’t this demonic in nature?

        1. Ashwin buddy, you are right on your part too. But, I think that abusing and cursing the entire community will make it worse. Today, Aroon Kumar and people like him are on the good side. If we keep cursing them, they might turn negative too. Do you agree? I am North Indian and I was not born in Karnataka. I came here for work hoping that I would go back after a year or so. However, I am still here after 4 years since I got so much love and respect from the people here. But, if they start abusing me because someone from my state misbehaves, it’s bound to break my heart and probably even affect my thinking about kannadigas? Would you agree?

          1. Are you trying to scare me MANISH SINGH? So you think the tamils will turn negative. Why should they while they already are? Do you think, people are not aware of the way tamils network online for their cause of terrorism? By the way, you are another tamil in guise of Manish Singh, correct? Don’t you tamils have any shame to come over here again and again in spite of getting spat on your face. Well, I agree Indians should be united i.e. if they are Indians. But, it is a dream to change these tamils. The demons will never change. Not all are that great APJ Kalam sir ji. I bet, even if just five people out of 1000 tamils is proved to think like Great Kalam ji, I shall change my thoughts about the entire Kongru community. I mean the tamil community……

            1. Ashwin buddy – I cannot scare you. You are a Gowda. As told by the people here, Gowdas are like what Reddys are in Andhra. I am not a Tamil by the way. Even I used to dislike them when I came to Bangalore. Auto Rikshaw guys, Shop Keepers, everybody told me to be aware of them and that they are very unfriendly. And to be honest, I found some of them to be very rude. But, at the same time I found some of them to be quite nice. All people are not same. I don’t how it is like in Tamil Nadu as I have not stayed there though. I can talk about Bangalore only. You may shed more light on that. I am listening.

              1. Manish buddy, yes I am a kshatriya called Gowda. I don’t know much about these Reddys (origins of Andhra) except that, they snatch peoples’ lands illegally in near by states (heavily in esp. K’taka), while we Gowdas don’t do that, we just protect what is ours’ and thrash you if you mess with us. Reddys here are a lot into looting money illegally (again from K’taka mainly which will soon see an end), while we are born rich, protect and multiply our own money.

                By the way, you seem to know a lot about Andhra. So, you must be a Telugu if not a tamil. That’s what I was wondering who other than tamils will support them. It has to be their blood relatives and associates like the telugus or Mallus 😉 And that is why probably you find tamils nice. If not few, I am sure all of them. By the way, I like your unity. Keep it up! and please do not disturb us or try to gain our confidence. Only God should come down to do that……..

                1. Ashwin – I am not  trying to gain your confidence. Why would I? I don’t need any favours from you. I am just trying to express my opinion that I don’t appreciate or support disliking an entire community because of one or two bad people. And stop judging people so early. You tried to judge me twice and guess what “You failed drastically”. I am not a Tamil and not a Telugu too. I am a Rajpoot from Madhya Pradesh. I am surprised that I had to tell you that. Do you know anything outside Karnataka my friend? There is a lot more in India than that.

                  1. I have roamed India much more than you my friend. My father being an Indian Airforce jet pilot, I have had the provision to touch most part of my Bharat. You are asking me what I know out of Karnataka? Well, I too once used to think that all Indians are same and no land or people are different. To me, once upon a time Kannada was just another Indian language though it was my mother tongue. Never did I give it special place in my heart. But things changed over a period for me when I settled down in K’taka permanently. I saw the horrifying acts of tamils here from shittin on the roads to occupying public seats meant for all and abusing Kannadigas verbally n physically whenever psbl in public areas on a daily basis. In late stages, as if all these were not enough, these started off Kaveri fights directly attacking the decent general public here. These scenes got to my mind and thoughts changed. However, what happened to Kongas (Tamils) there after is a story well remembered by them than us. Later I also learnt that they have same attitude towards all in the world, be it in lanka or singapore. And they have been hostile towards this country since times immemorial. How can u expect us to call them brothers. Even their DNA doesn’t match with the Indians 😛

                    Just imagine, a guy like me has changed so much and that is for the right reason.

                    1. I am gonna get back to you once I talk to the Kannadigas I know about their views on this subject. if I didn’t come back, consider that I agreed to what you said.

      2. Thank You Aroon. You sound like a nice human being. It’s the people like you only we are still united and have not have been victims of the so called “Divide & Rule” policy. God bless you.

        1. Ha ha, you will come back bloody Tamil Manish. Even before leaving you are sure of what Kannadigas opinions are lol lol. By the way, you are a Tamil bugger who will speak to your dirty community and get back or try to convince some nice young Kannadigas on something which may not even slightly relate to anything here. Why will you talk to them. Just show them this site. That is more than enough.

          Better fuck off from here before we kick you and your family off.

          1. Ashwin – Are you mentally retarded? How many times have I told you that I am not a Tamilian? Go and fuck yourself you dumb guy. There is no use in talking to you. I don’t care whether you hate Tamilians or anyone else. It’s not my problem. And I am not gonna ask any Kannadigas for their opinions about Tamilans now. So, feel free to keep hating. Why only Tamilians, start hating the entire country. I think it’s just a waste of time to ask you to think positive. I don’t believe that your father was in Airforce or that you have seen other parts of India. Bullshit. Airforce people don’t have cheap thinking like you. Thanks to God that we have don’t have many people like you otherwise, this country would have become another Iraq.

          2. Ashwin – Besides being very rude yourself, you were right. 3 out of 4 Kannadigas I know hated Tamils. They said that they hate Tamils because, Tamils are very arrogant, conservative and over-proud about their culture that they disrespect everyone who is not Tamil. It’s weird that they never said it before. I don’t know about them much since I never had any Tamil friends.

            1. Who the hell are you to determine if my dad was in Airforce or not? And again like a mentally retarded junk you are blabbering, Airforce people don’t have cheap thinking like etc etc. I wasn’t the one in Airforce you dumbhead. I told you clearly while I travelled place to place in India, I thought everyone were same for me. It didn’t even matter if one was a Delhite or a Keralite. Didn’t tell you shit head, I had a different thought only after seeing the bloody Tamils. Else my other Indians still fine for me. Even though the Telugus and Malayalees are Tamils bros, they at least have some good feelings deep within for the country. That is what is needed. For your kind info, even the Biharis who are thought worst by tamilians, they are still good me. By the way, if you were truly a MP guy, why would you cry like this for tamils huh?

  31. Guys please…. its really not good to underestimate kannadigas being in their place. It is true that banglore is not meant just for kannadigas… in any of the cosmopolitin cities u wil find mixture of all the languages…. but…. kannadigas built banglore and they have right to ask other state people residing in banglore to talk kannada but it is left to people to talk or not…but no one has right comment on them….. lmagine the same situation in ur cities dnt u people feel sad wen u r facing same problem like us…. u people will come here to either study or work… just do ur job and leave peacefully.. if u like to settle here…pls be.. we kannadigas have no right to stop u but if u start underestimating our language and our culture we will definetly react to it… so pls stop commenting and let us love and rrspect each other… hope i have not written anything wrong…. any indian can live anywhere in india… all are welcome here in namma bengaluru…learn language and mingle with us if u want orelse do ur job and leave peacefully…pls dnt colapse our tradition and our language…. remember we r all indians… thank you……

    1. Don’t pretend to be a Kannadiga Mr. Madhu. I know that you are a tamil and that is why you are barking about anyone can stay or settle anywhere over and again. This is something I know that a Kannadiga will never do. (Remember: BANGALORE isn’t just build by Kannadigas, it BELONGS TO KANNADIGAS ALONE by blood and you are a third class in here. Of course Indians may settle n be happy, but this isn’t for third class tamils ;). Also this guy Manish who is praising your tamil Aroon is also a pretender, pretending to be a Northy? Haha For your kind info, North Indians know the situation here and they also know the difference between your tamil race and us.

      We don’t have to learn from you that we are all Indians. Bengaluru is namma Bengaluru. You go follow your Chennaai route

  32. Bangalore is for Kannadigas only. It is we Kannadiga’s generosity that we allowed all outsiders by giving all the plum jobs in IT industry. Yes, Tamils r the worst creatures, who have snatched Kannadiga’s jobs. But even other ppl have come and occupied our place. Now, the time has come for job reservation purely for Kannadigas.We have done enough charity by giving jobs to outsiders. 100% job reservation for natives of kar’taka

    1. Hellooooo!! Nobody has done any charity for nobody. Before 1947, all our forefathers were second class citizens. The country got independence by joint efforts from all Indians. And it’s the country’s foreign policies which allow businesses to setup their establishments and NOT you or anyone else. Bangalore is Bangalore because all of us gave our efforts into it. There are many cities in Karnataka where no outsiders are there and nobody even know their names. Go and find out how much jobs are there. Don’t cut us out. Alright.

      1. @Manish so called Singh: Fuck off son of a Tamarind bitch. If your contributions made Bangalore, why isn’t your Chennai like that. Go eat, drink and take some rest. Don’t get hyper, it is of no use. Badavana kopa, davadege mula 😉

        1. Shame on you for abusing someone’s mother. I could have abused back to your mother too in a much intense way but, I don’t want to disrespect her just because, her son “Ashwin Gowda” is an asshole. Don’t provoke me.

    2. @Abhishek: Hey don’t worry yaar, they can shake nothing here. Maybe they forgot the heat of Kaveri water. Maybe they need again. By the way, the so called Manish Singh is a creature that is a tamil Ravana in the guise of North Indian. How cheap these rogues can get huh.

        1. Oh listen up tamil dog, Mahisha is a demon, obviously a tamilian like you and your veerappan who had come into Karnataka and got it good from mother Goddess Chamundi! So, come come, we are awaiting you too Mahisha, come come

  33. Kannadigas are stateless fcukers…eating crap of other communities for money.

    You hate Tamils so much, dont you? Then why is Yeddyurappa asking Tamil businessmen to invest in your rotten lands in Chamrajnagar, Ramanagara etc? Don’t you Gowda swines have balls to set up industries?

    Your state would have been like Bihar or Orissa if not for other state people flushing out the economy.

    Bangalore- Tamils, Telugus, Malayalees and North Indians
    KGF – Tamils
    Mangalore – Tuluvas
    Karwar – Konkanis
    Belgaum – Marathis
    Bellary – Telugus
    KGF – Tamils

    Other parts of Karnataka are getting food for survival coz of these people’s efforts. You moaning dog!

    1. I guess this rude attitude of Tamils is the reason why they find it difficult to be liked by others. Tamils like to criticize others but, can’t handle criticism themselves. I was trying to convince people here not to hate anyone and here we have you spitting venom on them making it worse. The truth is, Kannadigas are nice people. That’s why you see so many people coming to Bangalore and settling here. I don’t hate Tamils but, I don’t really like their company as much as I like company of Kannadigas. When speaking to a Tamilian in Bangalore, he would always keep praising Chennai and will find faults in Bangalore. Then, I ask them, If Chennai is so good, why don’t you live there?

    2. Ha ha ha what a joke Konga Dog! Keep it up. Yeddi is no more our CM and if he had asked the Kongas to invest, if was just trying to help you the black dogs to grow up clean. By the way,
      Bangalore – Kannadigas (90%), Tamil (5% in whole all slaves), Telugu (3% in whole and useless) and Mallus (2% in whole are Bekery wallas – good people).
      Mangalore – Tuluvas (Kannadigas in origin and speaks old Kannada called Tulu). So what is your problem tamil dog? Lol
      Karwar – Konkanas, not konkanis, you fool black tamil dog, learn to pronounce it first. (Konkanas are derivatives of Kannadigas by genes and language)
      Belgaum – Marathas (Our brothers, we fight and love each other too)
      Bellary – Telugus (hideous ready to move any time)
      KGF – Tamils (Slaves brought for working in mines)

      All you Tamil dogs living here are getting food because of us and our Kaveri you Dirtry Tamil Afro Dogs!

    3. Ha ha ha what a joke Konga Dog! Keep it up. Yeddi is no more our CM and if he had asked the Kongas to invest, if was just trying to help you the black dogs to grow up clean. By the way,
      Bangalore – Kannadigas (90%), Tamil (5% in whole all slaves), Telugu (3% in whole and useless) and Mallus (2% in whole are Bekery wallas – good people).
      Mangalore – Tuluvas (Kannadigas in origin and speaks old Kannada called Tulu). So what is your problem tamil dog? Lol
      Karwar – Konkanas, not konkanis, you fool black tamil dog, learn to pronounce it first. (Konkanas are derivatives of Kannadigas by genes and language)
      Belgaum – Marathas (Our brothers, we fight and love each other too)
      Bellary – Telugus (hideous ready to move any time)
      KGF – Tamils (Slaves brought for working in mines)

      All you Tamil dogs living here are getting food because of us and our Kaveri you Dirtry Tamil Afro Dogs!

        1. The definition of a true Indian is that he should be hating the Kongas. Otherwise he is not a true Indian, period.

  34. Fuck tamilians, mother fuckers we will kick every part of your body until it bleeds. Adopt our culture, speak our kannada language. if you dare give your phone numbers, we will come and kick and torture whereever you are staying in our state mother fuckers escpecially in Bangalore. Coming here and talking against our culture and languare mother fuckers. Go and fuck your mothers in night. mother fuckers. we have 1000% hatred against tamilians fuckers whoever in this blog, dark, ugly, living in slums, mother fuckers. Mother fuckers come face to face, we will kill you. Let we go to jail for kannada sake, we kill or murder you with lethal weapons. After that we will come out again on bail and will kill again. It is not joke serious mother fuckers. Those who respect our language we have always respected other people.

    1. Hey dude, just relax. The hatred you show is exactly the one we all have, but lets not talk of their mothers just ’cause they do. Because we are Indians who also respect so called mother, not Afros like those tamils. And by the way, just learning our language or respecting it, doesn’t make them our friends or relatives. Please don’t say that. Tamilians or Telugus, they are all outsiders to Kannadigas forever.

  35. Oh my God. It’s true. Tamils are pretty rude people. Three days ago at office, something happened which made me really angry. We are like 10 people in a project and everyone comes from different States within India (Karnataka, Maharashtra, Gujarat, MP, Orissa, Bengal, AP, Punjab, Delhi, Kerala including one from Tamilnadu. We all have our own separate native languages but, we all speak Hindi and English fluently too. So, we switch between English and Hindi while talking but, mostly use Hindi because of the humour. Even the 2 Kannadiga guys in our group speak Hindi as good as us and sometimes they even teach other parallel Kannada words and sentences. Nobody has any problems mingling with each other except this Tamil guy. He can’t speak English properly and can’t even understand a single word of Hindi. When we tell him to learn it, he says “Why should I learn Hindi”? Then, we tell him “Okay, at least improve your English then”. So, he tells us “You all should learn Tamil because, Tamil is an International language:. And then, he names, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia, blah blah as countries which speak Tamil. Are they all this stupid?

      1. So, how do we fix that? I think our politicians did a big mistake by creating these states based on languages. USA has over 50 states and yet they all seem to be good with each other. Unity is USA’s power and they are the boss of the entire world because of that. We despite being such a big country are still struggling as a Developing country since many decades and other countries which got independence after us have received badges of “Developed Country”. I would say it’s our own fault and we let these corrupt politicians take advantage of us.

      1. Howdha? Nimge nanna hathra Kannada dalli maathaad maadbeka? Your over-confidence amuses me. I am a native Hindi speaker and I can manage Kannada bro. It’s not fluent but, probably, better than most Tamilians. I am watching a Kannada movie now as we speak. “Shravani Subramanya”. Watch it. It’s a comedy movie. You might like it if you know how to laugh. 😀

        1. Sorry, I later realised it was “nanna jothe” instead of “nanna hathra”. I thought I should correct it before someone points it out. 😀

        2. Ha ha brilliant dude! Well said! I really don’t understand how these tamils utter crap. They speak just right out of their arseholes than mouths 😛

  36. Bangalore is developed because of Tamilians. See other parts of Karnataka. You cant see any development there..!! The urban part of Bangalore are of Tamilians. Bangalore’s international fame is mainly contributed by Tamilians. The oldest Temples in bangalore is constructed by Tamilians(Chola’s). Maximum Brahmins, Muslims and Cristians are Tamilians in Bangalore. Even Iam Tamilian. Since my forefather’s time, we are staying in Bangalore. In reality If u ask any kannadiga about his native, they will tell you names of some other state in Karnataka. Well i want to ask Kannadiga’a who are Intruders….? We or You…?

    We both share Bangalore Equally…?

    Kannadigas are jealous of Tamilian. Because they do not have gutts.

    You know, why often people get jealous…? because they themselves are NOTHING in front of the person whom they are Jealous of..!!

    1. Bloody son of a Tamil bitch. You Tamils dogs entered B’lore when Britons brought you here in herd to build the confinement station. Like sheeps and goats, he used you as slaves by dumping some of you into their army and the rest as labourers to lick our shits. So, your stay is just about century now. That is why Tamils have contributed to the whole of B’lore’s slums. Bloody slum scums. By the way, who called you intruders? Where is your guts to do so. You are all just slaves underneath our butts. Nothing else. Come to kaveri, will show how the intruders are burnt

    1. You mean the small dicked negger? LOL that is how Americans call the tamils. Also please check what your American consulate told you all last time in Chennai 😉

  37. Some Dravidian Originated caste.
    Goundar- GOWDA,
    Nayakar – Nayaka, Naik, Nair, Naiudu.
    Rayar – Rai(Mangalore) , RaI
    Udayar – Wodayar
    Vermar(kings family) – Verma
    Chetty -shetty, shettru, seth.

    Whatever casts you said
    Dixit, Dabolkar, Singh sharma are aryans who invaded south.

    You are part of Tamilians hating Tamilians

    1. Behnchute saale! Don’t create things out of your asshole mouth. You Gounder is a copied thing to lure the Kannadigas while Gowda originates from Gawlis of North India.
      Naik is totally different from your shit Nair or african Naidoo.
      There is nothing called Rayar in your dirty tamil. Rayaru or Raya itself is a Kannada word and caste, while Rai is existent in Punjab and Bengal. Bloody where did your slave tamil have these words.
      There is nothing called Udayar. All the “Yar” endings are copied from Kannada, bloody where is it originating in slave tamil? By the way, in Kannada, Odeya or Wadeya means lord, King. That is why we say Wodeyar. It is not Wodayar. Correct your spelling first you Konga dog.
      We don’t use Verma. We use only Varma.
      Our Shetty is way too different from your big butts Setty of Andhra or the charcoal dog tamil chetty. Your Andhra-tamil setty-chetty are cheating businessmen while Shettys are Rajputs.
      Dixit, Dabolkar, Singh, Sharma are all extension of Indian origin people upto Karnataka.


    1. SICKENING TAMIL BASTARD! Shamelessly you people keep coming back. Keep dreaming, keep dreaming. One day your Dravida theory will fail 100% as it is already in the process with 80% failure and then the Dramila, tamila, the drakula, the Ravan will all get erased………

  38. Karnataka’s implied etymology is Karu Naadu, the state’s name is derived from what means ‘The Nation of the Blacks’. And here this Gowda street beggar is so desperate to brand himself as a north indian. Maybe the North indian colonies in bangalore are shagging his senses out so much he is willing to even sell his genes to them.

    Tamils have eternally reigned their lands, the three fabled kings Chozhas, Cheras and Pandias, ours is the only surviving classical language on earth. You cheap goat poop can only fap yourself staking claim at what has never been yours. Tamils of the Chola army built the third largest sovereign empire in the world. The whole of Karnataka was clasped in our reign for over 400 years, All you Kannadiga pussies never even existed back then, your great grandmothers would have been speaking a totally different language that your pathetic mind wont even comprehend.

    You wretches were born only after north indian invaders came one by one. Chalukyas, Hoyslas, Mughals(Tippu’s ancestors), Vijayanagar(Telugus) and raped your people to submission and you uneducated buffoons evolved as a slave race to their whims. Thats why even today your people are jobbing and licking grease of punjabi and marwari boots to survive. And your like kissing upto the same people who have drilled yours and your ancestors ass over and over again.

    Earlier the Jains torched your men and bedded with your women, chased you out of your lands and built naked statues of their idols all over your state on your bleeding corpses. Now centuries later, again all kinds of Jain constructions limited are coming, kicking your asses off your homes, building on every inch of land they can find…with no space to even lay roads, Bangalore roads are worse than Pushkar cattle fairs. And while they are laughing their asses off reaping insane profits, you scumbags and your politicians kiss their ass wanting to drench yourself in more of their farts.

    1. Oh Son of a tamil bitch, when will you understand this truth and North Indians were never our invaders. They were always our own. We all together invaded your shit tamil land and ruled you guys in various ways. You are worried that we never fucked your black tamil doggies. How can we even look at them Yuck when you people can’t bear the ugliness of your own people he he

  39. Your ridiculous venom towards Tamils is never going to help your cause neither will it deter us one bit. We are the husbands of our wives and our state is ours first, and then other communities who we receive with open arms. You are jobbing slaves with no backbone being sucked and spat out like paan in the mouths of demonic jains and your language and lands are being shagged by the corrupt and greedy.

    You wanted to wipe out Tamil from Bangalore, but your efforts have resulted in stripping your own mother tongue off your state being reduced to a third or fourth language, Tamil language and its speakers has stood out in almost every state and every country they have landed into.

    Tamils are a successful community (and worth your jealousy) not just in Bangalore but even in cities from London, Geneva to Boston and Toronto. They are class-leading professionals and still commited to our culture and values.

    We have a Singaporean PM, a US National Senator, UN Human Rights Secretary, CEO of Pepsi, 26 of the world’s 1000 most richest people. Few years down the line I wonder even will there be a Kannadiga will be among the richest richest at a single street n Bangalore. I donno whether you deserve it though.

    1. Blah Blah Blah Singapore, Canada, US, UN! What are you in India? Aliens? That’s what you are behaving like. Do you think your comment improved anything? Nothing. Yes, it burnt more bridges if that’s what you wanted.

    2. There is nothing to be proud of Tamil’s presence in in all places, you were taken everywhere as slaves and the Brits brought you all the same way to Bangalore 150 years ago to build our contonment railway station. Thus the tamils slave labourers settled in their dingy shacks here. Know your truth before being proud again Chochakkapauli shit whatever

  40. it is so easy!!! how you count in South India and North India. then you know the origins. next the body parts and then the basic action verbs… then the simple nouns you we they i etc…. it is so simple, but it is hard to make some people to believe 2 + 2 =4, becuase it is said by his “perceived enemy”

  41. Mother fucker tamilians, we will fuck you until you learn our kannada language and culture. We will kill each of you taliban style,mass murders. We feel kannada language is our mother, those talk about our mother, we will tear you apart mother fuckers.

    1. Nobody would learn or respect nobody’s culture or language if they get forced. Respect and Love is the better way. We as a country are going through a very serious time right now. China is trying to break North East from India, Pakistan is trying to break North from India. We should be happy that there’s no enemy in the South. But, it feels sad that our own people are trying to break our country in the South.

      1. Hey bugger, who said we don’nt have enimity in the south? Kanada people are only staying in the south geographically but we all belong to to the main stream India unlike the other buggers like Tamil, Telugu and Malluss. So the differences are bound to be there, you bloody Konga !!

        1. I am not a Tamil. You don’t even know the meaning of rivalry (there’s no word called as “enemity”) . You are doing all this because, you are getting your needs fulfilled without trouble. Learn to live with peace and things will look a lot better. Learn from the nations which have been destroyed because of foolishness of people who unnecessarily hate each other.

        2. Oh, just realise that there’s indeed a word called as “enmity”. Throw away your enmity. We as Indians are not enemies within each other.

    2. Why do you want these Konga dogs to learn Kannada. They spoil the beauty of this language with their dirty tongue by speaking it. Kick their ass, if they didn’t speak it and kick their ass if they speak it. Ha Ha Ha

  42. why there is so much hatred towards tamil? understand that the local language of banglore should be respected by the outsiders so to make this true what should your people do instead of blabbering something in online? if a tamil is coming to banglore and have a conversation with every kannadiga for any help make that all kannadiga to speak only in kannadiga from the beginning till the end he stays in banglore so that to survive in that city he will learn kannada definitely…if you really love your kannada very much try to educate your people to speak kannada only to outsiders and never respond in any other language in which the outsiders conversing(by the way it will help our chennai also to grab all the IT opportunities which is the only thing banglore can proud, and making chennai not only the tetroit of india which is as of now but also the silicon valley of india so that banglore will be free of tamils)…that is the only way to lift your language not by offending other’s language and culture…Before commenting about tamils just live one year in tamil and then talk about us…only people like me who is a telugu or kannada origin living in tn for more than 500 years can say about the root language of southindians and dravidian is different or senthamil and dravidian is the same as tamils claim… i belongs to a gavara naidu family which is a telugu origin, we are the ruling class of tamilnadu after mughal era in 13th century till british rule we are also the same people like you treated tamil as an alien language but since we are living here only we have found that our ancestors spoke senthamil(which the other southindians call as dravidian language) which is still use in for writing for but sanskritised in spoken version…i ll show some of the factors which our ancestors have their roots from sangam tamil culture

    we use to call our family members as avva(grandmother), naina(father), pinni(mother’s younger sister)…i dont get a direct meaning from andhra based telugu friend for these words but got meaning when reading some sangam era tamil works…
    avva derived from avvai which is a sanskritised tamil sangam word(devanagari doesnt have. i which the tamil have this is why vijayanagar empress named her poem as madhura vijayam instead of madurai vijayam, i have even heard the tirupathi padmavathy goddess called as alamelmanga in sankara tv its correct senthamil word is alar mael mangai meaning girl sitting above a lotus flower) avvaiyaar is a common term in sangam tamil for respectable old ladies…

    our father name naina is derived from lord sivan’s name sankara “naina”r of sankaran kovil in pandyan kingdom(southern tamilnadu) that was existed from pre sangam era till now…tamils call their father mother as amma appa which is a sanskritised form of senthamil word ammai,appan…ammaiyappan means lord sakthi-sivan together in senthamil(dropping the end alphabet like ai,in,im from senthamil words is the sanskrikitisation this how even the andhra’s river krishnai turns to krishna…krishnai originally refers to draupathy means the black girl) though there may be different names for a father among s.indians but im damn true all tamil,kannadiga,telugu call their mother as amma which is sanskritised from senthamil’s ammai and also keralite call us ammae slightly resembling ammai…many kannadigas have names like ediyur”appa”, nijaling”appa”,uthth”appa”,vishweshwar”ayya”,thimm”ayya”,sitharam”ayya”…if tamils are not your brothers but north indians are can you show any one hindi speaking person ending with names as ayya,appa which is the father names used among tamils …

    pinni means younger mother derived from pinnai in senthamil (pinnar pirandhaval means born after mother)…i got this meaning from the nappinnai – nam+pinnai(nam devikku pinnar pirandhaval means the one who born after our goddess(lakshmi)) who is a consort of lord krishna which is known only among sangam tamils and currently tamil iyyengars known this…

    though our ancestors ruled these tamils once they never have hated or treated as aliens unlike you, this is why though a telugu origin which has the root of senthamil we proud to call ourselves as a tamil…if you really compare tamilan tamil to shit then hearafter compare krishnadevaraya also to shit since he is also well versed in tamil and translated tamil goddess andal’s life as amuktha malyada in telugu…we gave the cm post to a kannadiga jeya, a malayalee mgr, a telugu karunanidhi which show our broad mind since we never differentiate these people, but will a tamil become cm in karnataka?…

    if you are proud to say you are white enough and we are black ok let it be we are proud of it the reason is “OUR GIRLS NEVER OPENED THE DOORS TO ENGLISH MEN TO BECOME WHITE”

    1. Hi Vikram Naik, Thank you. I really admire your comments. Yes, I agree with you, whats the point in fighting between the South Indians ?( ofcourse we are all Dravidians and all the Sounth Indian languages are very similar!)

    2. That is the reason why we club together Tamil, Telugu and Malayalee under one banner, “Kongas”. LOL..

    3. You Konga man should know this truth before barking anything like this next time.

      1. Tamil can never be the root of all south indian languages as it is not an Indian langauge at all and it’s people’s origin itself is from Africa. You can still easily take the Malayalees and Andhras to yourself as they surely could be different versions of tamils.
      2. Tamil Sangam is bogus as, the very word sangam is Sanskrit name, then used by kannadigas and tamils copied it.
      3. The use of words like Appa, Amma in Kannada names is also from Sanskrit and there is all the possiblitiy that tamils copied from Kannadigas and made appan, chappan and Ammans Ha ha ha
      4. You haven’t done anything great by appointing this so called Jeya woman as your CM. She is another Tamil shit that lived in Karnataka eating Kannadigas shit and using their name for her fame. She is originally from the Tamil refugee community called Iyer or Iyengars that came running from Tamil dog naadu 800 years ago and so sad never considered as people of the land ever.

  43. By the way what is mean by konga?

    when searched this in internet i got this blog

    the guy in this blog itself admitted indirectly that karnataka never existed and only during kongu nadu,chera,chola,pandyan kingdom only existed by not mentioning karnataka…tamils and tamilans are not only living in present kongunadu places like coimbatore,thirupur,neelagiri but also in other parts…during sangam period both gounders and gowdas lived under same kongu nadu kings like valvil oari, paari vallal, adhiyamaan and the kongu nadu was not just restricted to present western tamilnadu alone but most of southern karnataka along with present banglore mysore also…present gowda’s ancestors lived in kongu nadu only so will you call your own person as konga?…bangl”ore”, mys”ore”, mangl”ore”, and also andhra’s gunt”oor”,nell”ore” all ends with tamil’ s “oor” only which means city…

    1. Vikram,
      Yes, you are right. The city names tells the truth…..Bangalore, Mysore, Vellore, Guntur, Nellore, Singapore and so on….”ore” in Tamil means place/town…Does “ore” exist in other languages?

    2. What about Indore, Lahore they also belonged to your Kongu nadu? Ha ha ha Joker Konga, there is no cure for you Kongas.. period.

    3. So, you tamil dog is a Vikram NAYAK? Who are you trying to fool bastard? Do you even know you are using a Kannadiga surname? Do you think any Nayak would put the great Kannadigas down. Stop disguising yourselves like Ravan did. You may never change though, everybody know that you kongas come in disguise of all kinds. And you better know, you Konga dogs were ruled by Kannadigas. Thus your kongunadu where you kongas lived came under the rule of Kannadigas, it is not the other way round. And yet we never married you shit people, hence you all look so ugly still.

  44. Indian always fight for their language, so they state themself as tamilian,kanadigas, telugus,aryan,dravidian etc etc. but if any problem arise for thier country this people called them as INDIAN.

    1. These people are creating problems for their own children. Today, we are citizens of a powerful and big nation. These idiots are trying to break it again into smaller and weaker kingdoms based on languages. If this kept happening, our children might even need a visa to visit the Taj Mahal or Kanya Kumari.

  45. Kannadigas are humble and respectful people, they always welcome people to their Land with a open Heart. We have a lot of people belonging to different regions, religions, languages etc but why Tamils are being targeted.
    The Reasons are that Tamil Nadu people have cheap mentalities and they want to own every place where they stay forgetting that it was provided by somebody else belonging to other races. They do not respect the place and the local language where they stay, and that’s the main reason they are being chased out every where. Example is Srilanka. Mayasia and Singapore are countries which did not belong to any people from any country and Since Tamils wherein more numbers and hence got the privileged. But This cannot happen everywhere. Tamils need to learn to respect the local language, tradition, culture, people etc.

  46. SriLanka put the tamils where the belonged it. I would have been happy if tamils were exterminated there. Why I hate tamils. Yes there is one good reason. There is one tamil iyer brahmin, aged around 47, height 5 feet 8 inches, bald, fat, named sridhar sundareshan or something. This bastard has the modus operandi of befriending people, who are his neighbors, colleagues or anybody and ask for a loan and just refuse to return it. He works in mysore and his filthy parents too have had this habit and they have trained their bastard son on all arts of collecting money from innocent and trusty people. This man has a few jail birds as his FRIENDS. He keeps changing his friends, as his motto is make friendship, take a loan, forget the friend. If a friend asks money back, this scoundrel issues physical threat. Yes, not tamils are bad, but all those who we have come across are scoundrels, swindlers and cheaters and thieves.


    1. Don’t worry. These Tamil kongas have raised only till managerial level and they hire all the lower levels of works from Kogru is true. One thing is, they do that so it is easier to abuse their own slave people and become great and also they have all chance of corruption in the name of oneness. They can’t play these games with Kannadigas and where will they find Kannadigas who are ready for a low profile jobs?

  48. My early years are from Bangalore (Mid 70s I suppose). My father was working for Indian Air force then and now I’ve settled in Singapore. Got migrated with my parents in late 70s as my father got an offer with Singapore Airlines.

    I have been around the world for studies, work, project, travel & leisure. So I have a fair bit of my share (or maybe more) with the rest of the world.

    That’s me.

    I see a lot of hatred here towards the other community which is pure evil.

    Though I am a citizen of this country deep inside the LOVE for India have never faded from me. One of the reason for that could be the secondary and the high school education that I did in India.

    Nothing will change my love towards Bangalore. Bangalore is something that I grew up with in my early childhood which has been deeply rooted inside me.

    I still visit Bangalore all the time as my Father’s close friends are living there. The love and affection they show on us is beyond anything and the best part is that they don’t expect anything from us except for the same love and affection.

    Now that I have a son who is born here and I am sure he will love his country more than anything else and that’s the way it should be. I am just hoping he will be culturally with us or at least until our generation.

    My modern interpretation of a true Hindu is one who sees the other person as a reflection of him/her regardless of who he/she is (be it of ethnicity, religion, color, appearance and a thousand other classification) and I think I can sum it up there for the whole teachings in Hinduism.

    While doing my degree abroad I did come across some fellow Indians doing mostly Masters and most of them are always curios about which caste I belong to especially the ones belonging to the upper caste and I keep telling them I am one of the untouchables.

    I know that they don’t have any hatred towards me. All they wanted was a psychological satisfaction that I belong to their community. All of them had a high respect on me and so did I on them. The saying goes “What goes around comes around”.

    I’ve always believed that it’s the responsibility of well educated person to raise the standard of the underprivileged. “A” can become a “B” and “C” become a “D” and vice versa. Always ask yourself “Do you deserve it?” and if the answer is “Yes” without a doubt and I can assure you that you are one of the finest human beings that the mankind is looking for! and so is Nelson Mandela!

    People are different and that’s why I believe they are called people. Accepting and acknowledging people without any prejudice maybe a fantasy but deep down it still holds some relevancy.

    In one of last projects I was working with this Marathi lady and she was jokingly asking me “Do you know that there is a thing called North India?” and I replied “Yes”.

    I am still not sure was it me and my thinking or was it hers.

    India is incredible for one and only reason and that is holding people from different background, religion, language, dialect, caste as ONE NATION. All sorts of people… the rich, the poor, the innocent, the famous, the wise and so on!

    No other nation in this world would be able to pulled if off other than India.

    I do come across people here who have some hatred towards India and who always comment on the infrastructure, the people, the poor, the corruption and so on.

    I exactly know where I stand and I stay firm.

    And finally… did you the notice that arrogance the Marathi lady found in me? If you did, the truth is I am one of you!

    Go see a mirror and that reflection you see there is none other than me.

    May god bless America!

  49. I am a pakka Kannadiga and I understand that this was just done in pure humor. But, dear tamil frnds, wait for few years. Only tamil speaking people in India also will face the same thing. Just see the amount of migration happening to southern parts. No wonder tomorrow in Chennai metro they might announce things in Hindi 😛 and all sticker pasting tamilians will get mad, I am sure they won’t be such calm and have dignity like Kannadigas.

    Its funny to see tamils only always bring up this mocking on other languages for their amusement. They fail to realize the complex diversity of India.

    1. I wonder which culture our fellow Indians take pride in and are trying to preserve by defending languages only. Our ancestors have seen 600 years of Mughal slavery and 200 years of British slavery just because of similar differences. I doubt if the culture which we call ours today is actually what it was before we were invaded. Tamil Nadu despite having so many developments fails to attract people from other parts of the country as a place of residence. People who don’t speak Tamil say that they have felt more comfortable in China as compared to Chennai. The problem is not the language but, it’s the arrogant attitude of Tamil people towards people who don’t speak Tamil. Bangalore is liked by all the people because, Bangaloreans are nice. Most Bangaloreans can speak 5 languages fluently. Isn’t that amazing?

  50. Our enemies are those North Indians and not Tamils. North Indians are dominating us and we are losing our language. Looks like Bangalore belongs to North Indians.

    1. Really? Did North Indians or Tamilians ask you to forget your language? Bro, South Indians live in North too and they teach their children their native language as part of the upbringing. Keeping culture and language alive is your job as a parent. Don’t blame other people for that.

    2. Well said Rachita, Those North Indians are taking over in the South. If we go to the North, we are discriminated as Madrasis.

      1. With this attitude of yours, the country will collapse. Don’t talk about discrimination. People of Tamil Nadu need to first learn to treat non Tamils with respect.

  51. iam kannadiga madhwa brahmin i love tamilnadu tamilnadu has so many vishnu temples sri mushnam varaha, srirangam ranganatha, kanchipuram varadaraja,and ragavendra swami, ragothama thirtha, vijayeendra thirtha all are kannadigas but they all born in tamilnadu i love tamil cinema so much iam big fan of singer hariharan,music director ilayaraja, and actor ajith kumar so dear karnataka kannadigas please stop insulting tamilians and tamilnadu please stop this hatred kannadigas and tamilians both are brothers .iam kannadiga i love TN.

  52. All kannadigaas should understand onething. You are living in Tamil country. You know why you accumulate so much power ? Because you are afraid day and night that you may be driven out of your occupied land. That s come into your genes. We Tamils have not yet taken thos money system seriously, which is why we dont conecentrate on this much.

    You are some confused race who dont have any good history.

    If you search your history you can see barabaric, hateful, women chasing, frustrated and mentally ill people. That is what you can make at the best.

    Tamil history has alwsys been rich and magnonimous, welcoming people and making wonderful creations all around.

    Now we relaised very late, these pig look like us but are really pigs. We will soon send these kannadiga pigs for cooking to Kerala (again hill tamil country)

    You can happily sound kuluvaale / saluvale till your end.

  53. Oh my god so much of hatred..Iam sure this blog was written by a mallu..The lunatics who would create enmity between brothers of a single mother and sit on top cheering and to get their life’s needs fulfilled..It is ones right to keep their language flourishing irrespective of where they migrate to..But just in few kms this much envy is really upsetting..

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