Road, Movie.

Warning: Watching Road, Movie might be injurious to your brain.

With all the drama surrounding Suraj’s car accident, we decided to meet at his place to review his mental, physical and the car’s dent-al condition. Just then Joshi proposed the plan for the night and we all set out to watch Road, Movie in Big Cinemas, Gopalan Arcade, Rajajajeshwari Nagar. Gopalan Arcade is a recently opened multiplex and has a pretty good cinema hall. With Suraj’s car in a bad state, we had to bike till RR Nagar and believe me riding through the Bangalore University road is the direct path to Hell if the day is not yours. One side dug up by BWSSB, road humps not marked and cars and trucks coming in wrong directions do not make life any easy.

As we reached Gopalan Arcade, Joshi rushed into the Box Office to buy the tickets and the rest of us joined him in sometime. To our surprise the Screen 2 of Big Cinemas was awesomely furnished with Blazing Red seats with soft cushions and ample leg room to fit a 6 foot tall guy with utmost ease. The hall was almost empty and we were at freedom to choose our seats. As we settled down and turned to the screen we saw an old Mithun Chakravarthi song playing. Yeh Teri Meri Yaari, Yeh Dosti Hamari… This song never seemed to end. Most of us were confused as to which movie we bought tickets actually for. Then another person that it was just an ad and the actual film would start in 5 minutes.

Bang! the movie started at exactly 10pm and me being a huge Abhay Deol fan had very high expectation especially after watching Dev D, which I consider is the best movie of 2009.  The movie went on and there was nothing that would please any viewer in there. Half-an-hour passed, and at 1030pm we saw a red screen that said Interval. We all were like WTF! Is this movie just a 60minute movie? 180INR for a 60 minute movie? This is really insane.  Suddenly Surak turned back to discover that the last row of seats was full of Sofa and we wasted no time in shifting there. Take my word, if you ever go to Big Cinemas, sit in the last row. Those sofas are no less than any bed and if you don’t like the movie there is no one stopping you from sleeping in there. There was nothing much we could do other than just wait and watch. A guy sets off in a 1942 truck to sell oil and shows film in an isolated desert in Rajasthan is bloody shit of a script.

The movie resumed at 1045pm and continued its torture to its viewers until something very unusual happened. Right at 1105pm the screen went black. Lights were on. All the 20 odd people in 400 seater cinema hall were like did the movie end? There was no clue as to what was happening. Big Cinemas suck. There is no representative to keep us informed as to what has happened. 15 minutes past and still no sign of the movie resuming. Then we started questioning some workers as to what the problem was and insisted on getting a refund.

One of the workers told that the tape had broken and the technician there had mishandled the tape during the interval. Big Cinemas technicians do not know how to handle a movie reel? This is hopeless. We are in the middle of a meaningless movie which is heading no where and we had no other choice for having paid 180INR. We could not leave without the refund either. 30 minutes later the film resumed. The last 20 minutes was more torture and to see the THE END was such a relief.

The delay also resulted in me paying extra parking fees for exceeding the permissible time. A dad who makes Aatma Hair oil, A son who sells them in a truck that shows movies in a barren desert of Rajasthan where WATER is smuggled. Only a moron can make such a movie.

PS: Joshi, I am not going to give you the ticket amount. Its your idea. Its your loss. KTHXBYE.


6 thoughts on “Road, Movie.

  1. Thnks for the heads up..U saved ma INR30(dvd rentals)+ an afternoon sleep over the weekend…Keep posting…happy blogging

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